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Good Luck (Kiskla)

Caid Centurion

Commenor Dockyard
Aboard the Harknening

"Son of a!" A loud clang interrupted the guttural exclamation emanating from beneath the storage loader in the hangar bay of the Harkening. With a great degree of frustration, Caid pushed himself out from underneath the piece of machinery and immediately came to his feet.

"You alright over there Cap'n?" The less-than-sincere inquiry was posed by the man that technically served as the vessel's Chief Engineer. His position was technical because he'd inherited it more from being one of the few semi-competent survivors of a recent reactor incident claiming the lives of most of the competent members of the Engineering Department than actual ability in the plant. It was the reason the Harkening had filed paperwork for an extended stay in the airtight drydock.

Caid afforded the man only a brief glance before tossing the wrench aside and striding towards the hangar's exit. It was time he checked in with the lead contractor working on the vessel anyways. As it was, the Harkening was in fairly decent shape considering her last complete refit had been almost two cycles ago. There might have been some low-intellect solutions used to keep high-tech problems from combusting the entire ship, but it'd been enough to keep the crew alive. The real problem was that the longer he had parts of his crew rotating out to shore leave, the more trouble they got into, the more money they spent, and the faster the Harkening wore out its welcome in Commenor space.

As if the lingering headache from such issues wasn't enough, Caid turned the corner and saw the familiar sight of the Port Security Officer standing at the quarterdeck waiting to gain access to the ship. Without breaking stride, Caid immediately turned and began proceeding back the other way but...it was no use...

"Captain! A moment of your time please..."

Cursing under his breath, Caid turned and attempted to flash the man a warm, friendly smile as he approached the Watch Officer standing beside the Port Security Officer. "Lieutenant, it's good to see you again. I don't suppose you bring any good news?"

The man got straight to the point. "I need you to accompany me to the Magistrate's office."

Caid arched a curious brow. "Magistrate? Whoa, come on man. You brought the Republic into this?"

"Now, Captain. The alternative is I come back with a full arrest team and we take you into custody."

Caid rolled his eyes as he raised his hands in surrender. "Alright, alright." Turning to the Watch Officer, Caid issued swift instructions. "Tell the Chief Mate to keep an eye on things. I'll be back shortly."

"You got it, Cap."

Shifting his attention back to the officer, Caid nodded his head. "Alright, let's go."
Forty Minutes Later

Caid was shown into a windowless waiting room and given a glass of water. His weapons had all been confiscated at security, and he'd received absolutely zero explanation for his cooperation. Rather than waste his breath trying to get through to people, he remained silent and simply paced the room. The man could feel his anger steadily rising with each passing second, but he worked to keep it under control as his mother had been teaching him since he could walk.

Eventually, the lack of answers boiled up inside of him and Caid had no choice but to release the energy threatening to cause his body to explode. With one solid punch directly to the center of the wooden table, Caid caused the rather cheaply made piece of furniture to splinter and break completely in half. The man realized what he'd done roughly half a second before pain began shooting from his knuckles all the way up his right arm to his shoulder. "Mother f--!" Clamping his mouth shut, the Pirate collapsed into the chair in front of the table and cradled his head in his hands. Blood continued to ooze slowly from the cuts on his knuckles, but his mind was elsewhere, forcing himself to remain calm. Ever since he could remember, he'd been like this. Caid while not an evil being, always seemed to be rather quick to anger and give in to his emotions. His mother had claimed it was only natural and quickly dismissed it as nothing other than hormones when he'd been growing up.

Caid knew something else was the truth, however. It was as if he could hear his subconscious whispering to him, taunting him, daring him to go farther. The effort required to overcome those emotions had always been considerable, but it seemed to be getting even worse.

@[member="Kiskla Grayson"]
When Commenor made itself visible through her transport's front window, Kiskla felt her stomach turn into a pit.
She'd spent a fraction of her childhood being toted around by her father to planets like this, or on runs with random galactic scums. Whichever her company was, it left a strong distaste for these sorts of planets in her mouth. But, this time, she had a title that most would comply with; a recognized official of The Republic, and a good friend of the Grand Admiral to boot.

