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Free Worlds Coalition

Free Worlds Coalition
In the heart of the galaxy; Alderaan, Kuat, Humbarine, and Balmorra are free from occupation. With the fall of the One Sith and Galactic Republic, these beaten worlds are rebuilding. To defend their newfound independence they form the Free Worlds Coalition.

Intent on never to bow again, the Coalition is an alliance of arms and trade. Yet each of these worlds are still their own. Their own causes, their own goals, and their own leaders. Mercenaries and freelancers across the galaxy will find great opportunity in the employment of these worlds. Helping them pursue their missions and achieve their successes.


Those Who Defend...
The Coalition has no standing army or fleet, and instead relies on two separate yet cooperative orders to protect them against would be threats, both within and without...

Coalition Rangers form the first and last line of defense, they are men and women from various races and origin who put their lives on the line in the name of freedom and unity. The Rangers must rely on their resourcefulness and ingenuity to tackle the greater threats which seek to bring harm to the Coalition and her member worlds.

Traveling in their own ships with their own crew and their own equipment, the greatest tool at their disposal is immunity. Within the Coalition they are effectively above the law—free to travel between member worlds and hunt down criminal organisations, terrorist cells, and all other enemies which they may face in field.

Rangers must act intelligently, however. Poor decisions and drawing too much negative attention to their operations could see a ranger excommunicated.

Then are the Keepers; defenders of peace and seekers of truth. The Keepers are a Force order dedicated to investigating and uprooting elements which often require patience and tact. Counterparts to the Rangers, they are true law enforcement rather than a militant organisation.

Unlike more monastic Force orders, the Keepers view the Force as a tool to be wielded in the pursuit of justice and defense of peace rather than an end-all and be-all. That isn’t to say a Keeper may not have their individual philosophies, but it is simply not an order immersed in such things.

As well, the Keepers are bound by the laws and customs of their environment. Thusly it is essential that a keeper relies on wit and prudence when investigating and uprooting the enemies they hunt.

Keepers may also labour in security operations and escort Coalition officials across dangerous locations throughout the galaxy.

Want to Join?

Head on over to our faction page and begin your journey within the Free Worlds, and discover more information on the Rangers and Keepers.

[member="Hadleigh Purkis"]

Are the Rangers full time or as needed? I have visions of a fella who looks like he's out of an old Western movie. Has a small ranch somewhere, but will head out all sheriff like and put people in line if they brew trouble.

Both. There are full-timers and part-timers. Some local law enforcement might send veterans of the force on tours with the Ranger Corps, some folks might be on-call but not deployed, etc.

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