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Feedback on Dax (and His Writer)

The Reaper of Won Shasot
So, I've reached 3k posts after nearly two years of writing this character. Personally, I feel as if he's grown a lot, just as I have. But I also wanna know what you guys think of him. Things I need to improve, flesh out more, ideas for what I could do with him next, or even if you just like threading with him and wanna let me know, I'd appreciate all of it. He is without a doubt a character I will continue to write for a long time, and I want it to be pleasant for you all to write with him. So come and hit me with everything you got!

And the same goes for me too. I wanna know if there's anything you guys think I should improve in my writing, because I'm damn near certain I lack in some areas, and I like I said, I intend to stick around for a while. So please critique my writing as well, and give me any pointers you think of!