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Approved Species Gilarians

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Valessia Brentioch



  • Intent: To create the native race of Gilaria, so that they are ready to interact with members of the First Order or any other RPer who may want to interact or create a character from the species.
  • Image Credit: Evozon Game Studio // Artstation (x) (x)
  • Canon: N/A
  • Links: Gilaria | SWRP Codex (x)
  • Name: Gilari (Gilarians)
  • Designation: Sentient
  • Homeworld: Gilaria (x)
  • Language: Golara Common, Golara Undercommon, Old Golara
  • Average Lifespan: 240 - 270 Standard Years
  • Estimated Population: Planetary
  • Breathes: Type 1
  • Average height of adults: 1.82m
  • Average length of adults: N/A
  • Skin color: Varying shades of blues, and greens although purple has been seen in the species it is still considered a rare mutation (like a red head, for humans).
  • Hair color: N/A
  • Distinctions: Eyes are on the side rather than on top, high nostrils, hard to discern ears and coloring on their skin look to be unique patterns that originally made it easy to tell which clan you were from although those days have long since passed and are now heralded as part of the Gilarian culture.
  • Races: N/A
  • Strengths:

    [+] Water-Breather: Gilarians have developed something akin to gills that allows them to breathe underwater.

  • [+] Fast Swimmer: Due to their time in the oceans, Gilarians have developed a faster swim rate than most other species.

  • [-] No Summer: Gilarians are sensitive to heat and sunlight due to how long they’ve been underwater and thus burn easily while exposed and must always wear protective gear before going to the surface.
  • [-] Clouded Vision: Even underwater, Gilarians have terrible vision they rely on something like echo location to get around they emit a type of chirp that goes out and comes back to them informing them of where things are.

  • Diet: Small crustaceans, microorganisms that thrive underwater, small insects, underwater vegetation and even algae. Gilarians eat everything raw, and do not enjoy the taste of process foods. Foods that are heavily processed with chemicals or other man-made items can cause Gilarians to become very ill, their bodies are also intolerant of dairy products and by-products.
  • Communication: Golara as a language itself maintains its roots in Old Golara which is a series of clicks, and hisses having evolved after hearing the Selkath include other sounds and more audible words. Golara Undercommon is the closest to Old Golara that you’ll find and most Gilarians speak this in addition to Selkatha.
  • Technology level: They are now hyperspace capable once more although you won’t find any starports underwater at least none so major that you can go to the atmosphere from them. Travel to the underwater cities is highly guarded and considered restricted to most if not all outsiders. The CSG are very protective of the Gilarians, and do not wish for them to be interfered with.
  • Religion/Beliefs: They have a strong belief in their pantheon of gods and goddess, and refer to their deities as "Duesii." The Duesii religion as it were, is the core of the Gilarians religion as they believe that their gods and goddess bequeath to them gifts and curses based on behavior and roles in society.
  • General behavior: A hospitable people they are always eager to share their culture with others, to learn of other cultures even if current circumstances makes it hard for them to do so. If you meet a Gilarian on the surface you’ll find them welcoming, often wanting to share a meal with you and to ensure that you have all that you need. Most Gilarians don’t have much to give but are happy to help. Curious, and friendly they have a mild temperament. Perhaps it was the centuries of living beneath the Oan that softened them, or perhaps this is how they had always been. Nevertheless, in general Gilarians are a good natured people.
    Gilarian culture can best be described as warm, they are a very hospitable people and at their core are caring for Golara and the Oan (ocean) and their families. Gilarians are hatched from eggs and the children are raised by a tribe therefore the idea of a mother or father is lost on them. They do not believe in raising children as a pair, better to them it is to raise the children together to respect their elders. It is not unusual for tribes to arrange mating based on traits they wish to have for their own peoples. These days the idea is to grow all tribes and to keep the Gilarian culture alive. As mentioned they care deeply for their planet and the ocean, Gilarian scientists are often at the forefront of developing new ways to keep their oceans pure and full of life. While they prefer to not travel to the surface, they do not heed their own who do. They also believe that once you are of a certain age it is the duty of the tribe to care for you, for once as an adult and elder you cared for the tribe and as you age and prepare yourself to return to the Oan. So the tribe shall care for you, it is considered a disgrace to not care for your elders.

  • Gilarians describe their origins as being made to keep the Oan company, for he was so lonely that the great Iom and Tsu created the Gilarians, or the Golarans as they sometimes refer to themselves as. They were created for land and water so that the Leylan and the Oan could share in these creatures. Scientists believe that the Gilarians owe their race to a set of ancient amphibians of whose fossils have yet to be found. Gilarians are a fairly long-lived race even by Galactic Standards the oldest is known to have perished at three hundred and four years of age.
  • The Gilarians called the Gulag Plague the Wrath of Keysuun. Keysuun was a jealous boy who was not fond of the Gilarians for they were the prized children of Iom and Tsu and thus he struck them down in a fit of rage. They were then cursed to the Oan, driven there to seek refuge from Keysuun's wrath for the Leylan had been ravaged. And when they tried to emerge once more (Netherworld), Keysuun struck back and put them down once more and thus the Gilarians came to accept their fate of being with the Oan and living there until either Keysuun returns or the Oan gives them up back to the Leylan.
[member="Valessia Brentioch"]

This is a very well-written submission with a lot of thought placed into the species. There is also sufficient balance between the strengths and weaknesses presented; awesome work.

Approved, pending secondary.

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