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Approved Planet Far Harbor - Dead Planet Contest

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Far Harbor



  • Planet Name: Far Harbor
  • Demonym: Outsiders
  • Region: Unknown regions
  • System Name: EBZ-79909987234-2376
  • System Features:
    Sun - Faded (reduced to 5% of its size, spending just enough light for very dim Twilight)
    Planets - None
    Moons - None
    Notable Debris - Outsider Station (Piece of Far Harbor that broke of the world during the Awakening)
  • Coordinates: 6-7
  • Major Imports: Food, Clean Water, Fuel
  • Major Exports: Black Market, Relics and Artifacts
  • Gravity: Slightly below Standart
  • Climate: South - Subarctic, North - Vulcanic
  • Primary Terrain: Radioactive and/or Toxic Wastelands, Volcanic Region, Ruined Citysacapes, Caves
Major Locations:

The 2/3 of Far Harbor that still remain can be almost perfectly split into two, each side linked to one of the two forces that ruled before the world was destroyed.

North - The Technocratic Coalition

The Northern Hemisphere of Far Harbor, roughly 2/3 of what still remains of the world, once belonged to a group called "The Technocratic Coalition." Traversed by crack of fire and lava, the North is marked by ruined cities, long abandoned relics of a technological golden age. What isn't overrun by fire, or which hasn't fallen deep into the depths of the world, is haunted by ancient, rampant war droids and derelict security systems, waiting dormant until someone stumbles into their territory. Many explores have found their death at these unforgiving metal hands.

-The Great Council Hall
The Heart of the Coalition. During the early days the great hall was a center of democracy, of discussion and peace where the current leadership meet with its people to discuss what the future should bring them. After the first war the hall was rebuild into a fortress and command center, in which the Eternal Council reigned for years, where commanders and generals planned their strikes against their enemy, and where new projects to further the military strength of the coalition where approved.

Now there is little left of the hall, only empty metal walls. Not even the dormant droids of the coalition remain here. Yet the place is not without dangers, the ancient security systems consisting of turrets, laser webs and other traps still wait patiently for someone to stumble into their abandoned halls.

The Great hall holds what is left of the Coalition knowledge, including sparse information about their technology, as well as a few historic records that can be found in a vault deep below the structure.



The Great capital of the Coalition. Little is left of the once gigantic city that held around 2 million people during its prime. Fallen towers that once rose high in the sky, broken houses that had once been home to those that believed in the coalition. Burned parks that have fallen victim to the flames from below, and cracks that have left almost half of the city fallen or at least hanging into to Abyss.

Even now there are many ways to die inside the city. Besides the risk of falling into the depths of the world, being burned by fire and lava or being crushed under still falling and breaking buildings there are also thousands of dorids waiting idle for trespassers, eternally defending the long gone coalition against everyone and everything


A long line of drilling rigs rammed into the earth, that once almost circled around the entire north of the planet. For years the rigs had been under construction, and the day the coalition decided to use them was also the day the first war begun. Used to mine various ores these rigs were central for the wealth of the Coalition used to build droids and technology.

When the war started the rigs began to drill deeper and deeper into the earth, and therefore became the first places to be utterly consumed by the fire from below. Today only a handful of them still stand, and each of them is under the constant threat of simply falling into the earth.

While there are no war droids to guard the rigs, rampant work droids still reside around the last standing rigs, using industrial tools to harm those that come to close to the old constructs.

-Machine Mind

The largest factory build by the Coalition, where droids, as well as chemical, nuclear and even biological weapons where created. At first a center for since and progress, the factory turned into a constructs of war when the Scholars attacked. Most of the factory is buried below a ash desert, under burned stones that filled the air when the earth split open.

Only the Upper levels are still able to entered, yet very few have survived such a trip. Droids armed with the most devastating weapons ever created by the coalition still haunt the structure, locked in a never ending process of rebuilding the places that constantly falls more and more apart under the supervision.