The Commenor officials had willingly obliged to her requests, given the information she had memorized from Cameron Centurion's data disk. She was looking for the captain of The Harkening.
That's it.
No other name was given, which was a nuisance and somewhat eroded her credibility when speaking to flight control. Thankfully, the captain had grown a rather infamous reputation for being a port-warmer and his name was quite well known.

@[member="Caid Centurion"].

At the mention of his name, the woman had nearly faltered and spat. Her first inclination was to hunt down Cameron and call his bluff as this favour being some sort of sick joke. But all that came to mind was 'You've got to be karking kidding me' and in the end, to the bitter end, she was a woman of her word.
With a ridiculous helping of curiosity to fuel her personality. Knowing that this person was in some relation to Lord Ashmedei fuelled her rather than rejected her. Who was it, exactly, and why was Cameron so interested in him and asking her of all people to track him down? Certainly Cameron had plenty of acolytes dancing around his feet begging to earn their name in his eyes, and this would be the perfect opportunity to do so.

Still. He had asked her. So she would do it.

And, now that she was travelling under The Republic's name, she didn't want to make a scene lest it be traced back to her. So, she went with the most politically correct route and asked the officials how they would rally up someone who was causing them so much offence. Magistrate's office, they had said, and she obliged. They seemed eager to rally up the captain, and went about doing so immediately.

All she had to do was wait, and observe. The captain had cooperated well enough, and she hadn't received any reports of a struggle or broken bones. While Kiskla waited for the Commenor officials to do their business, they handed her reports of information that tied back to The Harkening and it's crew members. Apparently she was perceived as some sort of divine intervention to rid them of a bug they really had no grounds on eradicating. But she, the almighty representative of The Republic could certainly have enough sway to do something to get this boy off their backs.

Despite the room being void of a two-way mirror, there was a security cam in one of the ceiling's four corners that was trained on Caid's every move. Right up to his explosion of anger.
The blonde Jedi was watching this on one of the screens, and her brows quirked. Not in surprise to his outburst, but rather to the seeming remorse he displayed immediately after. She had expected anger and fury, being that he was related to a Sith Lord, but the after effects? No. She hadn't anticipated that.

Tactfully, Kiskla allowed the captain a moment to brood and consider his actions before tucking one of the databoards under her arm and pressing her palm against the doorway's gatekeeper. Swiftly, it opened and resealed behind her. Now, there were two in the empty room, save for the split in two desk.

As if the desk were still in tact, Kiskla took the empty seat across from the defendant and crossed her legs, setting the datapad to balance on one of the awry splinters. It took a lot for her body language to not betray her internal apprehension. Even his eyes were an exact mirror to Cameron's. That silvery-emerald was not a common colour.
Above the pirate, there was a heavy cloud and it expanded all around the room. His emotions were thick with confusion, coupled with frustration. Not surprising.

"So." Kiskla began, as if she were any other officer and not a Jedi Master with an assigned duty to find the relative of a deadly Sith Lord. Her hands folded on her lap, and she leaned back in the chair unassumingly. "Shall we add defacing private property to the list of why you're here, Mr. Centurion?"

Ew. The use of his name was weird, and she almost shuddered.

Caid Centurion

Caid's eyes looked up just before the door entered as if something in the back of his mind hinted he might be receiving a visitor. The phenomena was not surprising to Caid as it had been happening the majority of his life. To say he wasn't aware of why would have been foolish. His mother had tried to indoctrinate him in the ways of the Witches, and it had not taken a great deal of additional study to understand the reality of an energy in the galaxy most referred to as the Force. Caid, however, chose to live his life like a normal freaking human being. However, everyday the feelings and sensations grew stronger he drew closer and closer to regretting his decision.

