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Faction Image Customization

Sanya Val Lerium

Neutral, Queen of Her people, Neko
This has been a bit of food for thought lately, especially since I find myself doing more and more arty stuff.

I've noticed that the logos that show up on the main page has died out and it saddens me. I've also seen that the galactic alliance has some pretty cool features like the bars that show up at the top of everyone's post. You know the one that time stamps and post number.

Well I personally think it would be cool if it was more acessable to everyone so each faction can personalize and make a bit more image and impact. After all image is as important as the pitch.

Please tell me what you all think?
Only admins can edit theme layouts for factions. This won't change.

We're open to suggestions, though. We have a couple of designers among the Admins always hungry to improve the community.

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