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Faction Recruitment

Darth Animus

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Peace is a Lie, there is only Passion
Through Passion, I Gain Strength
Through Strength, I Gain Power
Through Power, I Gain Victory
Through Victory, My Chains are Broken
The Force Shall Free Me
The New Sith Order stands again, rising from the ashes of their past. United like never before, the New Sith Order has begun to turn its eyes out to the galaxy once again, eager to reclaim the glory they once held, and avenge the victories stolen from them by their foes.
A Call has been sent across the galaxy. The New Sith Order seeks those willing to commit their passion, strength and power to their cause. The promise of glory, wealth and further understanding of the dark side is carried with their words to willing ears.
The Call has been sent. Will you join with the newly formed Shadow Council? Will you stride into the light of the galaxy beside the New Sith Order, taking glory and power from those who stand in your way?
The Call has been sent. Shall you stand in the way of destiny? Will you be crushed under our heels as we push forward. Will you fall by our blades as we take what is rightfully ours?
The Call has been sent. Where shall you stand?
Hi, now that the little rant is over, I can give you a quick run down. So, the New Sith Order is an old group that is being revamped and restarted. We will be focusing on providing fun stories and learning experiences for dark side users, and to create quests that writers can go on to claim new items for themselves.
If you would be interested in joining this faction, please just leave a message down below or message me and I will see to helping you out. If you have any questions, please let me know as well.
][ A B S O L U T I O N ][
I'm Kyrinov, your resident false Sith hunter.

If you are one such person, pray you never come in contact with me.

Now, all that aside, I'm happy to be here!