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Approved Starship Galewind "Lantern"

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I'm Sorry Dave
Roleplay Judge

  • Intent: A heavily armed swarm fighter for VCH's Project Galewind.
  • Image Source: ArtStation (". MACHINƎ .") [X]
  • Canon Link: N/A
  • Primary Source: N/A

[*]Defences: Low
  • Duranium-Trimantium Hull
  • Ray Shielding

[*]Squadron Count: Extreme [28]
[*]Manoeuvrability Rating: Average
[*]Speed Rating: Average
[*]Hyperdrive Class: N/A
  • Communications Array
  • Droid Brain
  • Ray Shield Generator
  • Ion Engines
  • Repulsorlift Engines
  • Sensor Array
  • Targeting Systems
  • Landing Gear
  • Firepower: With a focus on sheer overwhelming firepower over rate of fire, the Lantern is well-suited for service as a capital-killer, especially in large swarms.
  • Swarm: To complement their usual swarm deployment, Lanterns are outfitted with Tactician Battle Computers, allowing them to share targeting data in order to boost accuracy.
  • Droid: As a droid fighter, the Lantern is cheaper to produce, more expendable, and more compact than manned starfighters.
  • Poor Dogfighter: While highly destructive, the Lantern's weapons are poorly optimised to combat fellow Starfighters, perhaps with the exception of bombers and other slow and bulky targets.
  • Limited Defences: Outfitted solely with ray shielding, Lanterns have to rely upon their hull to protect them from projectiles weapons and the like.
  • Droid: As a droid fighter, the Lantern suffers from all the usual flaws: A lack of creativity, a certain amount of predictability, and a weakness to Ion and EMP.
  • No Hyperdrive: Unlike manned Galewind fighters, Lanterns are not outfitted with hyperdrives.
Versatility from Specialisation.

From the small but capable Lantern to the hulking Vanguard, Project Galewind is defined by its purpose-built models, all of which are designed with overarching synergy in mind. Lacking any real generalists, Galewind' various Starfighters are designed to be fielded together, though individual models are perfectly capable of filling their niche alone, at least if the circumstances are right.

In contrast to Galewind's manned starfighters, the Lantern is not outfitted with a hyperdrive, largely due to space concerns and their expendable nature; if a retreat is called, the VCH recommended standard procedure would be to order any remaining Lanterns to commit to a suicide attack in order to bolster the manned starfighters' chance of escape.

Between missions, these droids are intended to be kept in honeycomb shaped maintenance modules, each typically hosting seven. Also known as Lantern Nests™, these modules are capable of switching the weapon loadout of the fighters, though the whole procedure usually takes around one hour. While a team of crack technicians could certainly manage it in around fifteen minutes, this would still be prohibitively long in most combat scenarios and would occupy a lot of manpower that could likely be better spent elsewhere.

Appendix A, Weapons:
  • Composite Beam Laser: Packs a punch comparable to eight heavy laser cannons firing in tandem but takes a bit over thrice as long to recharge, giving it a firing rate of around one shot per four seconds.
  • Electromagnetic Plasma Cannon: Packs a somewhat weaker punch than the composite beam laser but has a larger blast radius.
Appendix B, Lantern Nests™:
  • In the standard configuration, these modules host seven Lanterns each, with four on the bottom row and three in the top row. Measuring around 16 metres (Length) by 5 metres (Breadth) by 8 metres (Height), they should be able to fit in most regular hangars, with their pod-based design allowing them to be reconfigured to fit in particularly squat hangars.
  • Capable of taking care of most maintenance while ensuring that the fighters stay in optimal shape, these incredibly convenient modules are included in every Lantern purchase by default, though it is possible to forego their inclusion for a slight discount.
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