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Approved Tech Gala Geert's Combat Armour

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Alliance Commando

  • Classification: Multipurpose Powered Armour; Midweight Armour.
  • Role: Frontline Powered Armour.
  • Protection Type: Full Body Coverage.
  • Height: Adds two inches to Wearer's Height via the Combat Boots.
  • Weight: Heavy Rating - 15 KG or 33 LBS.
  • Resistances:
    • Kinetic Weaponry (Ballistic Weapons): Very High.
    • Directed Energy Weaponry (Not Including Disruptors): High.
    • Disruptor Weaponry: None.
    • Electrical and Ion Weaponry: Very High.
    • Lightsabres: High.
    • Plasmatic Melee Weaponry (Non-Lightsabre): Average.
    • Melee Weaponry and Shrapnel: High.
    • Sonic Weaponry (Including Hard Sound): Average.
    • Corrosive Weaponry: High.
    • Elemental Weaponry (Extreme Cold): Low.
    • Elemental Weaponry (Extreme Heat): High.
  • Helmet Systems:
    • Structural Features:
      • Retractable Faceplate Armour.
      • Poly-Chromatic and Anti-Flash Glasteel Visor, with Self-Repairing Functionality.
      • Interior High-comfort Cellular Concussion Padding.
      • Integrated Annunciatior and Vocabulator - Programmable Vocal Distortion.
      • Closed Circuit Rebreather, with Redundant Oxygen Supply.
      • Environmentally Controlled, Vacuum-rated and Hermetically-sealed.
      • Retractable Dataport(s) with Socketguards.
      • Integrated Stabilizer Mask.
      • Integrated Droid Brain (Combat-rated, Fourth Degree) with Built-In Remote Transceivers (Heuristic Processors, Predictive Algorithms, Triple-Encrypted HoloNet Connections with Military Access Keys.)
      • Encrypted Global Positioning System, with Blue Force Tracking.
      • Encrypted IFF Transponder - Wearer's Biographical Readouts, including Rank and Notable Service History.
      • Emergency Liquid Induction Port - Retractable Helmet Straw (Filtered, and Extends into Operator’s Mouth. Species Dependent; Adjustable Settings.)
      • Integrated Floodlights, Concealed behind Retractable Cowling with Rechargeable Solar Power Supplies.
      • Anti-Ion Mesh (Faraday Cage) and Reinforced Duraplast Liner.
    • Communication Features:
      • Sonic and Aural Dampeners.
      • Short-range Integrated Commlink with Military Encryption Keys.
    • Visual Features:
      • Holographic Heads-Up Display with 360 POV Helmet Band (Biometric Retinal-Tracking, with Integrated Blink-Commands and Voice-Recognition) - Programmable, and Customizable Settings.
      • Integrated Macrobinoculars - x8 Magnification.
      • Visual and Audio Player, with Integrated Recorder ( 24 Hours of Content before Datacard needs to be swapped.)
      • Various Combat-rated Sensors, Including Internal and External Rangefinders and Integrated Broadband Antenna.
      • Various Targeting and Positional Sensors; Multi-Frequency Targeting and Acquisition System, Life-Form Scanner, High-Frequency Sonar Mapper, Motion Scanner/Tracker, Radar, Etc.
        • Visor Modes: Tactical, Low-Light/ Nightvision, Infrared/ Thermal, Ultraviolet, High-Frequency Sonar.
  • Body Armour Features:
    • Structural Properties (Chassis):
      • Compact Fusion Reactor - Backplate-mounted and Armoured.
      • Emergency, and Reserve Power Packs (Concealed, with Retractable Solar Ionization Panels.)
      • Solar Ionization Conversion Modules, with Retractable Power Collection Array(s).
      • Magnetized Weapon Plating and Storage Strips.
      • Integrated Clip(s) and Mounting(s) for Additional Storage Items.
      • Gravchute and Jetpack Backplate Mounting.
      • Integrated Grenade Bandolier, Combat Webbing Clips and Mountings.
      • Interior High-comfort Cellular Concussion Padding.
      • Automated Adrenal and Combat Stim Injection System.
      • External Bacta and Kolto Injection Ports - Retractable Cowling.
      • Anti-Ion Mesh (Faraday Cage) with Reinforced Duraplast Liner.
    • Bodyglove Properties:
      • Environmentally Controlled, Vacuum-rated and Hermetically-sealed Bodyglove.
      • Integrated Power Armour Liner with Hydrostatic Impact Gel.
      • Internal Life Support System, with Biorestorative Underlay and Redundant Oxygen Supply.
      • Rybcoarse and Crushgaunt (Non-Beskar) - Electro-Reactive Fibres, Electro-Stimulated Fibre Bundles and Micronized Servomotor(s).
      • Integrated Heat Sinks and Ion Dispersal Coils.
      • Integrated Defibrillator, or AED.
    • Structural Properties (Greaves and Gauntlets):
      • Forearm-mounted Comms/Holo-Projector/Data-streaming Device. (Linked to the Helmet's HUD.) [Retractable Gauntlet Paneling.]
