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From Death to Legend

"I drowned in darkness... for what seems like an eternity.... I do not remember. As a pulse rips through the Dark side of the force, i feel my limbs again... How?"

Atrisia, the war, the battle, it all felt like a dream to a soul wandering in the darkness of death one with the stars and soul dissipated into nothingness. For what seemed like a thousand years the spirit of one Animus Malgus fought to regain its identity within the force to regain a signature against a tidal wave of death and destruction. He was not alone.... Millions of souls had their chance for revenge on the being that ended prematurely their life.

Billions of souls... a whirlwind of doom. An eternity of pain. Power, unlike anything his soul had ever felt enveloped him and his being yet somehow through will and sheer fury to exist his spirit lived on... but that was long ago. After enough time in Chaos what you were in life on the corporeal world ceases to exist, what remains is nothing that you recognize. What remained of Mythos was not a human, or any sentient lifeform in the galaxy and more akin to a being. An entity of pure evil, hungry for power and souls. Time passed, seeming eons in Chaos time... The signature of Mythos, Animus Malgus had taken shape and form, character and intent. He devoured souls while in chaos and regained his power in the dark side of the force but his "mind" became twisted and torn. No longer a father, husband or human even, now he was simply a devourer of souls... in chaos... in hell.

Battles occurred, him coming out the victor and only adding to his already immense presence in the force yet corrupting it even further. Evil, true and unimaginable evil. The throne he sat on chaos was one of three, Marka holding one and as far as he knew Kezeroth sat on the other yet there was no way to be sure... distance in chaos was complicated. The story begins at some point after he sat on the throne and his spirit became manifested inside the temples of Anubi by priests in the dead world whom he had met with in life.

Location: Ankhypt System

Anubi Sector, the Dead world.

Far far from Tairos was Anubi the dead world, far from the glorious capital of this unique world that shined so bright and at the same time laid hidden from most of the galaxy. There were many beautiful places in the galaxy but Ankhypt was like none other.... but this was not beautiful. The sky Pyramids were far away and a long time ago... they stretched out a bit farther than that of Tairos. The Anubians worshiped many Gods, when Mythos came, him being force sensitive in life, he felt out of place and noticed the utter lack of them aside from the royals who greeted him... yet he returned. Having the power of the force in the eyes of the people, slaves and priests made him above them, eventually, due to the large pantheon of gods they worshiped, along with the Pharaoh @Ankharabis the Great and @Osiris.

It was there that it began....

Dark rites and incantations were sung around the altar of the forgotten pyramid, a ruin and a wreckage in the unforgiving sands of the dead world. It was of the force but it was magika... Dark force magic and incantations, rites and rituals mandated straight from Chaos. Runes and blood carved every meter of the unholy place as the altar of darkness began to quake and shatter. It was as if a pulse of darkness, like a beating heart drummed across the force and could be felt all across the galaxy. In Chaos upon his throne of conquered souls... Animus felt a pull towards a black gate. "It is time..."
Seras had been wandering, ever since the battle at Atrisia. Never settling anywhere long, drifting from place to place and keeping on the move. She did not have anyone or anything pushing her forward nor anywhere she desired to go to. It was the wandering itself that held meaning. It brought her to quite a few unique places in the galaxy, some dark and unsettling, some bright and relaxed. While this paticular planet was bright, it was by no means relaxed. Upon arrival, she had been promtly given a recognition chip in her forearm, just under the skin. A precaution against being mistaken for one of the many slaves on the planet. Normally a planet where slavery was common was not a place she would visit. There were circumstances however in her visit beyond simple wandering however. A feeling, reminscent of what she felt not so long ago at Atrisia. She couldn't tell what it was exactly with her lacking skills. But it was the kind of feeling that one did not forget, even amidst the waves of darkness, the battle meditations, and the strong emotions of that battlefield. There had been an underlying current, something she had only noticed when she was being carried away from the battle.

That same, underlying sensation roused those memories and spurred her to go and find the source of this feeling. It was not untill she had finally arrived at the planet and had started to prepare to head out into the planets deserts that she came to understand the feeling she felt in the force in more detail. Before it had been a release, a great push outwards. Yet this she could now feel, while it gave off a similar sensation, this was more of a pull. Not a pull to her of course, but to something else. Though calling it a 'pull' was not capable of conveying the gravity and aura the sensation held.

Seras took a speeder bike out to the deserts, along with a simple map and supplies. The map itself was not paticularly detailed beyond the location of a few larger cities and a few resupply locations. But the destination where the feeling lead her was far out in the middle of nowhere, meaning it did not take long for the map to become useless. The natives were not exactly a talkitive people, so Seras had no idea what was really out here in the area as she followed the feeling. It was as she topped a tall, sandy dune that she saw it. The abandonded pyramid that she could tell even at this range was a simple ruin and nothing more at this point. Her hands went down into a pouch at her side, brining up a pair of binoculars to her eyes as she focused in on the place. Nothing really looked out of place from here, but she was a very far distance away still. Returning the binoculars after a few further moments of study, Seras put her feet back into position and started going through the dunes and to the abandoned pyramid.

