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NAME: FN-999 (Joe Eeko)
FACTION: First Order



AGE: 33

SEX: Male

HEIGHT: 6' 1"

WEIGHT: 198 lbs

EYES: Blue

HAIR: Blonde




[+] Excellent Aim
: Having have been in training for years, he had refined his aim and had became a skilled shooter.
[+] War Veteran: With many years of experience, he has learned the best ways to combat his enemies.
[~] Large Size: While his size helps out in melee combat or rallying troops, it also makes him a bigger target.
[-] Little to no experience with naval combat: Having only been in a TIE for a short shift, he has little experience with air or above ground combat.
[-] Very little knowledge of the Force: Well... He's no Jedi or Sith, he just knows that lightsabers deflect blasters and can be deflected by his riot baton. Also, he knows that Jedi and Sith can push people.

Most of the time, he is under his body armor. However, he has blue eyes, blonde hair and a black short-sleeve shirt and pants.

Born on Corellia with the name Joe Eeko, he lived a fairly normal middle-class life with his parents. After being bullied at a young age, he developed to be more cruel. He regularly beat up other kids in his youth. However, his parents found out eventually and grounded him. Reading an article about the First Order and sharing the same goals, he broke out of his house and left the planet in a freighter.

When the freighter landed, he found out that by luck he was near a First Order military camp. He ran over to the camp and asked to join. So, at the age of 15, Joe joined the Order and his name was changed to FN-999. He didn't care, as long as he was in battle. He soon became liked for his roughness and his taste for battle. At the same time, he began to gain experience and intelligence.

He became specialized in using the Z-6 riot baton to stun enemies in melee combat, as well as deflecting the lightsabers of Jedi. It was his favorite weapon, though he used his F-11D most of the time. For a short period of time, he was assigned to a special operations group.

When he was 24, his right thumb was torn off by shrapnel. He got a prosthetic replacement and continued to serve. He also started to develop a great aim. He often challenged himself to headshot targets when it was easier to just shoot them in the belly. He served a breif period piloting a TIE, but was only decent and was soon assigned back to the Army.

He continues to serve today. (Expanding area)


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