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Getting Back in the Swing of Things

Noah Corek

Factory Judge
Factory Judge
So I've been gone for a few months, which sadly isn't atypical for me, and decided to come back a few days ago and now I'm looking to get into some action. I'm down for almost anything. But a little bit about my character. Noah is a thirty-nine year old former Republic Commando, Omega Pyre contractor and Alliance Special Forces, he is currently in semi-retirement on his home-planet of Coruscant, though he is known to bounce around any non-Imperial/Dark Sider territory so it's not unlike him to be on a different planet. He's slightly alcoholic and womanizing but has a heart of gold. So if this is your speed hit me up via PM or in here.


Rainbow Smurf
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I have a boardwide event in the works. It should be live in a few weeks. Should be right up his alley :)