Pulling up at the bottom of it, she turned off the speeder and stepped off, walking twoards the pyramid. It was a rather lonely looking thing, standing along amidst harsh sandy winds and dunes, forgotton both seemingly by time and people. Inspite of the cold sensation the feeling she had followed gave off, Seras stepped forward onto the first of many crumbling steps the pyramid held. Only to suddenly feel a intense sensation of deep unease. There was no buildup that she could perceive, no forewarning. Just a sudden, dark pulse of the darkside that froze the young woman on the spot. 'Something' dark was being called. On some deep, instinctual level, she understood that. The feeling was sudden and intense enough for her to momentarly loose her sense of self, her frozen posture only broken by a stone crumbling under her foot, forcing her now stiff body to react sluggishly as she stood at the bottom of the pyramid. The sudden movement brought her shocked mind out of its frozen state as she regained her footing on the steps, finding herself two more steps up from her near tumble. Never more had she been unsure of what to do. To flee or to go forward. There was no good, common sense reason to go forward. Indeed, her body cried against a single more step forward. Yet she could not bring herself to leave. It was that kind of indecision that kept her rooted there at the bottom of the pyramids steps. But that deep, vast sensation of pure darkness in the force made a memory resurface. Of that dark sensation of waves of solid darkness washed over the area in Atrisia. The fear that followed, and then the support from a persons battle meditation. Recalling that boldness even while surrounded by darkness, Seras took hold of those feelings. And took a step forward. It was beyond fool hardy and into the realm of sheer recklessness and stupidity. But she could not bring herself to leave. So she denyed that common sense, and stepped forward.



[Blasted sand! Forsaken desert..] The musical clicks and chirps of a grumble fell on deaf ears as Khaalvaryn traversed the desert, talons digging into the unconsecrated sand far more than he would like. His head swiveled from side to side, amber eyes blinking against the harsh light, nearly blinded by the unforgiving sun. Needless to say, he was far from pleased with the system's climate, the dry air didn't sit well with his scales, ones that had long since relished in the humidity of Lwhekk. He wanted out of the sand as soon as possible.

The pyramid, barely visible with his poor sight, promised at least temporary solace from the blinding light, something the reptile was all too happy to take advantage of. But first, to get there. A misstep into a sand dune sent him tumbling down the hill. He scrambled out of the sand's hold, shaking the excess sand from his scales, cursing as he did so. This system was far inferior to his home. The fact that navigating it was given him such trouble was unacceptable.

With an annoyed throat click he continued on his endeavor, praising his god as sand turned to pavement as he crossed the threshold of the pyramid. Forked tongues flickering, he became all too aware that he wasn't alone in this structure. Good. More people for entechment.

The Dead World sent here for a punishment of a month. This world with its endless deserts burned her throat. Here she was to provide service to those who went on pilgrimage to this forgotten planet, this wasteland dedicated to the dead. She longed for her place back home on Ankhypt the oasis of life and the comforts that came from her position. She felt the twinges of anger twisting her in stomach as longing filled her mind.

Here nothing lingered but the shadows of the past. Those who came on pilgrimage came looking for answers that did not come just from the sacrifice of their time and credits. These pilgrims needed to give of their very life that urged them forward, they needed to give a blood sacrifice to open the great doors of chaos and seek audience with the oe of the God of the Dead. [member="Anubis"] who guided the souls to the great scales to weigh the content of their heart, and @osirus lord of the underworld. The great gods who looked after the the dead often seen as the ending of all things.

Death is but a doorway and Osirus and Anubis held the keys. But how many of the priests and priestesses truly understood that. How many actually believed, the mother who wanted her son back, the daughter her mother, and the countless others who wanted their loved ones returned. Bestat had now seen many of the pilgrims they left their sorrows and their offerings went back home and waited.

The dark sheer silks draped the altar, the cartuches on the altar worn from sand and wind, on the center of the altar that which was sacred to the priests that attended this forbidden barren place.

Bestat longed wish to read the rituals within the book, the High Priest called Anpu promised she would. Sitting now in her true form she blended with the dark corners easily only the light hitting the gold painted on her forehead and wrists hinted at her presence. Whlie she listened and watched.

[member="Khaalvaryn"] [member="Seras Rose"] [member="Mythos"]
Long have i drifted without a course... a rudderless ship I have sailed.

Inside the four corners of the Pyramid of the dead the altar shattered with a powerful snap of lightning. The priests and Anubian sorcerers had finalized the ritual and above the slab of stone was one of the few thousand clones made of Mythos himself... a necessary vessel for his soul to return into. The clone screamed in pain as dark energy ripped his soul out of the body while leaving it intact. he had been painted with a thousand runes and the blood of the innocent. Lightning struck dead a few dozen priests, an earthquake shook the pyramid and solid slabs of black stone began to fall from the crumbling ruin killing off several more people yet none moved, not even an inch. This fanatical spiritual quest was worth more than their lives and each understood that this was no usual pilgrimage... if there was any doubt the black portal of magika opening before their eyes would lay that thought to waste. Meanwhile in chaos the spirit of Animus began to feel the pull, his force ghost had been instructing the sorcerers and priests for months on how to prepare and unleash the ritual properly. He however... had left out some inconvenient details form their knowledge. He did not tell them they all had to die... every hand that gave aid to his resurrection, every soul who put in effort in any way to bringing him back from the dead had to die. Lightning poured forth and began to strike down one by one all who fit that category, their souls also forfeit to fuel the cyclone of death. Only after a few dozen had been struck down did they realize that what was really happening and by then it was far too late. The cyclone was complete and the blood of the altar soon became a flood of black goo infected with the heavy and oppressive taint of the darkside of the force.

