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Factory Changes: Banned Items List Suggestions


L Admin

As part of the changes to the Factory, I will be requiring a list created for banned items that cannot be used in the Factory. Such as warp gates, celestial tech... I'd like to have this list be a bit more comprehensive, to include things such as "Gundam Wing mechs" and "Halo stuff". Basically, items that legit don't fit in with the Star Wars story, but let's keep it as simple as possible.

Who am I entrusting the creation of this list to? You, the community. Here's how you do it.

1. Suggest your items that you wish for us to review for whether it should be put on the banned list or not.
2. Don't debate other people's suggestions. Only suggest your own items. This is not a discussion, merely a proposal thread. If you post anything more than your own suggestions, or critique other's suggestions, you will be removed from this thread.
3. Don't ask questions. I know you have them. I know you're wondering what we're planning for the Factory changes, as a lot of you care a great deal about it. So do we, but I'm not going to reveal anything until we're ready to do so, so please give us the space to do that by holding your questions.
4. Don't fret. Everyone might freak out over the idea of the "Banned Items List", but this is being done to simplify the Factory, and to instruct new members in a very clear fashion of what's cool or not. You might disagree, but save it for another discussion, or provide your thoughts in the Monthly Staff Critique thread.

Please provided your suggestions in list format, like so

1. ....
2. ...
3. ...
4. ...
I would say that anything that would be too widely known, As mentioned Halo items, or if someone were to make a sword, Master Sword for a pic. (just an example.)

Though some things could slip by, as an item from a game, Movie or soemthing else. As I made the Raquam Species, I made a Robot like race, and I used some photos of Transformers from the movies, However I put a Notice that the robots in no way shape or form change into another item. they stay the way they are. So if there was something like that I would say that it may be okay. it would however, depend on what it is though.

Jak Sandrow

"Nobody cares for the woods anymore."
May I suggest that, unless the writer is an advanced member with an affiliation, anything and everything they put into the factory be put under pending until they reach a post count of 100?


Darron Wraith

Honor | Duty | Courage
1. No straight rips from other universes. I like a lot of images from other Sci-Fi myself, but try to frame that in the context of our universe.
2. No Anime weapons please, a lightsaber is an amazing weapon. I don't want a soul sucking sword that can bend physics.
3. No mega ultra species that have no weaknesses.

Akio Kahoshi

Peace through Order
Personally I've always felt any "walkers" with arms should be banned, I do not feel what basically amounts to mechs fits with Star Wars. I've seen a few approved, and I cringe every time. Arms that act as weapon hardpoints I see the same, even if they are arm arms.

Teynara Jeralyr

Resident Sig Lord
- Songsteel
- Phrik
- Mandalorian Iron
- Ultrachrome
- Cortosis

With the proviso: if you've got a very good reason for having it (e.g. a Mandalorian possessing Beskar'gam, or such an item being given as an Event Reward...). These are super-rare materials, and it's absurd that practically every armour or weapon made around here has at least some within it's component list. I personally feel they should be removed in general, only offered up as rewards for events and the like, so it's not simply being used as a cop-out for everyone lacking a lightsaber.

Frankly, if people want to fight Force Users, they ought to aim to be a little bit more creative than 'Oh, did I mention my armour/sword/blaster/whatever can't be damaged by your weapon-that-cuts-through-nearly-everything?'.

Ashin Varanin

Professional Enabler
  • Celestial tech
  • Stargates in all their forms (Gree, Kwa and so forth)
  • Rakata (i.e. Force-powered) tech that isn't as small-scale as a holocron or a mindspear.
  • Superweapons, apart from the results of work and event prizes.
  • Every direct rip from another franchise (a highly recognizable image, or a combination of image, name and other pertinent details) when it conflicted with the Star Wars image. For example, a HALO suit, a Tron bike, or a Gundam would be a no, but the scythe from RedWhiteBlueYellow or some artillery piece from Red Alert would be significantly less recognizable and jarring, and I'd be fine with that.

Darron Wraith

Honor | Duty | Courage
4. Lightsaber resistant materials unless you are a NFU or you have a great IC reason.
5. No gundams, or Jaegers please. I can see walker tech advancing, and I'm cool with different visuals that update the lore. We are at a weird place right now with not knowing how episode VII will update the visual astetic and many of the SW visuals seem dated to the younger crowd here.
6. No Video Game enhancement crystals for your lightsabers, as they don't really translate over to PVP posting.

Qae Shena

Super Shaper Puppy!
- Likenesses, names and abilities of items from recognisable franchises. Using one is acceptable; more is plagiarism.
- Powered mecha or transforming vehicles.
- Super powered armour.
- Technology from Star Wars gaming medium that has not appeared in other sources.
- Acient dead Star Wars technology - Rakata, Gree, Kwa, et cetera.
My suggestion stems from these assumptions:
  • People will want to make things similar to other fictional universes that they are fans of, yet the smart people will attempt to "Star Wars"-ify it.
  • Ancient technology from the Star Wars universe does turn up even in Legacy, and that some of the technology is interesting. The smart people will attempt to make it reasonable.
  • The Role-Play Judges that look at these applications are rational people that can tell the difference between a good submission and something that should be denied with ease.
  • The Role-Play Judges also judge submissions on their own prerogative, since they were supposedly chosen because they are rational and know what is acceptable in Star Wars role-playing and what is not.
  • There are going to be tons of people now and in the future that never knew of the restrictions and post their Gundam or Rakata spaceship or whatever, because the past has shown that our members do not read the rules.
  • The act of denying a submission takes less than 10 seconds after reading it and it consists of posting a sentence such as: "Denied because it is a Gundam and Star Wars has no Gundams," which they will likely have to do anyway for people that submit prohibited submissions.

Therefore, the only definitely prohibited list of things that I would suggest are:
1) Submissions that would break the General Rules of the site.

A guide on how to make acceptable tech submissions might be more effective with fulfilling the intent of showing users what would likely be accepted by Role-Play Judges.


L Admin
Daella Apparine said:
A guide on how to make acceptable tech submissions might be more effective with fulfilling the intent of showing users what would likely be accepted by Role-Play Judges.

I love this idea, if anyone would like to write it.

Carry on with the banned item list suggestions, good stuff so far, and thanks to everyone contributing.

Delila Castillon

1.Anime Weapons/Items - Doesnt fit with the "sci-finess" of the board
2.Medieval Weapons/Armor - More so the images people use. This isn't Skyrim.
3.Mech Suits/Armor - Same thing. While some Mecha does look very Sci-Fi I just dont think the overpowered suits have any place here.
4. Anything too recognizable. i.e. Mark IV Halo helmet, Plasma Cutter from Dead Space, Warhammer 40K stuff, etc

Desmond Voralis.

Soldier of Fortune
-Does it fit the aesthetic, technology and universe of Star Wars?

Please only suggest banned items, do not discuss other's suggestions. -Tef

-Limit the super rare materials like cortosis etc. by story considerations and application
-Likewise with super rare relics. Things like functional Rakata tech should be rewards for awesome RP, not a thing you just apply for because.


Please only suggest banned items, do not discuss other's suggestions. -Tef
Well-Known Member
All submissions prior to this new ruleset will be grandfathered in, and therefore not be affected.

Please keep your questions to the Factory Discussion thread or the General Discussion forum, not this thread.


-No overpowered stuff
-Limit anime and Medieval stuff to the "If you can see it working in any way, use it." philosophy when suggesting edits and maybe people will understand
-A suggestion, but ships over 2km should be allowed for major factions with over 150 members.