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Galactic Illusionary Gaming


  • Corporation Name: Galactic Illusionary Gaming
  • Headquarters: Coruscant
  • Locations:
    • Coruscant - Headquarters and Galactic Alliance Distribution Hub
    • Reytha - Silver Concord Distribution Hub
    • Denon - Darkwire Distribution Hub
    • New Cov - Confederacy of Independent Systems Distribution Hub
    • Seoul - First Order Distribution Hub
    • Bakura - Eternal Empire Distribution Hub
    • Phaeda - New Imperial Order Distribution Hub
    • Tion - Sith Empire, Lords of the Sith, and Warlords of the Sith Distribution Hub
  • Operations:
    • Physical Card Game Development
    • Digital Card Game Development
  • Parent Corporation:
  • Subsidiaries:
    • Currently None

Galactic Illusionary Gaming's mission is to create a fun and exciting card game for any being, young or old, to enjoy. The company dislikes how many of the card games within the galaxy center around gambling, whether it be pazaak or sabacc, everything revolves around the credit and the same games that have dominated the galaxy for countless years. Galactic Illusionary Gaming is devoted to building something over the years that collectors and players will enjoy, while also taking inspiration from the rich history of and the vibrant and ever changing galaxy we call home.

In regards to the various galactic factions and ongoing conflicts, the company is strictly neutral. Any cards, booster packs, starter or expansion decks, special event releases, etc. are designed by a multi-cultural art and creative team so to eliminate any sort of biases as it is the company's belief that the love of a good game transcends any and all boundaries and differences.


An idea born from a nine year old girl's mind, but one that saw a tremendous amount of potential. Some quiet investing on the part of certain parties into a gaming company that was struggling to make any headway into the market, all the more grateful of the support and needed infrastructure to establish themselves in other parts of the galaxy. The CEO of Galactic Illusionary Gaming, a Corellian born human living on Coruscant named Alexander Haelzum, could now get his dream out to the rest of the galaxy; a new game that would represent the galaxy and its history properly. There was one small catch for all of the support certain individuals gave him, besides the usual corporate insulation... every new set that came out had to go to a certain nine year old first.