The factory is still at least partly functional, but with the droids still roaming around instead of simply waiting dormant as their brethren in the cities and bases of the coalition even entering alive is a challenge.

-The Last Hope

During the final days of the war the coalition quickly gave rise to a factory far up north, guarded not only by an army of droids but by stasis and energy shield to keep it from being destroyed.

Ironically the Coalition was successful, even if no one of them lived on to see it. To this day the Last Hope stands untouched, still fully functional and still filled with all the knowledge and resources needed to build what the coalition designed.

No one has yet entered into the factory, as roughly 3000 war droids still guard it day and night. Attempts to slowly break their lines through hit and run tactics have shown to be fruitless, as the drioids use the factory itself to repair those of them destroyed during these attacks.

South - The Scholars of the Great Beyond

The other 1/3 was once the land of the Scholars. Ravaged by chemical, biological and nuclear warfare, all that remained between the primitive ruins of the scholars and the fallen Monoliths of the ancient natives are toxic and often radioactive wastelands that can't safely be traveled through without some sort of hazard protection. While there is nothing alive anymore to hunt the living, the whispers and dreams of the dark can still be heard wherever the Monoliths still stand. From time to time radoactive storms blow over the land, more dangerous then the average radiation.

-The Palace of Mirrors:


The Palace, located on the south-west of Far Harbor, was the main seat of power build by the Scholars, standing directly besides the second Monolith ever found by the people of Far Harbor. During the days when the war still raged on, the spells placed upon the Palace were rumored to be so powerful that any enemy that ever entered it got lost in the layers of arcane deception, slowly starving in the seemingly endless corridors. Large enough in size that roughly 5000 people had lived in the place during the height of the Scholar's reign, the ruins still stand to this day, its broken walls only kept together by the ancient darkness that was cast upon it.

Not much of its ancient power can still be found, and yet many that entered into the palace during the recent age have been as lost than those before them. The spells have almost faded, but their darkness still taints the old stones, sometimes enough to blind all those that mean to lift something out of the ruins.

What little is left of the knowledge of the Scholars, including rituals and spells, as well as a few reliable historic reports can be found in the palace, but only if the dark echo that now rules over it allows someone to step into the endless library hidden there.

Shrouded in dark, purple light born out of the force the Palace can be horrifying from sight alone, a half faded ruin that defied war, and the end of the world it was build upon, only to still show the dark within to all traveler unlucky enough to stumble into it.




Innsmouth was the notorious capital of the Scholars located in the far south of the world, a city raised out of the earth by dark magic and blood. Like most major cities held by the Scholars Innsmouth was build around a Monolith, the third one to be discovered to be exact. Primitive, yet gigantic, Innsmouth was inhabited by almost 500000 people during times of peace. Most people living there were hunters and gatherer, or had mastered a simple craft like smiting. In the eyes of the Scholars the city was not much more than a pool of power they could sacrifice to the great beyond in retune for even more power.

Normally a society alike those lead by scholars wouldn't be able to sustain such an amount of people inside a single city, which gave rise to the theory that magical means employed by scholars played a part her as well. Most experts agree that the Scholars kept the population count up by whatever means at hand, as much of their magic was reliant of blood sacrifices.

The greatest massacre that happened in any of the Wars of the Eternal Night was committed here, during the final days. When the bombs fell down on the city, it was already devoid of any live, as any living soul had been offered in a last ritual to summon whatever lived beyond the surface of Far Harbor.

All that is left are broken ruins. Rumors say that those with the gift can still hear the echoing screams of all those that found their eternal rest between fallen towers and rotten bones. To this day the radiation in the city's center remains strong enough to kill any living thing that dares to enter the cursed place without some form of protection.

-The Silent Watchers

Across the entire border between the south and the north fallen Watchtowers can be found, ancient structures build by the Natives of Far Harbor. These Silent watchers became the first place to fall during the time of the Second War of the Eternal Night, and the land around them is nothing than a toxic waste created by inhuman biological weapons used by the Coalition to destroy the first line of defenses used by the Scholars.

