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GC-CKIDG/01 - Hydrostatic Impact Gel.

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  • Intent: To create a re-active aqueous gel to mitigate kinetic impacts as a component for an upcoming power armour and liner submission.
  • Image Source: None.
  • Restricted Missions: If Required.
  • Primary Source: Thermal Gel.
  • Name: GC-CKIDG/01 - Hydrostatic Impact Gel.
  • Manufacturer: The Golden Company - Armourer’s Guild.
  • Homeworld (Optional): Synthetic Material. Select and Various Contracted Foundries.
  • Production: Limited-Scale Production.
  • Affiliation: The Thyrsian Hierarchy, The Golden Company, Closed-Market.
  • Modularity: No.
  • Material: Reactive Liquid Metal Crystal, Various Aqueous Components.
  • Classification: Synthetic Element - Hydrostatic Gel.
  • Weight: Light Rating.
  • Resistances:
- Plasmatic and Energy Weapons (Excluding Disruptors): None.
- Kinetic Projectile Weapons: Very High Rating.
- Sonic Weapons (Including Concussive and Hard Sound.): High Rating.
- Shrapnel and Melee Weapons (Including Blunt, Piercing and Etc.): Very High Rating.
- Electromagnetic and Ionic Weapons: None.
- Elemental and Environmental Weapons: Average Rating.
- Lightsaber and Other Plasmatic Weapons (Including Disruptors): None.
  • Colour: Bluish Silver.
  • Density Shifting, and Reactive Liquid Metal Gelatine (Electrochemical Stimulant.)
  • Impressive Kinetic Protection. (Various Sources.)
  • Reactive, and Self-Healing State Shift. (Aqueous to Crystalized State.)
  • No Plasmatic Weapon Protection. (Lightsabers Included.)
  • Useless Outside of a Pressurized Environment (Environment Examples: Power Armour Liner, Bodygloves Etc.)
  • Osmotic Toxicity; Cannot be Applied Directly to the Skin.
  • Slow State Restoration. (Roughly, Thirty Seconds from Crystalized State to Aqueous.)
While there were several options and variants of Impact Gel available on the open market across the Galaxy; that ranged in effectiveness and cost, they lacked the ability to shift back into their aqueous state after being struck. This single-state conversion process leads towards multiple and compromising eventualities when utilized on the battlefield, many of which ended up with the wearer being killed in the line of duty. The first of the various issues that came from this shift, was when the gel hardened around various extremities that were needed to be flexible, resulting in the various joints stiffening and rendering the Operator immobile. That was unacceptable, as to remain stationary in combat was to invite death. The second and most notable factor was the requirement to replace the material after it had been used in warfare, as the hardened material wouldn’t fully offer its protective capabilities.

So, to see that the Golden Company was equipped with the most advanced gel-layer that credits and the galaxy could offer, the Armourer’s Guild set about creating their proprietary blend of Hydrostatic Gel. They began with a colloidal mixture that saw a liquid metal, or an aqueous material, that was blended with various electrochemical catalytic agents that would forcibly revert the crystallization process within the impact gel after a short period of time. However, this process would need to be controlled in a pressurized environment for it to work. This meant that if the gel were converted outside of the various sections that would comprise the whole of a bodysuit with the gel-layer, the reversion process would be unable to take place. Effectively, rendering that portion of the suit useless in comparison to the rest.

The Hydrostatic Gel was not meant to safeguard the wearer against the violence of discharged plasmatic weapons, as they relied almost exclusively on external layers and various others mean(s) of protection. If used by itself, without such defensive means, the highly-ionized plasma would partially vaporize the material, and the plasmatic edges of a lightsaber would sear through the aqueous gel as if it didn’t exist - or was pasteurized animal fat instead. This was the intended result, as weaponized kinetics -- ranging from slugs, shrapnel, hard and concussive sound, and even direct physical strikes were absorbed on contact with the gel-layer and were mitigated across a large surface area. Dampening, through aqueous mitigation, what would normally be considered a killing blow, and turning it into soft-tissue damage or an unsubtle tingle that vanished within moments.
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