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Freedom at last. [past RP]

Pain came as a knife object was stabbed into my back. It was where the folds of my wings went into my shoulder blades. each little twink with the blade hurt like hell. This place was hell. Each day was worse than the last. I remember waking up in a cave naked and void of clothing. I was skinny and bone. The drip of water in the cave was all that could quench my thirst. For hours I would be stuck in this cave. nothing to do but hunker down and cry. I didnt know who I was, or why I was here. It seemed days later when two men came in and pulled me from my sleep and slammed me on a table. From there the monster would preform physical after physical. asking me to turn my head and cough, or to stick my tongue out. Later on he would probe me and as his words. "Test my insides" Taking his time and making sure that it hurt. He kept speaking into this little box where it would record his voice that the "specimen, age 19, weight 130" and would continue to list off info about me. Each day the list became longer and longer. At first I thought he was just a bad doctor. Later I would be proven oh so wrong.

He came in for the thousandth time and spoke to me. "Today we are going to be running tests on you boy. And this will hurt.... alot" he came over to me and strapped me in the seat and cut my arm. It bled like a crimson waterfall. The substance that I needed. ANd it did hurt. I tried not to cringe as it really did hurt, but I should have fake being in huge amounts of pain. because he looked at me and smiled, before shoving his thumb into the wound and twisting. I screamed on the top of my lungs. Burning in my arm was his finger that seemed to never leave. I tried so hard to break free only to make the pain worse. he would do this and other things for days on end to test my strength and power. About 2 years later the monster came in and behind him was a cart. Feathers dropped from the cart as they were black wings. The pain of the operation hurt more than anything that I have ever experienced in my known life.

I sat in my cave with my wings wrapped around my body like a blanket. The black feathers damp with the water that had dropped on them during the night. Well more so the time that I slept. I turned over to see a man looking at me with a long electro staff. It was to keep him at a distance. but still I would get to him. Today was the day that I would be free. Today was where I would become the Black Dove in my dreams and stories. Never again would I allow myself be captive. It was hell here. And was I never going to give in. In my hands away from the man's sight was a shiv that I had made from broken rock. It was sharp to the point where it could cut my skin with a single prick. Lashing out I threw it at the man. Blood poured from his eye as I had made my mark....

You get detailed information of a Hidden laboratory that has broken rule after rule in using former people as subjects. A datapad is placed infront of the group that will be taking over the station.

"The labratory known as DE4C was thought to be abandoned for years. Only recently was there confirmation that others were entering and exiting the lab with large shipments of equipment and medical tools. There were large shipments of unknown liquids and weapons as well. Over the span of a week was this checked out that it was owned by a Former Scientist that went rouge a few years back. In the last two days was a shipment of caged animals such as avian, and beasts of prey."​
Here is a picture of the rouge scientist​
@[member="Thane Danson"], @[member="Saega 001"]

Saega 001

Flawed Perfection
Saega sat at the table in the planning room. She had read through the datapad several times. A rogue scientist was conducting illegal experiments for the umpteenth time, only this time they were outright barbaric and verging on psychotic. she understood that this troubled everyone around her deeply. It even affected her in a small way. But why did they ask her to be apart of this mission? She saw no point in asking an initiate such as herself to attend, since had never been on a mission before. Even though she had more than enough experience to qualify for one. A few others were gathered around, speaking quietly about what they had just read. Finally, she spoke in her soft, airy voice. "I understand that this man must be silenced, fellow Inquisitors. But might I asked why you chose me, an initiate, to come?" A few looked at her. One, a woman, responded, "Because you are the only one here who may be able to find the animals under experimentation. You are, of course, part animal." Saega blinked, her face emotionless. So, they believed that she was merely useful as an animal rescuer? She let out a quiet sigh.
@[member="Black Dove"]
@[member="Thane Danson"]
"Are you ready?" Thane questioned @[member="Saega 001"] as he entered the room where she was. This was the first time ever he'd been able to operate free of the constraints of his false identity. Sure he enjoyed blowing things up from 1000 feet but using his saber…it was far more interesting. He looked to the avian female with a curious expression as he drew up his hood over his head. Their target was an old man, one who'd be dead at the end of the day if he had anything to say about it. Which he most certainly did.