Some say that there are still a handful standing Silent watchers that can be found on the world. Those who do claim that cave paintings of the natives can be found there as well, a rumor that has cost the live of various explores that decided to traverse the toxic wastes along the boarder.

Yet there is only very little truth in those legends. Only one last watcher still watches over his fallen world, silently telling the tale of both civilizations that had been there before, and both that failed in resting what waited for them below.

-The Halls of the Great Beyond:

The Caves that lead into the depths of the world, something only found in the south, were commonly called The Halls of the Great Beyond by the Scholars. Places of worship and prayer, the caves are only kept illuminated by the crystals that grow in them, the same used by the jedi and sith to focus the blades of their weapons, and often used as strong focus points of the force.

Not many crystals grown in the Halls, and they are limited to two rather rare colors to be found Naturally. Mainly Red, with purple scatted in between them, the caves became the grave of many looters, hoping to make a fortune by hunting the crystals and selling them on a less empty world. Somewhere in the depths the caves show signs of their former owners, long faded relics of temples build by either the Scholars or the Natives that came long before them.

Yet the darkness still waits in the deep, dreaming and whispering, tricking and lying to anyone foolish enough to venture down on the chaotic tunnels without a experienced guide.

-Force Nexus - The Altar of Awakening:

The Altar of Awakening. Build out of the first Monolith discovered by man, this was the place where Far Harbor's fate was truly decided. From here the entire population of Innsmouth was sacrificed to the great beyond, 500000 souls lost to the darkness below. The Taint of his act still lingers over the place, the echoes of dead, corruption and something unknown still powerful around the fallen stones.

Size: Area - The Nexus is only in the immediate area around the altar (4-5 Meters).
Affiliation: Dark Side
Intent: To give Far Harbor a Force Nexus around the area where the spell was casted that destroyed the world
Effect: The nexus does nothing to empower those that follow the dark, and neither does it hold any drawback to the follows of the light, instead leaving anyone in its range in a state of fear and unease. Those that have ventured to the surface rarely agree on the truths of Far Harbor, but one piece of wisdom shared by all is a simple one: Never fall asleep anywhere near to the altar, or the dreams that will follow will haunt you for the nights to come. Even when awake those with the gift can hear the whispers, unknown words and voices trying to flood their mind.

The Border - No Man's Land

Right between the land of the Scholars and the Coalition waits a small strip of land that suffered slightly less than the land north and south of it. Almost only marked by the fallout of conventional war, this No Man's Land is generally considered to be the safest place on the surface, despite still being a collection of barren, hostile wastelands caught between to sides of the apocalypse. Yet the smugglers that rediscovered Far Harbor have build a handful of structures here.

-The Grey:

A empty piece of wasteland, often called the Grey by smugglers. Filled with sharps stones piecing into the sky the Grey might seem terrifying, yet it is considered to be so dead and empty that there is nothing at all that could harm you. As theater of the first strike during the First War of the Eternal Night the Grey to this day is littered with the remains of dead creatures and fallen droids, making it a favorite of any scavengers to scared of taking the risk of traveling into he north or south.

-World's End:

A small camp near the grey, known only to the very few that have set out to explore the challenging surface of Far Harbor. No one truly resides at World's End, it is rather a small collection of resources shared from explorer to explorer. Besides a few generators, materials for repairs and some makeshift huts to sleep in, the camp is mainly used to leave behind notes and maps about discoveries made on the surface for those that come after.

Outsider Station - The Underworld

Not much more than a hole drilled into the pieces of debris orbiting Far Harbor. Named after the ancient natives which explores refer to as Outsiders, the structure was designed to hold 300 people at best, as well as around 15 ships. Used as a hideout for smugglers, as well as a save haven for those that set out to explore the world below, the station comes with 3 merchants shops, one buying relics from the surface in bulk for Darth Abyss, a very small cantina and a team that makes refuels and repairs ships.

