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For Those Unaware

Taking a short LOA, just a touch burnt out at the moment. I'll be around, and always reachable on Skype. If you guys need me for anything, let me know and I'll come running (metaphorically speaking of course, a chubby gun running isn't a purty sight). Anyways, before I conk out for the evening, just wanted to leave this with you for your thoughts. There's a forum icon thingamajig that the Adolf Tefka has opened up, and I put one together. Wanted your thoughts before I submitted it:
Yea? Nay? Thoughts? XD
@[member="Aedan Miles"], @[member="Alisha'ven"], @[member="Alli Wren"], @[member="Aluk Magar"], @[member="AR-G002"], @[member="Arthos Vynea"], @Cade Lee, @[member="Chloe Hinata"], @[member="Circe Savan"], @[member="Commander Black"], @[member="Coop"], @[member="Darren Shaw"], @Davion Wright, @[member="Daxton Bane"], @[member="Desmond Voralis."] @[member="Dharma Vessia"], @[member="Elrax Mothris"], @[member="Emahana"], @[member="Ember Rekali"], @[member="Errol Ackeron"], @[member="Farran Coiro"], @[member="Feena Mason"], @[member="Gavin Wilis"], @[member="Hannibal Oryen"], @[member="Helios Meldonus Kingpriest"], @[member="Ishtar Freyja"], @Jacen Peterson, @Jalaak Ranaz, @[member="James Moriarty"], @[member="Jareth Oldron"], @[member="Jonathan Walsh"], @[member="Juthan'Athar"], @[member="Kalia Walsh"], @[member="Kara Avoyos"], @[member="Kataphrak"], @[member="Korbin Edron"], @[member="Ksayral Zekaidos"], @[member="Lauren Walsh"], @[member="Lee Radimus"], @[member="Loegaire Tyr Veill"], @[member="Lorcan Roberts"], @Lucious Montross, @[member="Lysander of Suarbi"], @Mason Comachi, @Medon Talvara, @[member="Mehrk Gorbi"], @[member="Montag Card"], @[member="Myra Subach"], @[member="Neilo Ardik"], @Nocturno, @[member="OBD-001"], @[member="Olidiv Kenu"], @[member="Oron"], @[member="Piraiba"], @Pollux Ojedrian, @[member="Praxis"], @[member="Rave"], @[member="Sadrion"], @[member="Saren Lonecaller"], @[member="Sasha Santhe"], @[member="Serock Hoath"], @[member="Seth Lockheart"], @[member="Shorurra"], @[member="Siara Kai"], @[member="Sirella Valkner"], @Sonja Mercier, @[member="Sophia Walsh"], @[member="Squr Tyson"], @[member="Suhr"], @T:N1:LD, @[member="The Forecaster"], @[member="Trevin Neros"], @[member="Vascious Relens"], @[member="Vendir"], @Vertorix, @[member="Voracen Raiz"], @[member="Vorhi Alestrani"], @Wiklea Ve'nar, @Xander Corbal, @Xhal Taleed, @[member="Zev Stargo"].​

Sophia Walsh

Captain Walsh
In his absence we should finish the dominion and maybe do a fun thread. I'm on the ground if anyone would like to join me.