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Feedback: How Has the Little Kiffar Done?

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Paragon of Hope
I've legitimately forgotten this part of the forum existed up until today. I decided to say screw it and throw this up here. Ryv is a character I put together for a weekly tabletop game I play with a group of friends that wound up on Chaos because I love him so much. He's meant to challenge the traditional Jedi like Obi-Wan while still bringing that light side loving to the table. If I've had the opportunity to write with you or you've read some of the character, lemme know what you think! I'm not expecting anything crazy given he's new, but knowing the first impressions of other writers wouldn't hurt.
Sea of Dreams
I like his underdog spirit and the connection he has with the normal person on the street. The themes that most people associate with Jedi that are usually used in-character to paint a picture of incompetency or inadequacy are absent in him, and he seems more grounded in reality while still retaining some traces of stereotypical optimism, though it comes across as less of "the force will always right itself" and more of "we will find a way eventually".


Cogito, ergo sum
I've only interacted with Ryv Ryv a couple of times in our faction threads, but I agree with Braith Achlys Braith Achlys ' points. As far as Force users go he can be a breath of fresh air when next to the more traditional Jedi characters on the board (not that there's anything wrong with playing those either, 100% what I would do too). He's got a bit of a Disney SW-style / 4th wall breaking humour mixed into his writing sometimes, which can be fun if the situation is right for it.

Overall a solid character, friend. I think you've done well at capturing the feeling of a young, naive, but ultimately good person trying to figure out their place in the Galaxy and understand right from wrong.