  • Native Species: Unkown
  • Immigrated Species: Humans, Near Humans
  • Population: None
  • Demographics: None
  • Primary Languages: Galactic Standard Basic, Unknown
Culture: The Ancient remains found on Far Harbor can be linked to one of three groups: The Scholars of the Great Beyond in the South, The Technocratic Coalition in the North and small traces of the Outsiders, Far Harbors long forgotten natives.

The Scholars of the Great Beyond: The Scholars and their supporters did both fear and worship the darkness that lived below the surface of their world. Lead by the Scholars the south was a Theocratic society dedicated to appease the darkness by avoiding technology and respecting the world. The Scholars never drilled into the surface, never took anything from the world, and instead build their tools out of wood and stone, and gave rise to their cities through blood and dark magic.

Yet a live was worth little to the Scholars and their supports, all accepting that sacrifice was their new way. Through this the dark sorcerers that lead the group were able to use the blood of their people for their deranged rituals without resistance.

The Technocratic Coalition: At first the Coalition was a force of peace and stability, dedicated to improve live for all those part of it. Democratic in nature, the people could choose from various experts of their branch to become leaders of the Coalition. During that time the ruling council was still close to its people.

After the war the coalition transformed, the current council becoming permanent rulers due to emergency laws passed during the time of crises. Thanks to propaganda hate against the Scholars was enforced, in an effort to legitimate the war efforts and hardship that came with it.

The Outsiders: Little is known about the enigmatic Natives of Far Harbor. Like the Scholars they did their best the keep the peace with the great beyond, yet like the coalition their downfall began when technology evolved

The Darkness Below: Still no one knows more than a handful glimpses about what actually once lived inside the now broken planet. The only truth is that whatever it was is long gone by now, only echoes and lingering darkness telling about it existence. The most commonly accepted theory is that the dark below was once a powerful force user of the natives long before the dawn of technology, and used arcane means to become more powerful and less corporal. Another part of this theory is that the being was sealed below the surface by his own, the natives fearful of what it had become. Yet all this is merely speculation.

  • Government: Formerly Technocratic (North), Theocratic (South)
  • Affiliation: Darth Abyss
  • Wealth: N/A
  • Stability: N/A
  • Freedom & Oppression: N/A


  • Military: N/A
  • Technology: In what still stands of the North technology is on par or slightly above the common galactic standard. In the south technology has returned to primitive tools made of wood, stone and very rarely steal.

The Legend of Far Harbor is a often told tale among those that travel space, rumored to be amongst the most secret, and most dangerous, places in the galaxy. Yet very few know that there is truth to the old stories of a world not found on any existing map of the galaxy. The few who do know little to none to what actually took place on the shattered world, and in this age only ancient stones remember what fate lead to the end. While there are still many uncertainties in the timeline, explores and scientist that survived their trip to the surface of Far Harbor were able to piece together a general outline for the worlds history, even if its early origins are still shrouded in mystery.

??? BBY - Ancient Age: Little to nothing is known about what was before the discovery of Far Harbor by a failed exploration mission of the Republic. Only that an ancient civilization lived and died there, their tales of a great darkness sealed below the worlds surface only told through half faded cave paintings and derelict ruins.

4015 BBY - Lost in space: On board of the research vessel "Golden Sun" a group of soldiers, explores, scientists and a handful Jedi of the Old Republic ventured into the unknown regions in an effort of mapping and exploring the worlds beyond for the future of the republic. During their travels the ship was caught in a supernova not detected when jumping into hyperspace, heavily damaging their ship and forcing them to a emergency descend down on the nearest world, a world which would ages later become known as Far Harbor.

4014 BBY - The Frontier: One Year after the crash landing, life was hard for the crew of the Golden Sun. Every new day brought an new struggle for survival against foreign fauna and flora, lack of food, water and resources and internal conflict. Progress against the jungle of their involuntary home was slow, and many gave their lives while trying to keep their small society from the brink of sudden extinction while waiting for rescue.

