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Fuzzy Methods (11-8) (Syn)

Nadi Maarow

Kitty !
Naadi was on her way to a training chamber somewhere on the Coruscant temple, and was not walking there.

The trianni girl was Dancing down the hallways. It was definitely a strange sight seeing the fuzzy padawan bouncing, twirling, shuffle-scampering, and bee-bopping down the halls to the accompaniment of fast-paced hyper-girly glimmik music. The music was coming from a small combination speaker-reader abit smaller than a comm-link, clipped to a band of her skimpy shirt.

(pai rangers)

Coming to the door of the training room right at the end of the song, Naadi smiled thinly as she entered - and found the room apparently empty. Looking around, and scampering to and fro, it was definite; Master @Syn wasn't here yet.

Naadi took to entertaining herself until then, by turning the music rod back on, and took to dancing around in the 'forest' of balance-poles.
Major Faction


Nimir-ra to Iella, Jedi Shadow
@Naadi Maaro

Syn could hear the music from the hallway as he walked, whoever this was... He was going to have words. the temple was not the place such music. He came to the training room and realized who it was that had it with two fingers going to his head. The Cathar hybrid entered and crossed his arms as he looked down at the girl a bit before speaking. He would trat her like any other padawan but also like a pard. She needed to learn to behave for now. "Padawan Maaro."