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I would like to hear your thoughts on my writing ability, and the characterization of the following characters:
  • Darth Voracitos
  • Cassus Akovin (formerly Triam Akovin, his mother)
  • Zambrano the Starweird
  • Any of my other lesser known faces throught my seven years here
Thank you! I look forward to your words :)
Fatty my boy! So first off just let me start off by saying you are one of my favorite writers on the site as a whole. To this day I still tote our duel on Rhen Var between Voracitos and Argis to be some of the most fun I've had on the entire board. You are a super agreeable person OOC and you made our duel fun, especially with suggesting the dice rolls. (I still say that Roll20 hates me) but on to the actual feedback.

Voracitos: The man, the myth, the meatball. This guy here. The way you describe and characterize Voracitos is so well done. There are very few characters on the site that when just reading a simple post can evoke emotions out of me. Voracitos is one of those characters. The man is just disgusting and repugnant, the way in which you write your posts doesn't outright state it but in the character's demeanor and actions, he shows it. You've got all my praise and despite Voracitos being a Sith Lord there still seems to be more room left for him to grow with your entire delving into the Netherworld aspects more. All I want to see are more interactions between Voracitos and Jedi (Totally not because I want to throwdown again).

Zambrano the Hutt: You personally showed me this character and some threads you wrote him in when I asked for a possible way to describe a force power. I thought Voracitos was bad. NOPE! Zambrano is absolutely atrocious, literally the last Sith I'd ever want any of my characters running into. Though it would be horrifically fun. I'm kind of sad I wasn't around to actually write with you when that character was active. But the writing you did with him was astonishing.

I haven't read any of your other characters but if they're as good as the two above I'm sure they're just as good.

Fatty Fatty