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Approved Tech FAS-4 "Life Support"

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Harley Fenstermacher

remeber it's not personal, just buiness
  • Intent: To create a advanced life support system fro future subs
  • Image Source: NA
  • Canon Link: NA
  • Restricted Missions: NA
  • Primary Source: Navigation Computer

  • For ships, space stations and bases
  • Enviro Filter: Is used to keep harmful toxins and gases out for the ship, weather it be because of a fire or an enemy attack, and then is able to recirculate the filtered air back into the ship.
  • Past Data: This center allows a user to input a program or reaction system for certain event, I.e. if there is a fire activate filter immediately and use climate control to chill room to put out flames.
  • EMP: Like most systems can be shut down via emp and other electronic attacks to it's systems
  • Fighter Lacking: Though it can be installed on fighters or similar sized ships it's abilities are limited to standard use and can cause extra drain on power units.
With help from Zayne Industries and the beginning of space craft construction HCLI (Harley and Co Logistic Incorporated) has now gotten around to making their own adaptable life support system and network. Such a system able to be installed on small shuttles to massive capital ship with as much emphasis on safety in addition to general life support. The added bonus of the ZI-S320 limiting the risk of malfunctions and other risks associated with the electronic system.
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