      • Reinforced Knee-plate(s), Elbow-plate(s) and Boot Bracers; Recoil Compensating Actuators (Strain Reduction when Oscar Mike.)
      • External Forearm Weapon Mounting(s).
      • Additional Combat Vibroblade Sheathe. (Shin Plate Mounting.)
      • Shoulder Sheath for Combat Vibroblade (Optional.)
      • Magnetic Adhesion and High-Traction Grips for Gauntlets and Boots.
      • Cellular Padded Insoles (High Comfort.)
      • Knuckle-plate Vibroblade [Retractable.]
      • Knee-plate Dart Launcher (Four Darts - Reloadable Cartridges; Poison, Paralytic Toxin, Neurotoxin, Explosive, Etc.)
  • Utility Belt and Additional Equipment:
    • Field Medical Bag.
    • Military Field Rations (One Week's Worth.)
    • Multitool.
    • Grappling Hooks.
    • Flare Gun (Two Charges.)
    • Combat De-Ionizer(s.)
    • Combat Energy Sink(s.)
    • Anti-Security Blade.
    • Sonic Security Resonator.
    • Liquid Cable Launchers (Gauntlet Mounted.)
    • Various Pouches. (Containing a multitude of items, including but not limited to, additional Plasma Cartridges and etc.)
    • Dampener Aerosol Projector (Four Charges, Reloadable Cartridges.)
    • Biometrically-locked Thermal Detonator, with Baradium Core.
    • Electronic Lock Scrambler/Descrambler.
    • Secondary, External Communicator with Military Encryption Keys.
    • Exterior Mounting for Personal Shield Generator.
  • Integrated Repulsorlift Engine with Jump Servos (Limited Flight Capability - Ten Seconds per Jump.)
  • Integrated Combat Droid Brain, with Heuristic Processors and a Neural Uplink - Onboard AI Capabilities.
  • Integrated Stabilizer Mask - Increased Resistance to Telepathic Intrusions and Force Visions.
  • Biometric and Retinal Security System - Anti-Piracy Measures.
  • Composite Armour Plating with Laminanium and Self-sealing Properties - Minor Integrity Regeneration.
  • Integrated Optical Camouflage System.
  • Shockweb - Anti-Grappling Protection System.
  • Ionic and EMP Hardened - High Resistance to Overload(s.)
  • Combat Powersuit - Significant Strength, Speed and Agility Augmentations.
  • Hydrostatic Impact Gel - High Resistances to Kinetic and Ballistic Weapons, with Regenerating Crystallization Capabilities.
  • Droid Brain with Neural Uplink - Increases Armour Reaction Time (Ala Second Skin) and Houses a Pseudo AI Program that Learns and Adapts with the Operator. (Can Support True AI Program(s) in Place of Artificial Facsimile.)
  • Integrated Stabilizer Mask - Increased Mental Defences against Force Wielders.
  • Integrated Optical Camouflage System - Phantasmal Silhouette; Encompasses the User and their Weapons.
  • Advanced Biorestorative Underlay - Auto Adrenal Injection System, Coupled with the Integrated AED work to keep the Operator alive if Injured.
  • Limited Lightsabre Resistance - Stronger Resistance on the Armour, but Weaker elsewhere.
  • Neural Link - While Hardened to Protect the User, there is a Slim Margin of Electric/Electronic Overload spearing into the Operator's Cranium; Frying their Organic Circuits.
  • No EM Warfare Immunity - Proximity Dependent and Powerful Devices are Required.
  • Flex-Armour Joints - While Protected, the Joints of the Armour are Comparatively Weaker than the Hardened Plating.
  • Hydrostatic Impact Gel - Temporary and Minor Mobility Hindrance if Shot with Kinetic or Ballistic Weapons.
  • Optical Camouflage - Phantasmal Silhouette; Environmental Detritus sticks to Holographic Shroud.
  • Optical Camouflage v.2 - Non-Sound Dampening and Cannot be used in Conjunction with Shielding Systems or Energy Weapons.
  • No Dedicated Shielding Unit - External System Required; Cannot be used in Conjunction with the Optical Camouflage.
In the years after Thyrsus was reclaimed by the victorious Sun Guard, the governing body known as the Hierarchy sought to update their valiant crusader’s armour to represent their newfound purpose, and celebrate. So, the newly-established Government turned to the Republic Engineering Corporation and their Special Projects Division in order to draw up a prototype for the Sun Guard’s new armour. However, as fate would have it, the design that was concocted wasn’t up to the Sun Guard’s standards - nor did their Supreme Sun Guardian approve of the direction that Republic Engineering was headed with the Prototype. Thus, with the Project momentarily scrapped in favour of meeting the Sun Guard’s exacting standards, the Republic Engineering Corporation sought to repurpose their supposed failure into something worthwhile.