4012 BBY - Survival Secured: Three Years after the crash the first great success leaped the small gathering of survivors back into the future. By reverse engineering what remained of their ship with what their world could offer, they managed the construction of state of the art technology, slowly, but constantly raising the living quality of the whole society. Survival suddenly had become a certainty. Yet they still remained unable to transmit a signal back to the republic.

4011 BBY - The Monoliths: Once survival was no longer an issue the old mission was placed back in focus. Still expecting to eventually be found by the Republic the first explorations on the planets surface began. Lead by the soldiers and the jedi the group quickly made a strange discovery. Monoliths placed in the jungle and around were scattered all everywhere, remnants of an ancient civilization that was long gone before the Golden Sun even arrived. With the discovery of these ancient relics the dreams and whispers inside the minds of those gifted with force began to become a common phenomenon among the survivors.

4003 BBY - What Lives Below: Years of dreams, whispers and visions brought to jedi ears from the depths of their new home haunted the servants of the light as much as the rest of them. The vision of a great, all consuming darkness in the planets core created fear and paranoia among the jedi, leading to a fall from their light. In an effort to make sure that the people of Far Harbor would have the strength to fight of that darkness even when the jedi of the original crew was long gone, the jedi revoked their dedication to the code, and became a new group calling themselves the guardians, passing on their powers through natural birth. The Guardians, self proclaimed eternal defenders against the dark began to delve deeply into the ancient ruins, trying to learn what would come.

3790 BBY - The Great Divide: The darkness had left a mark on the guardians. Ancient, arcane knowledge erased what was once a calling of the light over hundred years ago into a slow, yet unstoppable taint that laid itself upon their hearts and souls. Known as the great divide, the Guardians once more revoked their code, now calling themselves "The Scholars of the Great Beyond" came into conflict with the ruling government of Far Harbor, "The Technocratic Coalition" a technocratic democracy dedicated to bring progress, stability and justice to their home. The Scholars had discovered that technology had been the downfall of their forerunners, when gigantic machines began to dig to deep into the earth, calling for an outright ban of any technology. In a matter of weeks the population picked their sides, almost split in half between their trustworthy government, and the order that had kept them save from the darkness. In an effort of peace Far Harbor was shared between both sides, the south now under Scholar control, while the North remained in Coalition hands.

3740 BBY - The First War of the Endless Night: Peace was a lie, at least to the Scholars. Driven by the whispers and dreams the new order learned about ancient, deranged spells and alchemy empowered by blood sacrifice and quite unlike anything seen before. Nature itself submitted to their command, and soon twisted creatures were born from their experiments. At the same time the Coalition began with its first major mining operation, thereby starting the First War of the Endless Night. During a ritual that was paid with the blood of many that had given their trust to the scholars, the sky above the north turned dark, the light of the sun not longer able to reach the surface below, followed by the creatures summoned by the Scholars that brought chaos and death to the cities of the Coalition unlucky enough to be placed near the border. For two weeks the dark stayed in the north, and two weeks it took the Coalition to formulate an answer to their new enemy. Masses of quickly reprogrammed work droids began to march against the forces of the Scholars, in return laying waste to any small village in their path.

3739 BBY - Fragile Peace: For roughly one year the war waged on, with no side being able to get the upper hand. Both sides had suffered heavily losses, and resources had started to run low for either of them. Yet both remained stoic in their views, the war merely suspended instead of ended. The threat of simply utterly eliminating each other was enough to keep the borders clean for a while, allowing the people to slowly returnee to the state before the war. In this period of change the Coalition began to transform as well, shocked and shaken by the horrors summoned by the Scholars. What had once been a democratic idea by the people to the people, began to slowly transform into a highly militaristic technocratic dictatorship. A unholy arms race between the Coalition and the Scholars found its beginning.

