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For the Horde!!


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What once was a tiny dying race on the edge of starvation and death now a mighty warrior cult ready to take its place in the galaxy. Ready to spread its holy war against the various factions of the stars. But that couldn't be done all on the Vong's lonesome. To do that they had to reach out and purchase ships, weapons, bombs, everything that would involve waging war and spilling the blood of the innocence beyond the stars. Now was the time to get ready and build up for the days to come, the gods had been good to dredge and his people. But the gods were not enough to take the galaxy. So dredge had decided it was time to set up a small meeting among people of great influence. Through them they would grow more and be able to kick things off, so that's why we are here. To bring the horde out of the shadows and reclaim what right rightfully belongs to them. The galaxy

Belgaroth, time: 0900, location: Ruined Belgar spaceport

Dredge stood in the lobby of the destroyed spaceport for the meeting of very important people in this galaxy. With him he had an escort of ten elite Yuuzhan Vong warriors all dressed Vondom Skerr Kyrric armor waiting and ready to die at a moments notice for their supreme overlord. Dredge had brought them to this dead world for them to survive, and now it was time to rebuild and make exodus from this place so they may burn the galaxy around them. He was alone for now but the spaceport was the ideal setting for the meeting, people could bring their ships and introduce their technology and themselves so the Vong could purchase it and use it to wage war. He would work with these people so that they all achieved their goals, you couldn't have an omelet without breaking a few eggs and if he had fi give them some of his technology or even sacrifice a few of his people in a personal war then so be it. He would do what he had to to secure his place in the galaxy. Now there was only the waiting game, the arrival of his esteemed guests on his dead world. What would come next would shape the lives of trillions across the stars.
Onyx ran many scenarios as to how this meeting could turn out. But then he also wondered why he was invited in the first place. Perhaps his skills as a Master of Light and Dark? Or maybe his leadership skills? Didn't matter now. He was in his small one man starfighter and could see the spaceport not far away. It was time for him to meet, for the first time in his life, the Yuuzhan Vong.

His ship landed not far from the group of Vong soldiers. As he stepped out he nodded. He didn't like the venue much, but who really likes a ruined spaceport? He did, however, like the look of the Vong. Onyx knew their story and knew that they were deadly warriors, rivaling even the Mandalorians. It made Onyx eager to speak with them and afraid to make them his enemy.

As he reached the group he looked at the center man, the one he assumed was the leader. "Onyx," he stated as he extended his hand for a handshake, "Though most call me Burned Man now." He hoped he would get his handshake. It would make all the difference in the world.


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Appearing mist-like out of thin air, living shadows covering his body, Penumbra, Supreme Lord of Val'halla, stood clad in his Demon Armor, eyes glowing a deep swirling magma from beneath his hood. He had been called, so he came. The Sith Master feared nothing, and never would he. But that did not change the surprise at finding a Vong before him, and at the presence of such a being his Amphistaff and Tsaisi alike begin to wriggle slightly beneath his cape.

Remaining silent for a long moment, Penumbra let his burning eyes linger on each being before, starting with Onyx and shifting to the others, ending on the man he deemed the leader of the band of warriors. Little did any before him know, he was not alone either. Nearby, picking his position intelligentantly, was Alpha his best Sniper. As well, hidden near them was Pharo and Gamma - the prior being adept at telekinetic capabilities and the latter besting any man Zaiden had before him with martial arts alone. Each man was hardened, tested by war, capable of leading a charge or assassination at the drop of a dime.

Crossing his burly arms, the 8 foot giant glared at the Vong wondering why he was here...

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