The clone was already dead, his body wrapped in ceremonial linen painted with runes quite painstakingly began to be ripped apart and then suctioned violently into the malestrom. Mythos stood from his ethereal throne and made his way to the portal that blasted open. there was a place in between the realm of the living and the dead where the force was in balance, the place in existence where that was so, it was there that he could most easily imbue his essence into the body of his clone... but the fires of chaos would follow him. Passing the portal of life and death a deafening blast of fire loud enough to pop eardrums of humans blasted through the pyramid, the ethereal screams of souls in torment and suffering could be heard miles away and even the most understanding and trained priest or sorcerer in Ankhypt would find it truly terrifying... this was what souls endured when tainted by the darkside and met with the inevitable reality of death.

From the portal an image began to emerge, drenched in fire and lightning while shielded by the force against its harm was a familiar golden haired man with eyes of yellow fury. As more of his image passed through the portal the force began to violently push him back, by doing this he was directly harming the force around him and going against the natural balance of the force which had always been maintained. With his power he pushed back against it, this is what kept other beings from passing through, to do it you had to be powerful enough to withstand the impact of the force itself preventing you from passing the umbra.

This clash of will versus nature began to tear the Pyramid itself apart.The already weak structure had no support against this kind of violence and was beginning to give way, the debris was already claiming lives and those who could began to run away in terror.... yet when Mythos took his first step into the corpoeral realm he used the force and his mastery in telekinesis to pull all living things near him to the cyclone....

"You said the force would set us free!"
Came the cry of a sorcerer, through the screams of souls dead and living and the sound of the storm. Mythos turned his head lazily, still getting used to the revolting feeling of his new skin even if it was a replica of his own and eyed the man with his narrow yellow eyes and answered beneath his breath so soft it was drowned by the sound of death. "It did... from the burden life"

[member="Bestat"] [member="Seras Rose"] [member="Khaalvaryn"]

The Wastes of Ankhypt
Hot air and grains of sand bore heavy upon her skin. Her throat burned each time she inhaled, enough to keep her from her thoughts. She had wandered for days, no longer burdened by the chain of command, lost within the silent dunes of a world she did not know. It was a far cry from Nadir, too much sun and not enough shadow. The port had been her home, both pre and post Leos, yet it had also become her undoing.

There was no place for her, not now that her mutiny had been put well and truly into effect.

I have been played a fool... I ignored my instincts; never again.

Pulling the shawl tighter over her face, obscuring all save her eyes from the tyranny of the sandstorm, Maelasi stared off into the distance. Nothing to be seen, from horizon to horizon, what a cruel place to put someone. She had little on her person, no weapons save the small knife hidden within her boot, no clothes save those she already wore, stained and torn from the long journey both to and on world. They had been savage with her, they had utilized tools not unlike the Force Hunters', and they will pay for their crimes tenfold.

She would not forget their actions. They had placed her on a world without distraction, left her with nothing save an impression of their faces to mull over.

A sudden and unexpected breeze kicked sand into her eyes, and for a moment she lifted one arm to shield them from further harm.

Only then did she notice it, a mirage on the horizon, a sole beacon of hope, jutting toward the sky. From where she stood it seemed tiny, like a holocron lodged in the sand, but given how flat the land was she knew it could not be the case. No, whatever it was made a large enough impression to be witnessed from many miles away.

With each step she took from that moment on, she felt a presence drawing her in. As though a durasteel chain yanked at her chest, pulling her ever closer, tied to the monument.

Crazy... You've gone stir crazy, Mae, you need to find an oasis, you need to find water, and shelter from the unyielding sun...

Was she crazy? Was the jutting structure just a figment of her dehydrated mind?

What felt like hours of walking proved otherwise. The structure grew before her very eyes, until its long shadow was cast against the sands she stumbled through and brought her slight reprise from the heat. Her skin, already somewhat dark, was unbelievably hot to the touch, in placed sun scorched and peeling. Her lips were cracked, and each breath she took rasped within her chest.

It was then that the ground began to tremble, and one foot slipped into a sinkhole in the sand to become trapped by the weight of the rest. She tore at it, dug at the sand, as more sinkholes appeared and the structure itself lost more than a few of its sandy stones.

I'm going to die here, lodged in the sand...

Rather than panic, her training kicked in and her mind began to figure out the best course of action. She sat back in the sand, taking the additional weight off her foot, and calmly loosened the sand around her ankle. More stones fell, some landing dangerously close, all the while the same tugging sensation tried to draw her closer to the epicenter, and a pulsating thud coursed through her chest, as though a drum was being beaten over and over and over.

She could feel the darkness creeping in, corrupting, twisting, crawling up her skin like hordes of tiny insects. Her foot was free, and she scrambled to stand as the corners of her vision began to blur; the power which emanated from the monolithic structure drew her in, and somewhat mindlessly she stumbled on, even as the stones continued to fall, even as the very foundations of the structure cracked and crumbled.

Screams of death, of misery, of the damned, rang into the air, she could feel the hands of a hundred thousand souls clawing at every part of her, yet she could not stop. She could not turn to leave. They pushed her on, dragged her in, forcing her towards the heart of the pyramid, until there was nowhere left to go. Until around her lay a cavernous chamber, filled with a sickly light, bodies crumpling to the ground, and one figure at the center of it all untouched by the mayhem.

It was as though death dared not take him.

As though death was borne within him.

And by his feet, for that was where she came to stand, she knelt, no longer able to hold her own weight up. The Force swirled around her dangerously, the clawing souls continued their hold of her, and then all went dark.

Where Maelasi lay, by the feet of [member='Mythos'], a change seemed to come over her; the darkened skin paled with the corruption that flowed freely through the room, black marks formed in the ancient Sith tongue, runes which appeared as though inked into her skin by hand, and when her eyes finally opened once more it seemed for a few moments as though she held two iris' in each, two pupils, before they slowly merged into one...

