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The Gilded Lily is the pet project of Lily Kuhn that was created following her departure from her home world of Empress Teta. The workshop is located on a small station in First Order space, owned and operated by the Tetan, and specializes in the creation of clothing and accessories through alchemy - things that she once did for herself, but has now decided to make for a profit. Unlike many of the galaxy's peddlers of alchemized wares, the Gilded Lily only provides luxury clothing and accessories - no armor, no weapons. Dresses, shoes, combs, and other such clothing or accessories are common examples of goods put out by the Gilded Lily.


Following her departure from Empress Teta and her abdication of the throne, along with her defection from the Galactic Alliance, Lily found herself without a way to directly access the company she owned and previously operated that was held in Alliance space. Now living in First Order territory with A'sharad Graush there was little reason for her to pursue relocating her company and instead allowed it to continue its operations without her direct input, instead using a portion of the credits tied to her name in order to open a small workshop that would produce specially tailored clothing and accessories to its customers treated with alchemy. Lily acts, currently, as the sole person involved with the workshop. As a somewhat skilled alchemist, and familiar with the production and tailoring of clothing and accessories, Lily is in her element - turning a hobby into a small time job.