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Good Old Days (Desmond Voralis,Delila Castillon,Cody Jorin,Roland and Creepo-Bot)

Noah Corek

Factory Judge
Factory Judge
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Telos IV
'Telos,it would be a nice world to visit,if it wasn't controlled by those poodoo's' Noah thought to himself as he walked through the streets of Telos. He had been sent to to rescue a high ranking officer and a intel agent sent before him and his team to extract the officer. "So,what's the name of the agent and the officer?" Asked a young Corporal nicknamed Nemo that walked next to him on the street. "The officers name is Castillon but we didn't get the name of the agent. Damn spooks." Noah told the man as he walked to the safehouse and opened the door to look inside. In the safehouse,there was a local mercenary and a Republic agent.


Blessed are the peacemakers
At the time, he was Roland. Roland looked up at the torturer as he entered, raising a single lip as he was tied to the chair."Callsign: Roland. All other information is classified."After the repeat, the people were growing weary of his tone, and sent another very heavy-handed fist across his already broken jawline. He slammed into the floor, the chair collapsing with him. Then, the kicks came, and eventually stopped as they actually became tired.

It all went wrong, so fast. An extraction, nothing less. Not this much firepower. He grimaced as he was stood back up, staring up at the man, spitting blood into his face."Designation: Roland. Agent of the Republic."He turned and spit more blood out, before looking up at him. He was mocking him, buying him time. He was expendable, but the officer in the other room was not as trained in resisting these things as he was. He just hoped that rescue or death came soon. To die was better than to snitch. Lesson one in prison.
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Delila Castillon

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Apparently, she had been captured. BDUs were stained with blood, coming from a nasty gash on her upper arm. Rolling around on the dirty floor, Delila tried to move her hands apart, bound tightly with some type of rope or cuff. She frowned in the dark, scooting along like a worm on the floor as she tried to regain her bearings. A relatively new officer in this Republic, Dells put this down as an embarrassment in her file. Sure it could happen to anyone. She wasn't just anyone.

"Anyone else here? This is Mercy." Better to use a callsign when in enemy possession. While she was quite sure anyone could dig up her name, or you know, just look at her namestrip that said D.Castillon , there was a principle to he reasoning. The sound of her own breathing was the only thing that answered back. Perhaps someone was still knocked out cold.


Man No More
"I here 'ya Mercy, this is Solace." The young RSFU operator grumbled through gritted teeth, finally regaining conciseness. He was slumped against a wall, a sizable gash across the namestrip that would've said C. Jorin had it not been torn. This was what? His second op with RSFU? The first one had been a milk run, and he knew for sure, should he get out of this predicament, they guys were going to give the specialist hell for this. He'd been assigned to protect the officer in the cell with him, and he'd done just a fantastic job of that.

Sighing deeply, he pulled his knees to his chest and forced himself upwards, onto his feet. The burn across his left thigh forced him to let out a muffled grunt of pain as he hobbled toward Castillion.

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Desmond Voralis.

Soldier of Fortune
Desmond took a long drag from his cigarette as he turned to look in Noah's direction. He didn't normally work for the Republic, old habits died hard and all of that, but the offer had been more than generous enough to secure his cooperation. The young man was busy sorting through various pieces of equipment he'd been unpacking from his bags. Guns, grenades, knives, personal shielding and various pieces of armor.

He exhaled slowly, gripping the cigarette with his left hand and removing it from his lips before glancing over at his employer, the Republic agent already in the room with him.

"This who we're waiting for?"

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