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Gameplan: The Dominion of Kwenn (Attn: Everyone!)

Alright ladies and gentlemen, pack your canteens and a change of clothes because this one is going to be a doozy...We're shooting for 150 posts in order to take Kwenn! Now, as I'm sure that you've noticed, with the disbanding of the Sith Empire, there's been a massive land grab that's begun between every faction located near the right side of the map. We are participating in this mad grab, somewhat, and it was due to this that the Dread Guard blazed a trail through the end of Aduba-III, Styx, and Toong'l. However, it's beyond unfair for us quick posters to gobble up all the fun; so we'll be taking the long way 'round and speed posting in other dominions whilst you all take your time and enjoy the thread. So, with that said, here's the Gameplan:

Objective A: Kwenn Space Station Goes Medical.
Our lovely Archon, @[member="Feena Mason"], and whomever decides to accompany her will be given the task to refit the Space Station orbiting Kwenn into a full-fledged medical center/sanctuary. Her team will focus on bringing and installing new equipment onto the station, organizing the new workers, and basically following whatever orders our beloved Archon decides to bark.

Objective B: The Imperial Remnant
With the disbanding of the Sith Empire comes a scattering of the ranks; and due to the nature of the Empire there are loads of individuals seeking to grab up power. There is a cell of such individuals now besieging the walled, capital city of Kwenn. It is the objective of the Confederate military forces to break this siege in two major engagement zones. A team will be dispatched to eliminate the enemies which have been parked just outside the walls; and will be coordinating with the local militia to accomplish this task. Another team will venture outside of the city to the Imperial, pre-fabricated base; where the entirety of the remnants reserve forces, vehicles, and machinery are located. The mission there is to snatch whatever valuable data you can (namely, ship schematics), take out the Imperials tasked with guarding/maintaining the base, and then blow it sky-high.

Objective C: The Sith Academy
The Templar Order will be placing its attention on another remnant of the Empire which landed on Kwenn alongside the militant forces. A Sith Master has taken up residence in the ruins of an ancient Sith Temple and has tasked his minions with kidnapping innocent civilians in order to test them for Force sensitivity and then force them into training and his service. The goal of the Templars is simple: infiltrate the Templar, liberate the imprisoned civilians, and eradicate the Sith presence from the face of Kwenn.

Objective D: Political Talks
Whilst the Siege is broken, it falls upon the shoulders of the Viceroyalty to meet with the leadership council of Kwenn in order to put to rest any and all doubts that they might have about joining the Confederacy. This will be a test of the political savviness of those who have recently ascended to the mantle of Viceroy.

SO, as usual the Dominion will be posted up relatively shortly; but before then I'd like each of you to post below in order to claim your objectives!

@[member="Aella Cadeyrn"], @[member="Alek Skywalker"], @[member="Alida Ember"], @[member="Alli Wren"], @[member="AR-G002"], @[member="Arron Axon"], @[member="Chloe Hinata"], @Cross, @[member="Darth Malificete"], @[member="Daxton Bane"], @[member="Desmond Voralis."] @Dr. Ashlyn Roberts, @Dr.Clyin Stathan, @[member="Ember Rekali"], @[member="Feena Mason"], @[member="Ginnie Verd"], @[member="Ishtar Freyja"], @[member="Jason Sisk"], @[member="Juthan'Athar"], @[member="Kalia Walsh"], @[member="Kara Avoyos"], @[member="Kataphrak"], @[member="Killua Alkyone"], @Lancer Damar, @[member="Lauren Walsh"], @[member="Lorcan Roberts"], @[member="Marek Starchaser"], @[member="Mehrk Gorbi"], @[member="Montag Card"], @[member="Neilo Ardik"], @[member="Neskar A'toll"], @Nocturno, @[member="Olidiv Kenu"], @[member="Oron"], @[member="Phoebe Draclau"], @[member="Praxis"], @[member="Rayn H'voc"], @[member="Ruusan"], @[member="Ruza Deveel"], @[member="Sephoria Lasranae"], @[member="Serock Hoath"], @[member="Servus"], @[member="Seth Lockheart"], @[member="Shorurra"], @[member="Siqa"], @[member="Sophia Walsh"], @[member="Strask Ak'lya"], @[member="Vorhi Alestrani"], @[member="Vuko Navak"], @[member="Xalus"], @[member="XV-265"].


Pureblood don't mean a thing to me anymore.
Alright, time to tear down the Sith school with that master inside it!

Daxton Bane

I can join either the raid on the base or the temple. As a former high ranking member of the Sith Empire, my presence alone would cause massive defections to our side.