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Finally Awake

Finally like a light at the end of the tunnel Kiara could begin to feel her body again. She was still heavily injured in ways she never imagined could happen to her, in truth she had underestimated the young girl and paid the price for it. Luckily she was in the presence of someone familiar and not the latter as she could allow her body to truly heal instead of risking dark sided healing when she wasn't fully aware of the full extent of her injuries. Her eyes were not used to light in the coma she had just so recently awaken from so it was very disorienting for her.

As the bacta tank she occupied finally drained and allowed her to exit she found normal gravity to be too much and fell to her knees. Her hair had grown much longer during the months she had been in a coma, she found herself just laying their on the floor unable to get up. As sleep slowly began to claim her once more she felt her body being lifted by a droid onto a padded medical bed. She was too weak to fight whatever it was doing but the logical sense of her mind began channeling her energies chanting lightly with every breath she drew.

"Alli. . . where is. . Al-. . ." And she was out once again.

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Allli had spent a pretty penny on Kiara, making sure that everything was healed that could be, and that anything else was replaced by the best cybernetics money could buy. She had constantly visited Kiara throughtout the process, making sure she was good. Alli leaned down and kissed her lips lightly. Her first love and well she still had feelings for her. She smiled and replaced the flowers in the vase on the table, and smiled taking a seat next to her, observing the sleeping soul before her. The woman who had vexed Alli, the one she kept trying to forget but well she just couldn't.
Alli smiled toying with the crystal on her neck, wishing that kiara would wake up. She wanted to see her again, awake and well. She had saved her life from her ex wife and some other runt, and well now she was here sitting by her sick bed.
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