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Getting Back to the Ways (Open Only to Mandos)

Jerrick was wondering the country side of Mandalore. He had forgotten so much, missed out on alotm how did two years make that much possible. He shook his head. He was thinking about putting up the helmet and leaving, depressed by the idea he had lost his way. His helmet was under his arms as he walked. He felt to breeze of wind on his face, pushing the hair covering his left side of his face away. He stopped and took in a long inhale. He smiled. It smelt clean here. It smelt like home. He really didn't know where he was, he had just wondered off, walking to no general direction in mind. A small lake was on his right. The sun gleamed off it. Mandalore to its core was beauitful, its people amazing, and its history a roller coaster. He sat down on the coast of the lake laying his helmet next to him and layed back, watching the sky. Its soft blue holding his gaze.
Preliat took a seat next to Jerrick, peeling off his helmet. He glanced around, sighing."I haven't felt this much at home and at peace since the Dark Harvest."He confessed, turning towards his brother."I get the whole...warriors and conquering part of our culture but...I'm still a person. And I can't...I can't get the images out of my head of what happened then. It's like a constant nightmare, like I'm trapped in that city and I can't get out, you know?"He leaned forward and rubbed his face, sighing.

"Sorry, I just...needed to tell someone."

Jerrick nodded at the man. "Ner'vod I understand well. I've been away from home too long, I've forgotten our ways, who our friends are." Jerrick stopped and leaned back. He knew what would help this feeling. "Staying home, around loved ones. That's what we need. You're a hero vod." He held his arm out. "Without you, I wouldn't have a home to confied in." He smiled at the fellow Mando.