Panting in the dust filled air, her head lifted to look upon the reborn, the same sickening light which permeated the room surrounding him like a corrupting halo, as though before her stood a God.

"We are yours to command, Deus..." came a voice which barely resembled her own, yet it was her lips which moved to say them... And then the world went entirely black, her body slumped to his feet.

At least she was breathing.
Sounds from within, explosions. Crashes. Even from outside, Seras could hear the noises of lightning from within stirking and sundering stone. Then there was the shaking of the place, crumbled rolling stones bouncing down the sides making the cracked steps become even more unstable. Ignoring these obsticales, she pressed forward through them all up the pyramid, forcing herself through the air that was thick with the darkside. Every step made her skin crawl, like she was being buffeted by a fowl wind that left specks of darkness clawing at her skin. The sensation only picked up in intensity as her feet brought her to the entrance that leg into the pyramid proper, part of the entryway having already collapsed, skewing it to the side. Walking up to the entrance, Seras inspected it as the stones trembled from the terrible, unnatural energies eminating out from the place. If this place had before ever had any semblance of sancrosity about it, it was long gone.

After a moments more hesitation, Seras quickly slipped through the slanted opening while the pyramid still shook, her feet quickly carrying her down the increasingly dark passageway which was filled with debree. Managing to avoid any paticularly nasty rocks she descended into the depths. It took time and all the while she could feel palable waves of darkness flooding through her. The effect on her mind was numbing, her only thought being to go deeper, to find the source of this disturbance. What she would do when she would get there, why she wished to go there. All those things didn't matter. Driven by that need, Seras stumbled out of the downwards sloping passageway and out into an area with two passage ways. One continued to go down, while the other went up and was larger. It was obvious the right choice was to go up and so she did, feeling through the darkness as her body fearfully continued forward, pushing through the darkness that threatend to overwhelm her mind.

Seras soon found herself in a much larger, grandly sized chamber, filled with now fallen pillars and debree, along with clouds of dust. But what was most errie was the darkness that she saw after turning on a light. Blackness seemed to fade in and out of exsistance through the clouds of floating dust in pulses, erriliy creeping through the thick dust. Even in her current state that terrifying blackness caused her momentary pause, sweat running down the back of her neck and not because of the heat. After a quick swallow she stepped forward into the room filled with floating darkness, her footsteps carrying her through the desecrated room. As she walked she seemed to hear something from deep within the dust, as though echoing to her head. Screams from those unlucky to be caught up in the death that happend on the surface of Atrisia. The sounds of buildings crubling, the apoclyptic sound of the volcano going off. All these things assaulted her like so many silent whispers in the night as she walked forward, her mind ever so close to being overtaken by fear as she stepped forward and finally reached the end of the grand chamber. And the voices ceased. An errie silence crept over her as she walked through now even thicker darkness, so close to where the familiar sensation was eminating from.

But that was not to say the darkness ceased to seep into her mind. Nothing could be further from the case, as she found out as she started to step into the altar room. The dead preists, littering the room. The dead on Atrisia. Those faces and bodies seemed to distort and warp between the two as she was plagued by those same sensations once again. The faces did not speak, but even so she could swear she could hear the screams, of voices failing to make a sound. But that was not the only thing to enter her vision. Something that should not exsist. It couldn't exsist. Yet there it was. That was the same feeling that tore at her sanity as she stood, her foot finally stepping inside the altar room, her eyes fixed on the dark 'being' that had stepped into this world and into the body of something else. Seras could feel the sheer, inherint darkside in the place tearing at her self, but even so she could not take a single step back, transfixed almost completly, unable to step forwards or back. Impressivly, even inspite of her trembling, terrified body, she still stood as she gazed upon this scene with so many racing emotions, no single one could describe her mental state.

Her mouth moved, as though to make the question of 'what are you', yet she could not find her voice. Her breathing was heavy, and at some point she had broken out into a cold sweat. And then the thought finally crossed her mind, as though it were some grand revelation. 'Ah, this is... Terror.'

[member="Maelasi Eramar"] [member="Mythos"] [member="Bestat"] [member="Khaalvaryn"]
The ancient temples were shaking she could feel the way the familiar strands of energy that surrounded all things vibrated with purpose. She pulled back further looking towards the pillars where the ancient language faded with age seemed to resonate with a life of their own.

The black silks began to wave in a breeze that she could not feel on her face something was happening, something was coming. Something that she wanted to see but her feelings of self preservation told her to move she quickly rose up slipping between the pillars and running for cover. The air was changing it hummed as the winds picked she could hear the moaning, and screams of the priests.

What was happening, she peered around the pillar seeing only a maelstrom before her as it appeared to clean out the temple. Had Anubis or Osirus truly come? She turned her head listening. The sand filled the air making it hard to breath, see and move. It was like the sandstorms that came forth in the middle of the day

A sandstorm consumed everything burying it under layers that would take weeks to clear away. Bodies would never be found. Bestat covered her face trying not to breath in the sand filled air. There was a voice within the storm one that carried death with it, yes the priests were all dying within the temple whatever had been unleashed would not allow them to see another day or breath of what they had done.

And then the sand seemed to settle Bestat picked up her head shaking the sand from her dark tresses. She slowly rose up brushing the sand from the straight black shift she wore with two shoulder straps holding the dress up, her figure filled the dress and yet only give subtle hints to her shape beneath. Cautiously she headed back towards the altar area.