When @[member="Kiskla Grayson"] entered, Caid momentarily allowed his thoughts to slip as he arched a curious brow. She certainly did not look like a Republic official. While pretty women were not a rarity in the galaxy, classically beautiful women often were. Dismissing the thoughts as quickly as they'd formed, Caid sat up slightly and wiped his bloody knuckles on his pants. Her quip seemed to be the typical 'tough guy' law enforcement routine. He was a Pirate, after all. Dealing with authority figures was not a new circumstance. Managing a thin smile and a brief, singular laugh, Caid considered offering the woman his response. Sure, she coul add that to the list of false charges which no doubt continued to grow. They were in a government building, therefore the property used belonged to the government and was not private property. Which, of course, meant it was insured and probably carried little more than a mediocre fine of restitution for the piece of furniture which was no doubt purchased from the cheapest local manufacturer the government could secure a contract with.

There were plenty of uneducated and unsuccessful pirates in the galaxy, Caid was not one of them. He, however, saw no reason to make any allusion as to his personal intelligence or wealth. After all, it would only legitimize the woman's otherwise pointless comment. "Cute, how about you cut the crap and tell me why I'm really here?"
Well, he had his father's appearance and sense of humour. Great start. A brief moment of a trembling quote rang through her head you can't handle the truth. Although, she didn't really know what the truth was.
He was giving off two opposing feelings again. His vocals were snarky, but his body language was respectful. Conflicting habits seemed to be a common occurance for the individual.

"Hmm," Kiskla mused, a thoughtful nod accompanying the utterance as she touched the datapad with her pointer finger, watching it struggle to remain balanced for a moment. She was sure the suspense was killing him, and she found it kind of fun. Maybe if this whole Jedi Master thing didn't work out, she could be an officer for the Republic's security forces.
Ha, as if being a Jedi Master wouldn't work out. Funny joke.

She liked his sense of urgency, however. Whether or not he had places to be, Kiskla wasn't in favour of people beating around the bush when she was in the spotlight either. So, she'd grant him his uncouth demand.

"Truth is, you've got a long list of charges running against your name, and your crew's. Makes you wonder just how pathetic your ship is if you've been sitting in the docks for this long. Or maybe it's your mechanic." For good measure, her finger flicked the screen downward, letting the list scroll visually and she turned the datapad to face @[member="Caid Centurion"]. "Petty charges, and totally irrelevant to why you're here right now." Thankfully, there was no mic to accompany the holocam, but she was sure she'd have to ionize it sooner or later. She let the statement hang between them for a moment before her gaze locked with his, making sure that she had his attention for the right reasons.

"I'm here because your father asked me to be here." She shrugged as an aside, and rested an elbow on the rough, split surface of the desk. "I have a feeling this," she dropped a hand and pat the wood "Might have something to do with it."

Kiskla had no idea what Caid knew of his father, or if he knew him at all. Releasing that statement was a wildcard, one that she would assess the results of in the next upcoming moments.

Caid Centurion

Caid afforded the datapad only the most superficial of glances before his silver-green eyes returned to rest heavily on Kiskla's own blue orbs. His attention, however, did perk when the woman made mention of his father. The arched eyebrow slowly settled back into position before he afforded the woman before him a response to all that she'd made mention of. "Makes you wonder, perhaps. I know precisely how pathetic my ship is. The real question is, does that make it or anyone crewing it more or less dangerous."

As @[member="Kiskla Grayson"] had stated the long list of charges against him were irrelevant to why he was there at that moment, Caid avoided responding to the comment. The truth of the matter was, Caid had a long list of charges running against him in a variety of locations. However, those charges were against no particular name, just a description of a vessel. A very common vessel. "As for my father... Why, do you work for him? No, no that's not what I'd guess. Sleeping with him? My mother always did say he never wanted for affection." His mother, of course, never spoke of his father in such a manner. Her descriptions of him had been definitively vague and more or less boring. Fine, if the man was not pressed to know Caid, Caid was not pressed to know him either. Glancing briefly at the desk, Caid smiled. "I got it! He's in the interior decorating business and he just can't wait to finally embrace me with open arms and tear apart businesses and residences together; building a more beautiful future for our children."