3716 BBY - The Second War of the Endless Night: In a preemptive strike against their enemies, the Coalition decided to go and eye for an eye. Chemical missiles were launched into the atmosphere, now bringing five weeks of darkness to the south. While the sun's light was swallowed by thick clouds, an army of fully armed and operational war droids began with a retaliation strike against the Scholars for their attacks of the first war. The battles where hard, long and chaotic, leaving scorched and toxic wastes around the borders of either side. During the close of the second war, the Coalition was close to overpowering their old enemy. In a last stand effort the Scholars called upon the darkness within their world by sacrificing almost halt of their people, creating cracks in the surface large enough to utterly destroy multiple cities of the coalition.

3709 BBY - The Treaty of Unity: The Fallout of The Second War of the Endless Night was horrifying to either side. Both the Coalition and the Scholars had lost over half of their population, the land around the boarder was an uninhabitable wasteland and there wasn't enough food to keep either side from falling victim to famine. To save what was left, the Scholars and the Collation, for the first time in almost hundred years, came together to negotiate. A council was called, and The Treaty of unity was signed to official keep either side from fighting, as well as sharing resources. Yet the relationship between the two sides was stained by years of hate, propaganda and fear.

3690 BBY - Broken Trust and Cold War: Almost twenty years after the treaty was singed, the Scholars identified a coalition agent amongst their ranks, leading into the cold war that came after. Again locked in a arms race, both sides prepared for the endgame, while trying to mask their moves from the enemy. At the same time the darkness below began to whisper louder and clearer than ever before.

3684 BBY - The Third War of the Endless Night and Endgame: No one remembers who fired first. Reports of either sides are contradicting each other on this matter. All that can be said for certain was that this last war was more destructive than anything seen before. The South was scorched by almost every nuclear, biological and chemical weapon known to man, leaving the entire southern hemisphere behind as a toxic, radioactive wasteland. The north was overrun by dark creatures and cracks now running so deep into the earth that heat, fire and lava began to bring death to the cities of the Coalition. With no side ready to surrender, even in the face of complete annihilation, the Scholars prepared for their last play.

3680 BBY - The Awakening: From here on there are only a handful of reports, and neither of them has any real clue what exactly happened on the day of the awakening. By sacrficing all that was left of their people, the Scholars summoned whatever lived inside of their world. That being or entity broke apart to world itself in its wake, emerging to diminish Far Harbor's sun once and for all. What remained was a dim ball of light in the sky, bringing barley enough light to the world to see at brightest day.

3682 BBY - The Endless Night: Very few survived the awakening. Their fates remain an unknown, the only proof of their existence found in a graffiti sprayed on one of them last monoliths, reading "Learn from our Mistakes."

847 ABY - Rediscovery: Over 4000 years later the Ruins of Far Harbor were rediscovered by smugglers, becoming a small shadowport commonly accepted as a legend, mainly due to the weird, and often unscientific, reports of ancient cults and old gods sealed within the world.
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Darth Abyss said:
Innsmouth was inhabited by almost 500000 people during times of peace. Most people living there were hunters and gatherer
A foraging society could not sustain a population of that size, nor would they really establish a city. I would recommend changing this.

Darth Abyss said:
Those that have ventured to the surface rarrly agree
I imagine that's supposed to say "rarely."

Darth Abyss said:
Size:Area - The Nexus is only in the immediate area around the altar (4-5 Meters). Intent: To give Far Harbor a Force Nexus around the area where the spell was casted that destroyed the world
You need to include the rest of the Force Nexus location template.

Darth Abyss said:
The Boarder

Darth Abyss said:
the land around the boarder was an uninhabitable wasteland
I imagine that's supposed to say "Border."

In addition, the "darkness" within the world is going to need some further elaboration - I don't think I can approve this if there is literally some kind of Force-deity living inside of the planet.
Added a small note that Innsmouth's population was so high due to magical means, as the Scholars needed people to sacrifice for their spells.

Corrected some spelling errors

Added to the nexus, based upon those nexus seen in any other dead world submission having one. I hope that is enough.

Added a note about the darkness saying a. That whatever it was is long gone by now, and b. That, while no one knows for sure, the most commonly accepted theory is that it was once a force user of the natives who used magic to become some entity.

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