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Gameplan: Dominion of Adarlon

Ladies and Gentlemen of the Confederacy, it's time to get the ball rolling once again! Utapau was an immense success, and though it was easily one of our longest dominions, the job was done! I'm grateful to all of you who participated! You guys did an excellent job and I cannot wait to kick off the next round of our Dominion series! So, with that said:

We're going for Adarlon!

As usual, we're going to have a number of subplots so that everyone can have a great time and feel just as included as their fellows!

The CIS will be meeting with the leadership of Adarlon in order to discuss its potential joining of the growing congregation. These talks will reveal a number of issues the world is having that the CIS will be uniquely equipped to handle.

To begin, any and all volunteers of the Templars and otherwise will be assisting @[member="Feena Mason"] in her establishment of a Sanctuary on the world. This will involve the moving of medical supplies, the procuring of volunteers, and the imitating of treatments to the masses.

Next, the Infiltrators and Phantoms will join together in order to infiltrate a Spice Den. There are rumors that this hovel of addicts and drug lords is truly a cover for a slavery operation. As such, it is the duty of our forces to go in, liberate the slaves kept within the lower levels of the facility, and bring to justice those involved.

The Seekers and military forces will be banding together in order to solve an issue close to the heart of Adarlon's leader. His daughter, a young child of five, has gone missing; last seen playing near the mouth of an abandoned mine just the day before. Search teams have gone into the mine... and have yet to return... It is our job to dive into the heart of the mine and to retrieve the child; in addition to any secrets that may be found there.

Lastly, our engineering staff will be meeting with a warden on the world in order to procure schematics for a new form of prison.

So! Everyone's got something to do! The thread will be going up soon, and I'll be needing volunteers to GM the Mine subplot and the Spice Den subplot. Post below your thoughts or if you volunteer!
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Ashin Varanin

Professional Enabler
@[member="Genesis Rostu"]

Gutsy move. Minor suggestion, though ultimately it doesn't matter, what with influence clouds and all:

Adarlon. Population: 20 million.
Karideph, right beside it. Population, 88 BILLION.
@[member="Ember Rekali"]; The Dominion Plan has been written to be as efficient as possible. By the time this "cycle" is over, we'll have Karideph without needing to do a Dominion for it. Good looking out though, bro. :)

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