Waving a dismissive hand, Caid indicated anything having to do with his father was not his concern. "Look lady. You're very pretty and you seem pretty smart, so I'm sure you're probably used to just getting your way when you walk in a room. Unfortunately, I can't really say that I care. I'm all about efficiency. So you can either give me a reason to listen to you for more than a half second longer that doesn't involve some old, worthless sperm donor wanting to finally be a father, you can place me under arrest, or you can have yourself a merry freaking day because I have work to do."
"I bet you do. You've got a whole ship to repair." Kiskla repied smugly, after Caid's irrelevant and childish display. If he'd wanted to take part in a comedic soliloquy, all he had to do was ask. Although, her skin did crawl at the notion of romantic relations with Cameron. She wasn't the type. And too much information into his personal life. But @[member="Caid Centurion"]'s assessment of her getting her way was fairly accurate, although it seemed more and more trying these days to do so. People were getting more stubbourn, and she wasn't one to use her physical appearance to her advantage.

Not often, anyways.

It was also ironic that he was all about efficiency considering one of the major complaints against him was his outstanding time on the dock.

"Well, one, it's my command that lets you come and go from this room." He could big talk all he wanted, but in reality she was holding the reigns and he was wearing on her nerves. But she remained the bigger person and maintained her calm façade.

"Two," she paused, reaching out to clarify her assessment. There was definitely a glimmer of midichlorian potential so she went out on a limb "How's your subconscious lately? Seems your emotions are a little out of hand." She folded her arms over her chest, the datapad on her lap. "And moreso than the average ruffian."

Caid Centurion

Yeah right.

Caid was more than keenly aware of the Republic's laws regarding detention without cause. It was, quite frankly, the reason crime had a tendency to flourish more in Republic space than Sith space. The idea of just being...killed for trying to make a living was not appealing. However, having a chance to prove your innocence, due process, blah, blah was something just about anyone could handle. The problem was, the Republic had plenty of stifling regulations and red tape to make it plenty complicated.

The very moment @[member="Kiskla Grayson"] went on to start talking about his subconscious and his emotions, Caid rolled his eyes. This was a tiring exercise, and if the woman thought he was going to have any type of insightful conversation with a complete stranger, she only had looks going for her. "Tell you what. I'm gonna sit here and stare at you while you...continue to presume I owe you a damn thing. I don't give a poodoo what you have to do with my father. I don't know you, so I'm not saying anything. Savvy?"
Kiskla's fingertips pressed against her hairline then exploded away from them, as if she were an italian mother gesturing. To be honest, she was expressing her absentmindedness.

"You're right." Kiskla shook her head, overexaggerating her forgetfulness. "Of course you don't know me." She as about to add in that he wasn't enough of a criminal to have warranted the time with her, but given the situation...

"I'm Jedi Master Kiskla Grayson." The name would mean little to him, but it was the title she was hoping would egg him on.

"There. Now I know your name, and you know mine. I know you're a captain of a ship, a son of a Sith Lord, your mother, no, I don't know her, but given the fact that your father has some strong Force connections, and a will to have sent me to you I'm connecting the dots here, try and keep up." The fact that a Jedi was willfully acquiescing to the requests of a Sith Lord was questionable enough, but she quickly transitioned from that to other points of detail. Her patience was nonexistent in the first place, and he was trying on her as much as she was on him. Great start.

"You don't really have to say anything, Caid. The neat thing is, I can feel exactly what's going on in your mind. I know that you think this is a waste of your time, and you're probably going to want some sort of proof otherwise." She didn't know whether or not she'd let him win like that, but given @[member="Caid Centurion"]'s ox-like stubbournness up to this point, she was likely to have to do something.

So, she altered the method of delivery for their conversation.

