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Faction Armory Manifest

First things first: No submitting faction tech! We're the Rebellion, and that means scrappy. Publicly available stuff, things from defunct factions, personal tech, that kind of thing. We're also a minor faction, not a major one, so there's rules on what ships we can use and such. Get familiar with those rules!

We have a few unique, faction-owned ships. For example:

Here's some things we use pretty frequently, though using your own stuff is more than encouraged -- the Rebellion was just as much the Millennium Falcon as the X-Wing.

Cutter-class Interceptor (A-Wing analogue)​
Callan-class Starfighter (X-Wing analogue)​
Stormhammer-class Light Bomber (Y-Wing analogue)​
Longshot-class Heavy Bomber (B-Wing analogue)​
Anything. Here's where the real diversity comes around. There's a ton of publicly available freighters and transports -- find one you like and go to it! Use a stock one or pick up modifications along the way (make sure to do a factory submission for heavily modified ships).​
Publicly Availably Ships
Publicly Available Cargo Speeders

Noah Corek

Cocked, Locked and a Smoking Barrel
Factory Judge
C2 Saber-class Heavy Interceptor:
Echani Mimic Battle Unit (EMBU):
Avenger-class Fast Attack Ship:
Interceptor-class Fast Attack Ship:
C1 Foil-class Starfighter:
Echani Mk2 Combat Shield:
Wasp-class Heavy Cruiser:
CDD-DF-001 Scavenger-class Droid Interceptor:
Maw-class Stealth Fighter:
Angel-class Interceptor:
Centaurus-class Resupply Ship:
CDD-DF-002 Vampire-class Droid Starfighter:
Sentinel-class Droid Defender:
Ar'durv Assault Starfighter:
Detritus-class Heavy Bomber:
Corsin-class Escort Corvette:

Noah Corek

Cocked, Locked and a Smoking Barrel
Factory Judge
Freight-Loading External Rover:
CSS-Hovering Fire Support Drone:
Isumaru-class Refueling Ship:
Karakter-class Pocket Carrier:
BTI-LRBR "The Reclaimer":
BTI-IBC "The Restrainer":
BTI-TDL "The Reckoning":
BTI-CES "The Retaliator":
BTI-CR "The Ripper":
BTI-CC13 Blaster "Ol' Reliable":
BTI-WB "Woebringer":
BTI-EOU Power Cell "Plug N Fire":
BTI-Reaver Series Repeater:
Tartoros-class Walker,Alpha Model:
Kalash Mk 74:
DH-95 Dreadhawk-class Fighter:
Eshan Striker:
Droid TIE Fighter:
Zeta Mk.I Infantry Droid:
HS-4 Home Security Four:
DN Bolt Caster S:

Noah Corek

Cocked, Locked and a Smoking Barrel
Factory Judge
@[member="Delila Castillon"] @[member="Jorus Merrill"]
Okay,I trimmed it down,but note that I only trimmed SOME of the Wookieepedia stuff,do to the fact that in the Ship Graveyard thread we'll be acquiring a few of those ships.

Noah Corek

Cocked, Locked and a Smoking Barrel
Factory Judge
OPSR-1 Sniper Rifle:
OPML-1 Missile Launcher:
OPRC-1 Rotary Blaster Cannon:
Fondor TerraTech Mark I Scout/Sniper Armor:
Corek Spec Ops Sniper Mk.I:
OPR-2 Blaster Rifle:
Corek Spec Ops LMG Mk.I:
Corek Spec Ops Shotgun Mk.I:
Corek Custom Spec Ops SMG Mk.I:
Corek Spec Ops Rifle Mk.I:
Corek Custom Grenade Launcher No.1:
Corek Custom Vibro-Blade No.1:
Corek Custom Heavy Repeater No.1:
Corek Custom Heavy Armor No.1:
Corek Custom Light Armor No.1:
Corek Custom Light Repeater No.2:
Corek Custom Kalash Model No.1:
Corek Custom Flashbang Mk.I:
(I'll be damned if I let all my tech go to waste! :angry: )

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