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First Steps Into Darkness

Kainan Wolfe

Shadow of War
Attn: [member="Amethyst Atreides"]
  • Cargo Hold
    Aboard the Exigent, in orbit of Nelvaan

The massive metal behemoth drifted lazily above the icy world of Nelvaan, below it. It was a ten thousand meter engine of war, the hammer of the Confederacy and the heart of Sword Armada, which sailed in formation around the immense warship. It was one of the most powerful naval forces assembled in the galaxy and its flagship also served as the residence of Darth Tacitus and his lover, Amethyst, until the fortress he had commissioned was constructed, at least.

The massive warship held numerous cargo holds within its hull. And today, one of them had been set aside for the two Sith to study and train in the forbidden arts of the Darkside, various implements and material having been made available for the pair's convenience, such as several books and a Sith holocron from Lorrd, as well as a number of lightsabers and other weapons for them to use. Corpses would later be brought in for their necromantic experiments, as Tacitus had become quite fond of the dark art that he picked up from the Anubian sorcerers within the Ancient Eye and he was eager to share it with his lover and apprentice.

As usual, the Overlord wore his immaculate military uniform, although today his signature cloak lay on an unused storage crate nearby, folded neatly into place. He gave a warm smile to his lovely companion as he invited her to step into the center of the impromptu training chamber. His eyes could not help but drift about her form, even as he ran through the list of exercises he would teach her, in his mind. He had sensed her potential from the moment he had met her and was eager to teach her how to unlock and harness it

"The Jedi think that the Force is something to be served. That their way is the only way and everything else must conform to their will, lest be labeled evil," he explained her, introducing her to the first principles of the Force as he knew them. "But we Sith know better. The Force is a powerful, but dangerous tool. One which must be shackled to our will and forced to do our bidding," he began his introduction.

"The Jedi would shackle everyone to their foul, corrupted ways. They would force their misguided ideals of harmony and peace upon the galaxy, with no regard for the consequences," he spoke, the tone in his voice conveying his powerful conviction. "They would bring upon the galaxy an unending era of stagnation and weakness, which would only lead to disaster. The Jedi are the true enemies of life, not the Sith."

"The truth is that, in its natural state, life is neither harmonious, or peaceful. Life thrives on conflict and adversity and it is fueled by passion, not by peace. Just like the Darkside of the Force. Conflict has been the most important aspect of life, since the second bacteria that evolved ate the first. If you introduce conflict to an environment, no matter how hostile, life will flourish."

"The Sith way is the way of evolution and progress. Of strength and triumph over weakness. We simply follow the natural order of all living things. We Sith are the gardeners of the galaxy, separating the wheat from the chaff. We acknowledge that life is built upon competition and strife. Unlike the Jedis' collectivist beliefs, the Sith Code emphasizes individual growth and self-improvement. We live according to the law of natural selection, the only true law to which life itself is bound. The strong rise above the weak. The weak either become strong, or die away, making way for those who have earned the right to live."

"Peace is a lie. It is nothing more than a utopian illusion, born from the handicapped minds of those who have been enslaved and indoctrinated since birth, a word used to keep them mindless and obedient. In truth, there is only passion, for it is the primal impulse that drives individuals to reach for new heights. Through passion, I gain strength," the Overlord explained to his lover.

"Through strength, I gain power. For power is directly tied to strength. Strength of will, of body and of the mind and without strength, power can never be obtained. Strength is required in order to do that which is necessary. It is better that the weak die, so that the strong may life, than for the weak to live and drag those who are strong into the Abyss, with them. And yet, power is but a tool to be used and not a goal of its own. It is merely a stepping stone, the means by which the strong achieve their goals. Through power, I gain victory."

"Victory, over weakness, over those who would see life stagnate and die. Over those who would stand in opposition, competing against us for the same things. Victory in the great game of life, means that we go on, that life itself goes on and it is the process of natural selection, by which the cancerous elements are eliminated and life is purified of their disease."

"Through victory, my chains are broken. Only when one has won the great game of life and has managed to break the chains of mindless collectivism, is one truly free and has achieved mastery of one's own destiny and fate. It is the struggle for freedom that defines us, freedom to rise above weakness, to insure our survival against our competitors."

"The Force shall free me. It is the tool through which the Sith achieves all of the above. And it is fueled by passion and violence, refined and improved through strength and perseverance, mastered with discipline and dedication. The Darkside is the mirror of life itself, while the Lightside represents stagnation, weakness and death," Tacitus spoke, his long-winded explanation slowly coming to an end.

"These are the precepts of the Sith Code, Amethyst. They are not rules to be mindlessly obeyed, like those that the Jedi favor, but a recipe, a set of guidelines, if you will, for achieving success in the great game of life and for gaining control of one's destiny. To be a Sith, is to forge one's own path and eliminate all those who stand in our way, for the way of mercy is the way of weakness that leads to the Lightside and death. Study them well. Meditate upon their meaning. Let your passion fuel your search for strength and seize the power of the Darkside, for it will grant you victory and thus, freedom."