If you want me to leave you alone, Kiskla transmitted from her mentality to his. It had taken a moment to find his metaphysical presence's entering point, but she had indeed intercepted it. She was a mental master, when all was said and done. You're going to have to learn how to keep me away.

Caid Centurion

Caid could have done without the theatrics but...at least they were getting somewhere. There were a number of things that did not surprise Caid, but there was one, in particular, that certainly gave him pause. His mother had certainly never made mention of his father being a Sith, and he'd assumed his...well...sensitivity to certain things had come from her. That, clearly, was not the exclusive case. From what Caid knew of the Sith and the Jedi, he could really wrap his mind around why Kiskla would do anything his father wanted. Further more, he wondered why he should do anything she asked if she was but an agent of a Sith.

When Kiskla invaded his mind, his anger peeked. It wasn't that she had, effectively, forced his way into her mind. It was the fact that he'd been subjected to treatments such as this with a relative element of regularity in his youth. It had been several years since it had been something he needed to deal with, but he did what he could to remember how to isolate his mind. Settling Kiskla with an icy stare, Caid waited several moments before speaking. Despite his gaze, Caid's voice was even and controlled. "Please stay out of my head. You might not like what you find." That, though, would be the least of either of their worries. "The Force is not foreign to me...nor are those that manipulate its energies. My father being a Sith is an interesting twist. Not quite as interesting as you, a Jedi Master, doing a Sith Lord's bidding."

Pausing for a moment, Caid considered something. "Yet I have a feeling that if you had more information as to why he sent you here, we'd be having a very different conversation. So, congratulations. He is playing you just like he, apparently, played my mother and myself so long ago." Exhaling heavily, Caid shook his head. "So what? Are you here to tell me he wants to meet after all this time but elected not to be seen inside of Republic space? Am I to follow in my father's footsteps on pain of death?" His questions carried no sarcasm just...exasperation. He'd been a pawn on Dathomir...now @[member="Kiskla Grayson"] was here acting as if he was already her pawn. It grated on his nerves. Heavily.

"Oh good, so you've had an introduction." Kiskla replied to his notion. She'd had the preconceived idea that he'd ben some abandoned toddler, fighting for his life and scooped up by a pirate crew somewhere along the way. Apparently, it was not that way. He'd had a mother who had apparently indicted his first foray into The Force. Brilliant.

"Actually, he just wanted me to find you. What I do with you is, apparently, up to me." Her light eyes gave the fellow a quick once-over, pointedly. She'd already assessed @[member="Caid Centurion"] on terms of a physical threat. She often did, when meeting new people. Kiskla couldn't help it, she'd been trained that way.

"Although, considering my position relative to his, I have a feeling he wants a very different path for you."

Cameron, you son of a murglak. She thought subconsciously. He wanted her to train his Son, not because of her own self-doubt, but because he had considered her to be the only weapon of light available to him that would have enough darkness to not be manipulated by a pesky, smart-mouthed Padawan. Plus, he knew of her heritage within the pirate empire. Sneaky sneaky.

"So, forget bringing your father into this." She waved her hand, dismissing her original notion. It was getting them nowhere "And consider: With some sway, all your charges can be lifted on the catch that you oblige to being under my tutelage." She paused, standing up now with the datapad tucked under her arm. It was like talking to a wall. With very sassy bricks.

"That's the sure fire way to keep you from following in your father's footsteps." She shrugged again

"And it's usually way more exhilarating than being a pirate." Idly, she glanced at the datapad's blank screen, casting her mind back a few years "Trust me from experience, on that."

Caid Centurion

Caid narrowed his eyes slightly as Kiskla went into laying out his 'options'. "Pause. Charges lifted or not, I still have responsibilities, lives that depend on me." That was undoubtedly a lie. Caid sincerely doubted any of his men counted on him for simple survival. However, he took his responsibilities as Captain seriously all the same. "I can't very well just abandon them without setting some things straight in my current job."