Their opportunity arrived when a notable individual was mentioned during one of the Republic Engineering Corporation’s maintenance runs, thanks in part to a chatty member of a prominent squad of Alliance Commandos. Therefore, the classified project was shifted to creating a suit of armour that would ideally complement the Mirialan Warrior’s fighting style.

The armour began as an advanced bodyglove, that had more than just the capability to be environmentally pressurized to safeguard the wearer from the harsh ambience of the world around them. This bodyglove housed a multitude of layers within its overall construction, each blending their strengths into the materials above and below their varied positioning, to create something truly unique. The first layer was the one that contacted the skin or the clothing that the wearer chose to clad themselves in. This would be the most recognizable section of the armour as it was a temperature-regulating overlay with several connecting nodes or modules that acted as a portion of the suit’s advanced bio-restorative system. As one would expect, this layer was specialized and wholly dedicated to keeping the wearer comfortable and alive, without hampering their movement in any way, shape or form.

While primarily dedicated to the survivability of the wearer, this biorestorative system came with an automated AED that would seek to revive the suit’s Operator should their heart stop for any reason. Naturally, there were times that this process wouldn’t complete its desired task - as the subject would be either too far gone, or the system would be disabled through extraneous means.

The second layer of the armour housed multiple capabilities that ranged from superior methods of defence to augmenting the wearer’s combat prowess and was truly the primary powerhouse of the entire panoply. It was in this layer that the synthetic muscle fibres that comprised the entirety Rybcoarse augmentation system made themselves known, where the wearer would be made stronger by the artificial tissue encapsulating their frame. This bioengineered compound would mimic an organic musculature but was capable of tripling the existing muscle strength - which was provided by the synthetically produced biofibres, essentially creating an advanced muscle suit when combined with the crushgaunt technology. Adding in the capabilities of the bequeathed hydrostatic impact gel, the artificial compound was woven into the muscle suit, giving the wearer an advanced thermal gel alternative that would ideally protect the wearer from kinetic harm.

The third and final layer of the armoured bodyglove was the hardened exterior carapace that offered a portion of the entire suit’s protective properties. This layer focused on defending the wearer from shrapnel from various explosive devices, various melee weapons, blasters as well as projectile weaponry, and even offering a measure of protection against the enigmatic prowess of a lightsabre. These protective systems would compensate for the gaps in the external armour plating, ensuring that the wearer was well defended against whatever threat(s) came their way.

Adding into the armour’s capabilities, the external carapace was outfitted with form-fitting composite plates that would greatly increase the suit’s protective qualities. With the host of systems that were integrated into the armour, both intent on keeping the armour under her control and supplementing her predatory-nature on the battlefield, this unnamed prototype would prove to be a benefit to the Mirialan Warrior. As not only would her strength be enhanced, but her agility as well - with a marginal hindrance on her mobility as she adjusted and adapted to her new armour. Also worthy of note was the integrated Optical Camo system, which sought to shroud the user from sight and help them blend into their surroundings. While this system wasn’t as perfect as a cloaking field, it did offer the Mirialan Warrior a battlefield advantage - especially if she operated in the shadows where the phantasmal silhouette would be difficult to spot. There were notable drawbacks to this system, however. It wasn’t capable of dampening sound, so should the user be a chatterbox or utilize their armour’s systems without a helmet - their enemies would be able to easily locate them.
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