There were soft voices now she looked inside and saw a man unlike any that lived on Ankhypt he was not dark from days under the sun, though his hair glistened as if kissed by Ra itself. There was a sense about him, a sense of priviledge, was he a God? She stood between the pillars looking at him wondering if he saw her standing there in the shadows of the chaos he had brought.

Where had he come from? In this room there were only a few which had brought him?

[member="Seras Rose"] [member="Maelasi Eramar"] [member="Mythos"]
It was as if the dark side of the force had created a storm but it was not so, it was the challenge of the natural way of things. The force was not meant to be used this way, magika was not meant to exist it was an abomination and even more unnatural than the dark side of the force alone. When Mythos finally settled into the world of the living physically the portal ripped shut as violently as it had opened but before it did Mythos extended one hand behind him and force drained the energy from it and the souls which it had devoured, absorbing the power of them within his being. He breathed in heavily, an action that almost shook the very matter around the room. Power emanated from every cell of his being yet he was not yet complete... he wouldn't be for a while now. Darkness and sand kicked up around him making his human eyes useless, but his eyes in the force were never blind. Force sight was an ability he learned early in his former life and one that came naturally in this one, with his eyes closed he could see even better than with his open on a sunny day. As the woman [member="Maelasi Eramar"] fell before him he tilted his head slightly to his feet and contemplated her force signature. "Yes... you will do" His voice rang but not from his vocal chords. He extended one hand slowly opened his palm and extended his finger tips downwards and blasted the woman with a powerful thunderclap of force lightning. The pain would be immeasurable but he assumed her to be unconscious, if she wasn't it made no difference to him... the gift of force lightning was worth the pain it caused.

When he felt it sufficient he relented the blast and turned to look to another woman, fear was almost physical around the air that surrounded her. She seemed frozen in place and immediately he understood. With his other hand he called upon the strength of Telekinesis and used his mastery of it to bring her to her knees with a powerful exertion of pure power. "No child... I am not Terror... I am a Sith Lord" As the force wrapped around her the signature she extended and her thoughts became clear to him, his mentalism digging it's talons into her mind and Atrisia came to his sight. The facade of a smirk crossed his face. "You will also do..."

His eyes now turned into the shadows that crept in the temple and one last surviving figure came into his eyesight. With both hands he gestured to the half breed [member="Bestat"] and implanted a thought in her mind, a whisper dark and malicious sent one sentence to her mind with the force of the dark side. "Come to me... Bestat..."
(gotta go to work!)



Talons now finding much more ideal purchase on pavement, the Ssi-Ruu was on the prowl, in search of lesser beings for his weapons. Why, he could even go for one as a meal, the very thought of it producing a low growl and a more pronounced purpose with each step, tale flicking back and forth as he went. In his hands, his trusty ion paddle beamer, ready to stun any adversaries he encountered to defeat.

Several moments of searching had left him without bounty, the frustration clear in his movements, now lacking in composure and increasing in animosity. Blind to the force and its great works, his search went unaided by the ritual and then usage of force-generated lightning. No, the reptile had only his own senses to work with and they would serve him far better than any heathen magic, as far as he was concerned.

When Khaalvaryn did stalk his way into the chamber, he found himself both rejoicing and disappointed. Only four humans for entechment. Good, but he would've preferred more, especially with the sheer amount of bodies void of life. He could definitely make use of that flesh, his hunger increasing with the thought of his journey to get here, but it would've been so much more convenient if more of them had lived, if only to serve his purposes.

He remained in the threshold he'd entered in, a talon tapping against the stone ground as he watched the three inferior beings' subjugation. It was an interesting sight, to be sure, but he longed for them to finish up so he could subdue them all in one fell swoop.

[member="Mythos"] | [member="Bestat"] | [member="Seras Rose"] | [member="Maelasi Eramar"]​
His gaze turning to her made her shudder, her feet shifting just ever so slightly for a moment. That was, untill the exertion of telekenisis began to wiegh down on her with incredible force. Seras's legs attempted to stiffen in response to the sudden pressure as the body was naturally want to do, but that attempted resistance was not even close to enough as she suddenly found herself on her knees, her hands streching out to keep herself from falling further, elbows bending from the force as her body was very forcefully brought low.

There was barely any time for thought for her in that moment, but any thoughts she might have been about to have were cut off as she felt 'something' else in her mind. Like hooks setting themselves and searching for something, that was the kind of invasive feeling it was, her hands raising as a short and muffled cry left her as her hands pressed against the sides of her head. She had never been taught how to keep her mind free of such things, though even if she had in the situation any attempt at a defense Seras might have had would have crumbled within moments.

The title 'Sith Lord' did not even properly sink in at first, not untill many moments later as all the peices of the puzzle finally fell into place in her mind. Cosidering the situation, that was not exactly a suprise. Indeed, it was to be expected if anything. But that did not keep it from being all the more unnerving to have confirmed.

At his final remark of 'you will also do', an unspoken question crossed Seras's mind. What did he mean? How would she 'do'? That thought was dripping with fear and doubt as that sole thought dominated her mind, the darkness in the place twisting the thought to prick ever deeper into her mind as it attempted to spiral completly out of control. But she was not so far gone as to completly loose it, gritting her teeth as she held her assaulted and slowly twisting mind together, unable to do anything else besides that and wonder what this being had in store for her.

She did not the other being entering behind her as its talons gripped into the ground, nor how its eyes surveyed the area. Put simply, there was not room in her mind for more then anything else infront of her.

