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Fixing a Flat (Simone)


I'm Sexy and I Know It
The death toll rose ever higher as the hours ticked by. The numbers of dead and wounded and outright devastation of his home pained him, forcing memories of similar times from the past to rise up in his mind more frequently than ever. All in all, however pyrrhic the day had been, all things would pass. Homes could be rebuilt. Businesses restored. Reputations returned. He and the Wheel would heal, it would just take time. Thankfully, time was something every Hutt had plenty to spare, even at his age.

The fighting had shown a few glaring weaknesses that needed to be rectified. Men, materials, and more, but what could be fixed now wasn't physical, but rather digital. The virus and other things had absolutely ripped apart the station's computer defense system. They'd done what they could, but the system was old and, aside from one or two upgrades here and there to keep it current, it couldn't withstand all that had been done to it. So, while lengthy repairs and damage control went on its usual course, the Hutt had determined it was time to build a proper, professional cyber defense system. Hopefully, the selected individual could do that and, if they could, wouldn't turn on him down the line.

The joys of employing freelance work.

"The database should still be accessible, Ms. Simone," he stated over the commlink from his location within the station itself. "Probably not remotely, but you should be able to hardline into the servers directly without issue. They should be intact, though exactly how intact... I have no idea at this point."



Simone was ninety nine point nine percent sure that this whole job would back fire. From defending the Wheel to bolstering its defences, Simone had landed herself smack bang in the middle of a Hutt turf war. If she was smart enough and played her cards right, she could play both sides to her advantage without ever causing either of them to gun for her. But then again she could be very wrong.

Whatever the consequence though, the payment was worth it. Somewhere in the belly of the Wheel’s many maintenance tunnels, she plugged her equipment into a server as Popo chirped in her ear. “Intact or with holes, its valuable either way.” She smiled to herself as the information began flowing past her eyes. Once repairs were complete, remote access would be integrated, whether he wanted it to be or not and Simone should, theoretically be able to access it from anywhere, at any time and find whoever she wanted.

She set that datapad down, and picked up the second.

“Let’s talk about your cyber defenses….or your lack thereof. What do you want [member="Popo"]?”