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Garith Darkhold 4.0

Name: Garith Darkhold
Birth Name: Adreia Cullaswen(Cullas+gwend)
Known Past Identities: Adriea Cullaswen , Togashi Yokuni, Bix Slisia, Darth Shinigami, The Hand of Kad Ha’rangir, The Sith Brotherhood’s Horseman of War
Rank: Master / Elder Kashi

Species: Kashi, Near Human
Age: Appears to be in his thirties. 30,000 + years old.
Current Gender: Male
Gender of Birth: Female

Force Sensitive: Yes

Son: Garith Organa
Son: Theodosius Organa
Daughter: Faith Organa
Daughter: Arabella Darkhold
Daughter: Effera deWinter (deceased)

Son In-Law: Draco Vereen significant other to Faith Organa.

Grandson: Bud Balor
Granddaughter: Laira Vereen
Grandson: Theo Vereen

Great Grandchild: [member="Kista Bralor"]


Garith Darkhold // Togashi Yokuni // Darth Shinigami // The Hand of Kad Ha’rangir // The Sith Brotherhood’s Horseman of War – Tall, lean, fit, and muscular. Brown eyes and brown hair. In this incarnation Garith is an imposing figure that appears to be cable of great feats of physical prowess. Dark brooding and gives the impression he is very cranky. He has tattoos up his arms and down his back. The design is a mixture of Mandalorian and High Sith. Tales of death, destruction, and honor through combat.

Playby: Randy Orton (WWE Wrestler)

Bix Slisia – Tall, thin with Red hair and greens eyes. Bix was a former soldier before Garith down loaded his essence into the body of mind of the young woman. In body Bix was a beautiful woman. However that beauty was only skin deep. She was a ruthless young woman and had no remorse for those she killed. A trait that was quiet common for a One Sith Trooper.

Playby: Jane Shepard (Mass Effect)

Adriea Cullaswen – It has only been recently discover by some that Garith was a Guardian of the Breath during the times before the destruction of the planet Kashi. The appearance of the young Kashi Mystic has not been revealed yet.


Persona Used On Atrisa During The Great Wars: Doji Seo


{+}Martial Knowledge{+} Garith has lived a long time. Most of this time has been devoted to warfare. Thus he has experienced a lot and learn a great deal.

{+}Juggernaut{+} When in combat Garith uses a reactionary form of using the Force. Through years of instinct and training he has honed his unconscious mind to use the Force. This is primal drawing from his hate and anger.There is a vast array of Force Skills he uses in this fashion. Reducing damage. Accelerated healing. Redirecting energy or absorbing it. Basic battle precognition.Reducing pain.


{-}Juggernaut {-} Due to the training of this Garith has extreme anger issues.If his anger is triggered / enters battle…his subconscious mind takes over and he acts more like a mindless beast. Sometimes he cannot tell friend from foe.

{-}Heavy Drinker{-} Garith is prone to drinking large quantities of whiskey and this often affects his judgment.

​(Strengths and Weakness are influx and will change over time. This Kashi has been trying to seek redemption by a Kashi's perspective.)