Coming to his feet as well, he continued to gaze at @[member="Kiskla Grayson"] - taking note of how much shorter she was than he. Not a surprise, but she did a fairly decent job of filling the room with her own presence either by nature or design. "Two...alleged pirate." A thin smile cracked the veneer of his otherwise serious exterior for the briefest of moments. "Third...really what is it with all of you force practitioners? Witches, Jedi, Sith, whatever...you all squabble over who's way is the right way. Some of you outright wage wars over it. The Force was probably the reason my father left my mother." Conversely, it was probably a big part of the reason he was alive as well. "It's the reason my mother's people have always been isolationists, keeping to themselves. It's why they don't accept anyone not of Dathomir. Now...you're asking me to leave the family I do have, that I'm responsible for....to follow around and learn from you. A Jedi that is so intimately familiar with a Sith, he has you doing favors for him? Sorry Kiskla. I wish you lots of luck in your war, but it's your war. I don't see why I need to put myself into it just because you feel some misguided need to uphold a promise to a man that is the King of breaking his word and hearts along with it."
So his mom was a With of Dathomir. Interesting parenthood indeed.

"Oh, I never said I'd train you in the ways of the Jedi." Kiskla replied, noting @[member="Caid Centurion"]'s sense of duty that came with his position as captain. Honourable and loyal, excellent qualities. "That's your assumption. But you, as much as anyone else with a presence in The Force, deserves a right to know exactly what's going on within them. In a different way, yes, than perhaps your mother did when you were younger."
Okay, so it was going to be in the way of The Jedi. But she definitely knew how to do it alternatively.

"And you have duty to your men as I have duty to my word. Your father helped me, and I said I'd track you down. That's all I had to do, considering our agreement. Offering you the opportunity to do something worthwhile with your abilities is my choice." She paused, frowning.

"And it's Master Grayson until you earn the right to say otherwise." Kiskla'd earned the title and she darn right wanted it used.

Kiskla shook her head, folding her arms with the datapad pressed against her chest. She surveyed him once more, and released an exasperated sigh. "I can't believe that you're so incurious."

Caid Centurion

"I never said anything about being trained in the ways of the Jedi. I said 'learn from you'." If she was going to attempt to engage him in a battle of wits, he'd appreciate it if she came armed with the weapon of situational awareness. "I've been offered the opportunity to know what's going on inside of me before, and I turned it down for similar reasons. If the only obligation you held to my father was tracking me down, then so be it. You have upheld your word."

Folding his arms over his chest, Caid arched a curious eyebrow at Kiskla's demand. "Spare me your entitled and assumed authority over me. I'm sure you can imagine how much I truly care about some title bestowed upon you by an Order I am in no way a part of." Shaking his head, Caid stifled a laugh. "You know that might be part of the reason you are all so wildly ineffective. You care more about titles than being effective, the reality of the galaxy. Who, amongst the regular people of society, do you think care that you're a Jedi Master or a Jedi period? What high and mighty power gives you the right to walk in here, order me around, and then brazenly insinuate that pledging myself to your instruction is my only hope for salvation? I'll tell you what the people of this galaxy see, an organization composed of people that are every bit as overbearing as the Sith Empire." Everyone had a title that they thought meant something. Reality? Titles didn't mean poodoo. They only held as much importance as other people allowed. Hiding behind a title insofar as insisting it be utilized was draconian. Caid did not even do that with his own men that actually were underneath his control. Respect was earned, not given.

"Incurious, huh? Should I be more like Ajunta Pall, XoXaan, or Karness Muur? There were oh so curious." Making his way towards the door, Caid leaned against the wall as he watched Kiskla. "I do not live my life for glory, adventure, or some amount of prestige, Kiskla. The only thing that is important to me is family. Not just the family that raised me, but the family I stand beside in an attempt to make a living. I have killed for them and my ideals in the past, and I would happily do so again, but I do not relish such. Maybe you should take a walk through the streets of places like Commenor or other worlds. See what they say about the Harkening and its crew." Despite the drunk and disorderly charges that happened with any group of people that were stuck on a ship most of the year were real. However, Caid was called a Pirate only because those with enough power filled the news with such information. Those were the only people he took from and happily redistributed to those in greater need.

