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Force Multipliers (Cira)

Noah Corek

Cocked, Locked and a Smoking Barrel
Factory Judge
Waiting. At the age of 31,that's what 75 percent of Noah's life felt like to him as he sat there outside the Lady Protector's. He sat there in his usual Merr-Sonn Armor,which had a few mods to it,waiting for his appointment to be called up. A man sat next to him tapping his foot nervously as he held something in his the hand nearest to Noah. He looked and the man seemed to have a very bulky vest on,which was weird for the climate on Fondor. When Noah looked at what he had in his hand,his eyes widened,it was a detonator. After seeing this Noah took a deep breath and prayed to whatever deity that was out there that it wasn't a dead man switch. After praying,Noah quickly pulled one of his dual DL-88's and put a single bolt through the mans head.
(Sorry if you didn't want the action scene)