@[member="Black Dove"]
The shiv I had made pierced into the man's eye, to the point where it buried itself all the way in his skull. he dropped to his knees as I rushed over slamming my elbow into his neck shutting his brain off for a second. However I wouldn't let that happen. Smiling I whispered torment into the mans face. "Now you die for the pain you caused me." I grabbed the mans electro staff and shoved the but end into the mans neck. Blood covered my body as it splashed everywhere. I twisted the weapon around ripping the skin and organs from his neck. Only then did I yank on his head and rip it off with my bare hands. The electro staff fell to the ground with blood over it. Holding the mans head by his blonde hair I laughed. He deserved this.

I threw the mans head off to the side as I was fueled with rage that I had kept inside, caged, and contained for 5 years. I was escaping for once. bending down I ripped the staff up from the ground and walked out to the door. I opened it with a push of my hand and walked out into the white lighted hallways that I had seen about once a week for 5 years. I didn't know my way out. However I would find the Monster and kill him first. I looked to my left to see more guards running at me. Smiling I let them come closer. As the first one reached me, I slammed his head into the wall with a nice crunch. The second one came with a baton. As he swung it at me I caught it with my hand. The pain was nothing compared to what I was accustomed to. I twisted my wrist getting a grip on the blunt weapon. I shoved the electro staff into the mans groin then took the baton and slammed it into the third man.

A forth came up and aimed a stun pistol at my chest. Using the staff I slammed it out of the trajectory as a shot came to almost hit my arm. I took the blunt and bloody baton across his face. The third man tried to get at me again only to meet the electro staff to the face. Smiling I walked off to the right.
@[member="Saega 001"], @[member="Thane Danson"]

Saega 001

Flawed Perfection
Saega looked at the man who had asked if she was ready, and simply nodded once. The others in the group, eight to be precise, were planning what to do. "Our best course of action would be to infiltrate the facility from multiple way points. We will each go in groups. Two will take the main entrance, diverting the enemy's attention to the front of the facility. Two will enter from below, where we have located catacombs of sorts, but what they contain is still a mystery. Two will enter from the left side, and two from the right. Lastly, two will enter from above, placing them on the strongest security level where we believe the scientist is located. We will assign your entrances momentarily." The first group, who were in charge of the mission, took the entrance. As they assigned everyone to teams, Saega looked out the layout of the facility. The catacombs were outlined, but there was nothing to indicate what was inside them. This perplexed her immensely. What secrets could they hold? Finally, Saega was assigned to the man who sat next to her, who had pulled up his hood. They would be infiltrating from the catacombs. Group 1 stood in front of them once more. "We will each keep in contact via comlink. Remember, our main objective is to figure out what the scientist is doing, and shut it down. Should you encounter him, and we believe you shall, aim to kill." With that, everyone began heading to the hangar.
@[member="Black Dove"]
@[member="Thane Danson"]
"Sounds like a plan." Thane remarked, sliding on his Inquisitorial gauntlets. They were made with cortosis weave, which would allow him to absorb any saber attacks, but something told him that the target, a rouge scientist, would prefer much more…sadistic methods. The man was a cancer, and he was the surgeon who would cut him out of the world. He looked at @[member="Saega 001"], she was quiet close to his age, and like him, now owed the rest of her life to the service of the Atrisian Empire. It was what some people considered 'normal' would dread as their fate, but he embraced it, it was a glorious and fulfilling life. Then again it was all he knew, but it wasn't like hem Saega, or @[member="Black Dove"] had a choice, the device in their spines that would be implanted as a part of their inductation into the Inquisitorial world would kill them if they tried to deviate from their assigned path.
@[member="Thane Danson"] (ooc: how do you know that I am even there? There was no info disclosing who I was.)
I didn't know where I was in this torture chamber. It seemed around every corner there were guards. Each I took down with some relative ease. A simple smack with the baton or a stab with the electro staff, but I had to do more. After each killed I would rip off a limb from them. The blood from their bodies would pool together as they layed there dying on the floor. or already dead with their head ripped off. Blood covered my naked body as I ran at another set of guards. I went through them like a whirlwind. striking each of them a few times before they fell.

I was in a blood rage. My body was in pain from getting scratched and beaten myself. My scars flared up in pain as they seemed to rip open again. However I could not tell if the blood came only from me or the multitude of guards. Rage was in my blood. rage fueled me. I kept running going in every direction I could think of. I had an idea to where I might find him, but I didnt know how to get there.
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