Still...Caid's story certainly did not start that way. He'd been all too happy to merely do what he wanted, what he needed to survive. He found his purpose long ago, but he'd yet to be shown why Kiskla, the Jedi, or anyone could even possibly hope to offer him more. "Are we done here?"
Every ounce of her patience had dried up. @[member="Caid Centurion"] was just like his father, babbling on about titles and what not. Titles were a recognition of struggles and conquests, something that those who had any sense of morale should appreciate. In her position, they often aided her in a sense of credibility. At first glance, she was often assumed to have no martial or mental knowledge. A title helped prove otherwise without her having to act out.

Family meant little to Kiskla, so she couldn't empathize with this emotional plea. Her father had abandoned her family in their time of need and she'd ostracized him since. Even when they were supposed to rule together on Kiffu, their communications were strained. The Jedi were welcoming, even to the point of recognizing her prowess and inviting her to take a seat on The Council. She had thought it foolish, but had accepted from her own curiosity. There was a single individual who she was warm with, and even he was kept at distance.

"We are not. I am." Kiskla replied firmly, looking toward the holocam with a firm nod. The door gave a satisfying click and without another word, the lithe blonde had slipped through the entrance before the being on the other side had time to lift a finger.

Call it an abuse of power, but she could be as childish as he.

"Make sure he has enough sustenance to be comfortable." Kiskla instructed to the bewildered officers on the other side of the door. "I'll be back in the morning. Don't bother transferring him."

Ask around about him, hah. As if that would provide any valuable insights. Still, she was here, and she was a determined individual. Even if Cameron had a different idea for the outcome of this meeting, Caid had sparked not only her irritation, but her curiosity. So, she'd do him the decency of looking more into what people had to say about him, apart from senior officials and other lawful individuals. Start with the crew, she supposed.

Caid Centurion

Some Jedi. Caid had nothing more to say to the woman. She was an entitled brat regardless of what she probably thought of herself. Living a life of struggle and strife was, most certainly, not a reason to hoist yourself above others. Likewise, martial prowess and intelligence were poor excuses. Then again, the more he thought about it, the more it made perfect sense she was in cahoots with his father the Sith Lord. @[member="Kiskla Grayson"] seemed like she was maybe half a step away from being just like them herself. For the moment, Caid had not yet determined whether that was an asset or a liability.

Making his way over to a corner of the room, the young Captain laid on the cool ground and closed his eyes. If he was going to be trapped here for absolute zero reason, he may as well rest.
Aboard the Harkening

Ronan Culley had just left the quarterdeck as the second hour of the Captain's absence had ticked by. Thus far nobody had heard from the Captain and any inquiries to the Magistrate's Office went with same level of crap about them having no record of him at the facility. The fact that he was off the ship this long was not reason for concern. However, he always traveled with his communicator and right now it wasn't even registering a signal. If he was still at the Magistrate's Office, that would be understandable. However, by everyone's claim, he was not there. Were that the case...where was he?

Retiring to his cabin, the Chief Mate elected to occupy himself for the moment with reviewing the navigational plans for their next patrol. They'd dried up the space lanes in this sector pretty good, and they were definitely going to need to move on if they did not want to start coming up against heavily armed convoys laying in wait for them.
Right. Time to get to work. "I'm going to need this datapad updated with the docking information of The Harkening. I need to run a questionnaire by his clientele. And I'm sure you'd like to speak with some of the other members for these alleged charges." Kiskla was honing her Republic officer side, and twisted her blonde hair upwards into a loose bun.

Immediately, her request was granted and she looked down at the datapad briefly as they passed it to her, although she kept walking.

"I'll be back soon, boys."

The docks were fairly silent this time of evening. Which resulted in mixed feelings for the blonde. This meant more leg work for her, if she was going to get a non-prejudiced survey of opinions. Nevertheless, she had the coordinates for where she wanted to start.

