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Formation of the Military

Just another face.
So I'm one militarily induced guy. We've already got our first faction thread down as far as baseline introductions and goals concreted so far. If anyone is interested, I and @[member="Ronin Fel"] will soon be doing a Faction Thread to get the military kickstarted and ICly grab some companies and resources for the warmachine of the Fel Imperium.

Post here if you're interested, have suggestions, or want to pick on Mister Fel :p

I'll be starting the thread here in a day or so. Cheers!


Blessed are the peacemakers
I wanna break someone's neck....

for the empire, of course.
I'd be happy to become a general of the Fel Forces and possibly concrete an alliance between the Jedi and ourselves, if that's what you'd be interested in. Of course, this would have to happen when I'm a knight. But, hopefully that won't be too far away.​
@[member="Ronin Fel"]​