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Faction CP Not Working

Can't screenshot but this is the page.


If it comes up as an error, that's exactly what my screen looks like. To clarify I will walk you through what is happening.

1) On the main faction page, where you see the latest news and the faction banner, there is a button for Admins that says "factionCP"
2) I click it and the faction options appear, like normal.
3) One of the buttons on the left side says "Manage Pages"
4) When I click it that page, the one I linked, is what appears.

Chaos-God of Gluttony
I have encountered this error as well. However, @[member="Darth Onyx"] I believe you can garner the same effect of "pages" if you go down to manage forum.

I'm not sure if this is tactful but I will also mention that I can't seem to pin things in my faction and it's buggin' me