[member="Khaalvaryn"] [member="Mythos"] [member="Bestat"] [member="Maelasi Eramar"]
Though darkness engulfed her like an oppressive ocean, carrying her upon the tide yet dragging her down beneath the surf, there were small slithers of life still tugging on the edge of her consciousness. What little of it she retained. She could smell death on the air, and then something different rose up.

Words formed in her mind, moments before the whole air began to feel charged.

Static tugged at the tiny hairs upon her body, forcing them to stand straight. Sulfur encroached upon her nostrils, before a sudden zap of energy tore through her muscles and caused her to spasm where she lay upon the ground. It seemed to continue for what felt like an eternity, her body hunched and tense as final licks of lightning spread through her, finding their way to the dusty ground below.

When finally it ceased, her mind was once again alongside the land of the living. She gasped for air, and her eyes opened to fixate first upon his feet, then slowly up his body toward his face. It still remained somewhat illuminated, still Godly, and the dismissive nature only sought to heighten that image. Already his attention had turned to another.

That gave her a few moments respite at least; she felt disoriented, her muscles ached and her skin felt scorched. The corrupting darkness which had been all around now thumped within her chest, and in an odd way made her feel more alive than she ever had done.

As though she had just begun to experience life for the first time.

She was cautious as she walked the thin soles of her sandals provided some protection for the heat of the blown sand. She looked towards this man standing there motioning and then the voice that called her name.

She looked at the still forms of the other two women already on their knees, seeming to pledge their lives to this blonde stranger. She would not be so easily taken in. She lived on a world and within a sect that saw a great deal of magick used. Her own talents were thought to be given of the gods. The truth was simpler if they listened. Before she moved again she quickly turned to see a creature in the doorway the tap of its talon on the ancient stones gave warning to what it might be up to. The predators eyes darted about the room. It could be hunting, or it could be curious.

"Who are you?" She asked as she slowly half turned back to face [member="Mythos"] , "Why are you here?" She raised a foot and carefully stepped to her right now standing in the what had been the aisle of the temple she walked slowly as she asked her questions.

The more she moved the more questions she had, who were these women [member="Maelasi Eramar"] [member="Seras Rose"] how had they come to be in the temple. They did not wear the clothing of those of Ankhypt. What she had heard of their voices carried an unfamiliar accent. Bestat had sat in many of the courts on Ankhypt she thought she had heard all accents. Perhaps not. Perhaps they were pilgrims who had come so far that she did not recognize them.

Was the creature his? The one in the door...she tried to keep her back away from it trying to watch all strangers just in case...

Every moment that passed in the material world only renewed what was his old power. His memories began to return slowly and blurred yet Mythos had no use for such trivial emotions, they were useless to him... all but one. The boy...

His power seemed to affect in very little way to the new being that now approached him with little fear. His eyes traced her as she walked around and then to his right. He listened, observed her body language and most importantly... kept digging into her mind with his mentalism. The act was no small feat, he needed to concentrate but even concentrating he was still able to sense a signature not counted among those present to his eyes. His eyes broke off her and into the shadows where deep in the pyramid [member="Khaalvaryn"] the Ssi-Ruu stalked. Mythos could not hold back his smile. His eyes turned back to Bestat after he found what he was looking for in her mind, simple details like place of origin and current status in Ankhypt.

When his voice rung out physically for the first time since death it did so with the power of the dark side rumbling behind it, he could not help it, his power was uncontrollable and the very ground shook with the vibration of his vocal chords. "I am Mythos, son of Deus, friend to [member="Osiris"], enemy of light, bringer of death and Lord of the Sith. I have come here for the priests of Ankhypt have opened the umbra of chaos and brought me back from death." His yellow eyes bore upon [member="Bestat"] intensely letting her know that he was not to trifled with, he was not some sorcerer or a minor knight and that his power was significant enough to kill everyone here and unleash a tidal wave of death upon this world.... if that needed to be explained.

His eyes snapped to the shadows where the Ssi Ruu hid and raised his hand to point at him. He knew of the race, could see easily that his guest was of that race of beings and an ally of that race was something Mythos thirsted for. He believed strongly that there were some very powerful races in the galaxy that were undoubtedly superior to others and the Ssi Ruu was very high tier in that regard. Valkyr, Nubian, Anubians, Fierrero... the list was not very long. "We are not alone priestess. That is what you are am I wrong? Do you value your life? Do you fear death?"

He gestured to [member="Seras Rose"] and [member="Maelasi Eramar"] and lifted them from the ground with a powerful blast of telekinetic strength that was graceful yet mighty. "Stand if you can... Defend yourself from the hunter in the shadows... Survive him and I will grant you strength and your lives."

He leaned back and with his telekinesis he let a pulse go out through the force bringing behind him all the shattered body parts and black rubble nearby to form a makeshift throne for him to sit on as he descended into it almost gliding his fall down. "May the force be with you" His voice rang sarcastically followed by a horrific laugh that rang through the force itself while more broken bodies and stoned gathered to his throne like peices of metal to a magnet.

[member="Bestat"] [member="Maelasi Eramar"] [member="Seras Rose"] [member="Khaalvaryn"]​


Upon realizing that his presence was being noticed, Khaalvaryn's head cocked from one side to the other, tale flicking with it in curiosity. The others either completely ignored him or treated his presence with the caution he'd expect from such lower breeds. The human male, however, appeared excited. Not that there was anything overly wrong with that, after all, they all should be honored to even share the same room with the Ssi-Ruu. No, it was just unexpected.