The CR-90 wasn't so different from the other ships in the various docks. It was a little more scratched than perhaps some of the other ones, and a little more oil-stained, but nothing too abnormal. She was slightly disheartened to see that there were no crew members outside the shell of the Corellian vessel. That being said, she brushed some stray strands of blond behind her ear and straightened her shoulders, to further channel her official officer façade. The Jedi trick could stay her and @[member="Caid Centurion"]'s little secret.

The click of her heels echoed around the surrounding area of the corvette's long loading ramp. This sort of thing always made her wary if she were to own a ship, look, she made it to the airlock with only two guards to salute her?

"Good evening." She saluted, regarding their stiff composition. Good, they were on alert, considering this was the main entrance to the ship through the airlock. Without an air lock, well--at least you'd never have to diet and worry about your weight. Float city.

"I'm here on behalf of your captain? The magistrate's office just has a few questions for whomever was left in charge." She assumed they'd likely have similar personalities to their captain, and didn't worry too much about pleasantries or appearances. So she shone through with neither.

"Investigating the credibility of these tedious charges."

Caid Centurion

Jolene Harris, the Harkening's Second Mate, stood silently with her arms crossed over her chest as @[member="Kiskla Grayson"] strode across the open deck space towards the large loading ramp that had been rolled up to the CR-90's airlock. The vast majority of the work being done were cosmetic updates and system upgrades. However, with the reactor issues that happened recently, they'd had to pour more credits into the repair operation in order to get a technical team to troubleshoot and ultimately fix the issue. Jolene was one of the few remaining crew members that hadn't exactly been 'ecstatic' when the Captain assumed command so long ago. However, she'd grown to respect his judgment and fairness to the crew. The whole charity routine of giving away a portion of their take to people in need was a bit childish in her eyes, but the Captain never forced anyone to participate in such a manner.

As a result, she mostly was indifferent to the whims of Caid Centurion. So long as he didn't try to force his ideals on her, she could tolerate him. She had certainly considered jumping ship for a different crew or starting her own, but she didn't quite have the start-up capital she needed just yet. Besides, as a female, she knew on most other vessels she would have to continuously contend with the idiotic advances of equally socially-inept men. Better the devil you know... For the moment, Jolene kept her attention focused on the blonde approaching. "Wait here." If this was another cry-baby complaint about drunk guys being drunk, Jolene was going to choke somebody.

Turning to the deck hand standing watch with her, Jolene nodded. "Get the Chief Mate."

It was another ten minutes before the Chief Mate stepped onto the quarterdeck and locked his gaze on Kiskla. Ronan Culley, like most of the crew, was single with little tying him down. However, he wasn't really programmed to be much of a lady hound. In fact, it'd be hard for anyone in this crew to maintain that type of personality for long - at least amongst the officers. "Jolene tells me you're here about some charges against the Captain? Explains why he's been gone without contact for a while now. What questions can I answer?" Ronan really hoped whoever this was...wouldn't be asking for privacy because she wasn't going to find it here.
Kiskla was pleasantly surprised by the Chief Mate's (or so she assumed, by the earlier requested summoning) demeanor. He was no doubt also pressed for time, as they all apparently were. Right.

"Conduct questions, mostly." The blonde began. She needn't refer back to the datapad; she'd memorized most of the charges and their implications. Should she divulge that their captain had sent her, for their cooperation? No. They could infer that. Or, at least they could surmise that she was someone they needed to correspond with.

"The charges aren't just against your captain," Kiskla explained.

"Which is why I'm here. What is it the crew of The Harkening does, exactly? Port operators haven't seen your transactions reflect the typical manner of transports. And from the damage of your ship, I'd say you weren't just typical traders." Her tone didn't reflect anything particularly accusatory, but she did hold a knowing air about her. @[member="Caid Centurion"] had been confident enough to send her out here, and she was wondering just why that was.