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Felix Hardy



NAME:Felix Hardy
FACTION: The Sith Ascendancy
RANK:Dark Jedi Knight





Can't Dance


A tall Caucasian man with a scraggy beard and a slightly ragged appearance but almost a perfection of it. He has a muscular build and a few cuts and scars on his visible skin. A tattoo on his upper left arm saying, "If he fails, let him fail daring greatly."

Born on Courasant as a scavenger he spent most of his early life was spent running through the lower levels of the planet and selling and trading things for food and money. He lived off almost nothing for a long time until his early teenage years were he joined a gang in the lower levels. He finally had enough money to live off of and would spend his time hanging out with the gang. Although he did spend a lot of time with them he didn't like them or their tactics. But, he followed only for survival and for the necessity that he was surviving.

Late into his 30's he was with the group until finally he broke... but on this day he also found something else... his ability to use the force. His gang and Felix were doing an odd job where they found a girl huddled into a corner, the other guys started to flirt and tease her until finally they went to rape her. In pure rage he lashed out with the force and sent them flying. This was not just some girl... it was his childhood friend and the first girl he every cared for. He told her to run and she did and before he knew it he was up to his heel in gang members going at him from all sides. He fought his way out and found a shuttle off the planet and took his money with him... and his necessity to find out more about his newfound power.

His parents were never there, he was raised by a young barmaid who was a Twi'lek and at her apartments, he would have to leave most nights when she brought guests home from work but she did her best to provide for him until he finally went off on his own to do something better then scavenge his whole life. He kept in contact with her until he was forced to leave the planet.

After he started to travel he met with a Jedi Master in the Kathol Outback region and began to learn the ways of the force and the Jedi. He trained religiously making sure he could defend himself and protect what he believed in. But this all came crashing down when his master and Felix where attacked without warning and his master was killed. The sight of his true role model and parent caused the darkside to begin to cloud his mind causing him immense pain and emotional trauma. The thoughts of greed, power, and passion rules his life. He dispatched the attackers and left the planet, vowing to never return to the place where his master was laid to rest.




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