Mythos' introduction was yawn inducing, the reptile having no care for who the others were, how important they thought themselves to be. Their purposes were far simpler, not to conquer nor find any pleasure, but to serve the Imperium, to give up their life forces to power the Ssi-Ruuk lifestyle.

A confused growl escaped his throat at mention of this apparent contest. By all means, he had every intention of hunting all of them down, the man who seemed to run the show included, but being used for some sort of test did not sit well with him. No, that was below him and he wanted to make this Mythos person pay for even suggesting it.

Still, he was hungry, and there was little fun in bounty with no chase. He gave a musical quip of chirps and clicks, [Do not include me in your games, lesser being. The instant I'm done with them, you'll be next.] And, with a mighty roar, the reptile readied his weapon, scampering his way to a better position to start the hunt.

[member="Mythos"] | [member="Bestat"] | [member="Maelasi Eramar"] | [member="Seras Rose"]​
Bestat could not hesitate in her steps she moved with the elegance and surety that she had been taught and accustomed to. The sand provided the pillow for her steps as she moved. As soon as she lifted a foot the sand hid her foot print, she was unseen on the sands.

As Bestat stepped passed the women on their knees broken recovering and seemingly connected to this man.

The man called upon the unseen to fashion a chair for himself. A Sith he said. To her when he said Sith sounded like Set, would a stranger know the ways of Set? Set was the God of the desert, storms, disorder, and violence. If this man was an incarnate of Set she would have to be extremely cautious.

"I am a Priestess." She answered as she moved slowly ensuring each footfall landed silently upon the sands. "Of that you are not wrong" Her manner of dress would not give that away, the markings, the hieroglyphs that adorned her arms, and forehead painted in gold spoke to her status. She was Bestat she was able to change her form into any human by manipulating her hair color, and skin color she could move among crowds without drawing a single eye to her movements.

"Death is but a doorway" her voice whispered with certainty, "It is not to be feared and can come at any time. Why live in fear of something you know not when it will happen. That would prevent me from enjoying so many other things." She looked steadily ahead her gaze did not leave [member="Mythos"] face. If he was a God she was also considered a deity because of her abilities the Lord Pharaoh had named her himself.

As the breeze seemed to calm she could feel the movements of the unseen moving around her. The gentle touch to her mind telling her what she needed, providing a glimpse to the future that quickly vanished as she moved.
"What is it you seek here in this holy temple Seth" Her accent evident in how she pronounced Sith. She looked back at the women [member="Seras Rose"] and [member="Maelasi Eramar"] wondering if they would take on the predator [member="Khaalvaryn"] . "Servants? Accolades?"

She tilted her head as the will of the Gods whispered to her she nodded accepting what it said. "I have never seen a Seth before. Are you much like the God Set?" There was something about him something that radiated tremendous destruction that was what the Will of the Gods told her. That this was a man capable of rivaling Seth as God of Violence.

Bestat had to make her presence like iron and steel unbending as this man drew chaos and destruction to him, building another layer to the make shift throne created for his pleasure. She had to remember he said that the God Osiris had freed him from Chaos, Anubis had opened the great doors of death to release him. This also made him dangerous no one came from Chaos whole, no one was the same as they went in.

He then gave the order to the women to fight the predator. This did not surprise her. Mythos had come from chaos it was expected that all he would know was chaos. The women were weak from their pilgrimage at a disadvantage, while the creature was poised and ready to fight. None would walk away without injury Bestat believed.
The momentary silence that settled on the room as [member="Mythos"] was sensing the other beings gave Seras time to recollect herself. It wasn't a feat she could have managed had she not gone through Atrisia. But Seras had survived through that hell through her own will and she could draw strength from that fact. Even though she could not center herself in the force here as the darkside influcing her far too much for that, she could atleast collect her will. It would be her own strength of will and perseverance that would bring her through this, not the lightsides calm and peace. Oh that, she was certain.

Her mind focused back on reality Mythos spoke of them not being alone. Meaning there was something that was hiding itself nearby, or that something was about to arrive. Which one it was, Seras was not exactly sure. Seras was not given much time to think about it as Mythos jestured at them and a great force pushed her up from her kneeling position. But it was not some rough action, indeed there was a suprising amount of skill put into it Seras felt as she found her footing once again after taking a step back from the force of the power. The word spoken rang in her head as Seras heard the hunter leave for better position. So to get out of this alive they must survive this hunter was it? She got the feeling that if she wanted to leave this place, command from this Sith Lord or no she would have to survive that hunter to leave. But it was not just her. There was another. [member="Maelasi Eramar"] who had also been commanded to do the same. She did not know the other woman's name, but she did hope that she could speak basic. Seras turned to face the door way, drawing out a vibro-blade from her waist. Having 'lost' her lightsaber long ago, this was the best she had for a weapon.

"Do you have a weapon and can you fight?" Seras asked the woman with a curt tone. Considering their circumstances, neither of them exactly had the time to chat so her tone was hardly suprising. And if they were to survive whatever that hunter was, they were more likely to survive this as a pair then on their own. Inside her own mind though, Seras could only smile bitterly at her 'proactive' stance. Every fiber of her being was terrified, screaming for her to run out of this place of darkness and terror, to get back on her speeder bike and not look back. But she knew this would only result in death, to run from this. So she put on a bold face and followed down the path the 'hunter' had run down without hesitation, with or without the other woman.

