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Garnik Verita

Garnik Verita

High Priestess
Name: Garnik Verita
Race: Umbaran/Dathomirian
Loyalties: The Bando Gora
Role: High Priestess and estranged wife of [member="Sieger Ren"]
Sex: Female
Age: Forty-two
Height: 5 ft 7 in or 170 cm
Weight: 63 kg or 139 pounds
Eyes: Lavender
Hair: White
Skin: Extremely Pale

Appearance: Strikingly beautiful or freakish-looking, depending on your taste in aliens, Garnik retains most of her pale skin and sunken eyes from her Umbaran father. She is often seen in a traditional Shadowcloak.

Racial Trait (Umbaran): Can see in ultraviolet and has the ability to read, subtly influence, and sometimes control the will of others.
Racial Trait (Umbaran): Can tell if a sentient being is lying due to her sensitive eyes and ability to sense heat.
Racial Trait (Dathomirian): Can use a rancor as a battlemount
Academia: Extensive knowledge of the Book of Shadows
Personality Trait: Conniving. She believes pitting individuals against each other creates a healthy competitiveness within the Bando Gora
Personality Trait: Well mannered. She can often fool her enemies by her aristocratic upbringing and her graciousness.

Racial Trait (Umbaran): Disoriented when exposed to bright sudden flashes of light.
Personality Trait: Vengeful. Garnik feels slighted by the fact that her road to power and greatness has been eclipsed by the influence of her husband.
Personality Trait: Fanaticism. Garnik shares her husband’s zealotry for the darkside of the Force, but is in conflict with him over various principles and loyalties.
Personality Trait: Not diplomatic in the slightest. The Umbaran mix prefers to solve her problems with swift retribution, violence and savagery.
Personality Trait: Only child. Garnik is not used to sharing anything.
Personality Trait: Fearful of disloyalty. Any hint of betrayal is met with an assassination attempt.
Personality Trait: Fear and disgust for death and anything related to it - eulogies, putrefaction, rituals. Therefore she is hesitant to use spells like Resurrection and Army of the Dead.

Born to an Umbaran father - a member of the prestigious Rootai - and a Dathomirian Nightsister for her mother, Garnik was primed for greatness at a young age and taught to be a powerful Force Wielder by the Witches of Dathomir. Her father Avlis was a cold man who gave his love sparingly to the young girl, he sought to raise her as a noble politician, yet her mother Eev hoped she’d become a Nightsister. This was a constant disagreement between parents.

After Eev Verita had an affair, her father had her assassinated, which he revealed to her nonchalantly over dinner one evening. “Betrayal by your spouse in any form should be met with swift punishment. Man or woman. It doesn’t matter.” This tragedy stuck with Garnik for most of her adolescence, until she finally shook off the depression over her mother’s death and began to rise to power within the Umbaran Rootai and just when she was about to secure a seat on the Council, Alvis married her off to Edric Cortih, who had just rebranded himself as Sieger Ren.

To Garnik this was the ultimate betrayal. The infidelity of her mother could not hold a candle to the deception she felt from her father getting in the way of her career ambitions and what the Umbaran girl considered to be her noble right as a descendant of the Rootai.

Her marriage to Sieger Ren was a well kept secret, only adding to the mystique of the man who would rise to power as Supreme Leader of the Knights of Ren. While Garnik tried to create a livable marriage, she would never forget how she was forced to become a companion to someone who had the sovereignty she believed was hers. This tension eventually caused a rift in their marriage, and they began living separate lives, Garnik studying the Book of Shadows for years until her own omnipotence rivaled the Supreme Leader himself.

She now leads up the Bando Gora, unbeknownst to Sieger, yet who knows if they will be friend or foe to the Knights of Ren?

Rancor named Xana (in the process of taming)

Summon Spirit Ichor
Protection Bubble

No one knows if the pair has any children.