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[ FAQ ] Bando Gora

Greetings one and all! Below you'll find a number of frequently asked questions regarding the Mando'ade iteration of the Bando Gora. If you have any additional questions or comments, please do not hesitate to post below! Additional information regarding the Bando Gora can be found here.

Who are the Bando Gora?

In canon, the Bando Gora is a cult who worships Death in the same manner that Crusader-era Mandalorians worshipped War. They are a powerful congregation of assassins and raiders who, at their peak, required the full might of the Jedi Order to defeat. In Chaos history, the Bando Gora were portrayed in a similar maner to Reavers of the Firefly universe. They were the primary, NPC antagonists of the now-defunct Omega Protectorate. Our iteration is a return to the canon form, for the most part.

How are the Bando Gora organized?

Put simply, in a manner identical to the Mando'ade. There is no complex structure, no three-tier hierarchy or frivolous titles. The Bando Gora operate on an equal playing field internally, with those who are obviously veterans taking the lead. There are but two sources of authority that members of the Bando Gora will hearken to: the word of their High Priestess, who is regarded is the leader of the organization. Secondly, the word of the Mand'alor who has graciously allowed the Bando Gora to exist alongside his people.

What is the Bando Gora and Mando'ade relationship?

The Bando Gora was practically eliminated by the Omega Protectorate and are a shadow of their former selves. This is a situation that the Mando'ade are currently living out as well. In the interest of mutual survival, an accord was struck between the High Priestess and the Bando Gora. In exchange for the formation of a symbiotic relationship, the Bando Gora will fulfill the basic tenats of the Resol'nare (each member must wear armor of some sort, speak the language, raise offspring under the terms of this accord, see to the wellbeing of the Bando Gora, defending the Bando Gora and the Mando'ade, and rallying to the Mand'alor's cause.) Aside from these tenats, the Bando Gora have operational autonomy within Mando'ade holdings.

What do the Bando Gora...Do?

The Bando Gora are, at the end of the day, a gathering of Force sensitive warriors. They waste no time focusing on internal Codes or Creeds and, rather, live by action. They Practice Death through pinpoint assassinations (intent on causing widespread change through selective deaths) and large-scale raids (intent on reviving the Bando Gora's fearsome reputation.) Alongside the Mando'ade efforts, they also act as a vanguard of sorts - scouting out potential locations for Colonies and removing any obstacles martially. They are highly covert, highly effective, and are more than happy to sully their hands from the shadows.

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