@Khaalvaryn @Bestat
It was no surprise that his second visitor could not stand on her own after being blasted by lightning, after all Mythos could not readily control his own power and measure how much strength his abilities unleashed. Like a baby viper who unleashed all it's venom he lacked the knowledge to control his own power for now... an infant in the ways of the living now in this new skin. An acute sense of hearing coupled with an enhanced force sense made Mythos easily track the movements of the Ssi-ruu while his eyes were closed but his force sight was wide open. The words of the priestess were so alien to him that he could not hide a smile and shake his head in incredulity. "Yours is a fascinating race Bestat... you believe so whole hardheartedly in your Gods" he said, spitting the last word as if it was an insult, pausing to track the new position of the hunter in the shadows before looking back at her. "That you fail to realize that things are far more simple"

"It would seem you are alone young [member="Seras Rose"]... fear not, allow me to impart on you words... words of chaos" With one hard outstretched Mythos dug into her him like [member="Sage Bane"] had done to him in Mayferria all those years ago. Like uploading a chip of knowledge he implanted one teaching into the young woman's' mind. DYSOKAI. Ancient with words and gestures simple to execute, a chaos blast of pure magika. In her mind she would see as @Sinestra taught Mythos point by point how to execute this blast of power and when she awoke from the illusion as if she awoke from a dream it would be as if she was the one who was in that tower, taking that class and learning those skills. "Good luck" he said sarcastically, secretly betting on the Ssi-ruu to be the victor because of his superior genetics and abilities as a race above the humanoid female.
His faced turned back to [member="Bestat"] with an amused smile and a curious eye. "What you call Set... what he symbolizes to you is the closest your race can identify me. Yes. You could very well say i am Set. Bringer of destruction pain and death, lord of war, blood and fire that consumes life as if it were nourishment... I am here for the heart of Ankhypt..." He said, a tone of power rumbling ever stronger than before. He turned his eyes to a wall of stone, the signature of [member="Khaalvaryn"] running several feet behind it reaching that covered and concealed position and Mythos began to recite some words under his breath and execute gestures with his finger tips. With one palm outstretched he pointed to it and screamed the words of power. "Dyzokai!" Instantly a ball of red energy blasted out of his palm at an incredible speed and blasted a massive hole in the stone sending debris flying at deadly speed in front and around the Ssi-Ruu. The purpose of this was first to demonstrate the ability to Seras and to show the Ssi-Ruu that although he had no weapons... he was far from outgunned.​
Bestat stood on the steps looking to where the make shift throne of [member="Mythos"] sat she listened with caution as she had been taught as the voice for a God she needed to ensure she understood and spoke true.

"You are not Set but yet the word you say Seth sounds very much like his name." She took another step upwards and hear this word that she did not know dyzokai watching the temple fill with the red glow as it released from his hand and yet he had no weapon she recognized. This set upon her a concern. If he was released from Chaos and set upon Ankhypt was he a god now?

But he said he was not Set but he had said he was equal to Set. She would have to admit to some confusion but she was not so rigid in things that she could not accept a change. He had shown his power now she would show hers.

She closed her eyes and shook her head changing her appearance to that of one of the court of pharoah -

"There are many temples filled with riches across Ankhypt, some you can see with a single glance others are hidden." She took another step up. "Yes I believe in the Gods, and I do their will, but I also have my own will " Minor as she was she could still have her own demands, or her own temples.
"What do you see as the heart of Ankhypt? The Desert where Set's power resides, or do you mean that you wish to be the Pharoah, a living God among men and have control over all of Ankhypt?" She needed to listen to his response for her existence. She felt that her existence depended on his answer and in how she could fit into this plant.

The heart of Ankhypt to her was the people, then their faith but what she thought and what he thought could be two different things.

[member="Mythos"] [member="Seras Rose"] [member="Khaalvaryn"] [member="Maelasi Eramar"]​
The other woman being knocked out completly came as no suprise. It looked to Seras like she had been hit by a nasty amount of force lightning. As such the state of her body was, really no real suprise. When she heard Mytho's words as she began to step into the corridor, Seras paused. "Would seem so." She said still walking forward before suddnly his mind, like burning fingers clawed its way into her skull. Forced images, memories, thoughts, ideas, all crammed into it with sheer will and force. She couldn't help but nearly drop her sword and scream, her free hand gripping her skull as her body fell heavily into the wall, barely keeping herself upright. Seras could tell what it was, knowledge. About some powerful ability of the darkside, something she could barely comprehend, little own utilize under normal circumstances. Yet there was power here, power she could draw from so easily, indeed one could say enough power to drown in. It was... Tempting. And she nearly gave into that temptation, [member="Mythos"] could tell. So close she came to openly accepting it. But she resisted, with all her will she could muster. There wasn't much, indeed she could not hope to try and truely throw him off in this place with her own will alone. But there was meaning in the resistance.

"This is not mine...And i will not be weakend and destroyed by relying on it like a fool!" Her voice said with a suprising amount of force even as her mind was being invaded, shouting the words outloud as her fist crashed into her head, clawing at her hair as though the action could force him out of her skull. It couldn't, of course. There was no way she had that power. But she did it even so. Really, her furious resistance suprised even herself, Mythos himself from his rather solid purchase in her mind could see that. But he could also see, sense, a strong iron will she held. The kind of will that said 'I will make this happen through my own power'. It rejected such a petty offering, made to one who was 'destined' to loose. It would not accept it. And so she screamed that defiance, the scream reverberating through the area nearby, echoing through the halls. If he was in the area to take advantaged of it, it was an excellent chance for [member="Khaalvaryn"] .

[member="Bestat"] [member="Maelasi Eramar"]

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