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Galactic Quarantine Headquarters

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Intent: Setting for a upcoming Event
​Image Credit: [X]
Canon: None

Structure Name: Galactic Quarantine Headquarters
Classification: Quarantine Research Base
Affiliation: Galactic Quarantine and Amber Quarantine Department
Location: Prospect Point, Masterra
Accessibility: Due to the spread of the Amber, this station is pretty much open to anyone that is willing to get caught in the Amber fall. It is guarded by United Trade Conglomerate Personal due to both the GQC and AQD unable to cover the spread of Amber.


  • External Landing Bay - A hanger bay that hangs off the edge of a cliff and guarded by two large laser cannons to protect the bay from outsiders. During evacuation, this is the main exit as it is the quickest way to leave the base.

  • Entrance Way - The entrance to the base and where refugees and scientist will meet with officials to get assignments. The large door that leads to the main building allows for a large number of individuals to enter and leave.

  • Data Center - One of three locations in the base, they house all the information about the research on the location. All are heavily encrypted to protect the contents. They also house some of the security camera data to store previously recorded information.

  • Refugee Living Quarters - One of three very large and tall rooms made to protect and provide for refugees of the AMBER Crisis.

  • Central Lab - The main lab where all research is orchestrated, the main door is made of a very strong and thick metal that is difficult to penetrate. The walls are also very thick and strong to prevent a AMBER outbreak from expanding from both outside and inside. All data on AMBER Reversal could also be found here.

  • Vehicle Bay - A armory and living quarters for the Security personal for the quarantine guards and base security. After the evacuation, all vehicles are moved out, but a weapons locker and armor cache can still be found.

This base was recently constructed in the wake of the Amber appearance a group of corporations and organizations banned together and joined to build this base. With the conjoined efforts of the United Trade Conglomerate, MandalArms, Galactic Quarantine and Amber Quarantine Department this base was designed to keep the quarantine in place and on lockdown. This compound housed some of the top quality tech and equipment to study the unusual compound called AMBER. Housing hundred of Refugees and Scientist from across the four organizations, the size of the compound was giant. Great walls that surrounded the compound were over 15 ft tall and over 5 ft thick. This was no military compound, and as such, limited military presence were allowed. Only security and droids for protection and maintaining the quarantine were there for security. The UTC offered the most Man Power for security, while MandalArms offered the more tech-savvy equipment. The GQC and the AQD were the brains behind the compound and their presence was heavy within the halls.

This changed however, as a recent breach in the walls nearest the quarantine has forced the compound to be evacuated. Now most of the inhabitants are Security Personal, some Refugees awaiting reassignment, and the Unknown Phenomenon Team taking close research of the stange compound.

Be sure not to get caught by the Amber.
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Before I get into anything else, I am going to need you to provide information on each point of interest you've brought up in this submission. At least a sentence for each but given that this is for a player event I expect it to be more than just the bare minimum. People are going to be looking to subs such as this, that directly tie into the event, for clarification, description, information, and at the moment this submission is far too bare bones to give them very much to work with at all.
- Please link to the planet this location is found upon.

- You mention laser cannons under the landing bay, but they're not added under security. Make sure they're added.

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[member="Dr. Jaden Corvello"]

The addition of 4 turbolaser towers makes this feel more like a military base than a generic structure. If you want to keep such heavy firepower I'm going to have ask you to switch it over to a military base, otherwise I'm going to have to ask you to tone down its security. If you do switch to a military base, please note that the submission is inconsistent regarding the number of turbolasers it has - the Points of Interest states 2, whereas Security states 4.

Jairus Starvald

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For the most part this is fine, but I need you to actually hyperlink to the source of the images rather than the direct image links. So rather the deviantpage of the image, instead of the direct link to it.

I also need a security rating in the security field:

You must provide your security assets in list format and must provide your location a Security Rating (choose from: None, Low, Medium, High, Maximum).
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