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Expansion Objectives

Lord of the Dead
The Mandalorian Empire is expanding to include an Outpost on Erebos, in the Southern Reaches of the Galaxy! Join Skorvek, [member="Raiz Australis"] & crew in setting up our first Outpost, or getting a suntan!


Objectives as as follow:

Objective A: Survey the Desert for a suitable building area while avoiding the fence line that marks the territory of the Pyramid of Ascension

Objective B: Build the outpost once a suitable place has been established with the Help of the Anubian warriors

Objective C: Get a tan: Theres a lovely oasis near by for some R&R why not take the opportunity to enjoy yourself on a hot day?

Objective D: Build a house in the jungle, A old friend Nemesis and his bride have decided to settle down on Erebos why not see what you can do to help them make a suitable home?

[member="Kaine Australis"] [member="Raiz Australis"] [member="Kaden Mantis"] [member="Artemis Lux"] [member="Shia Kryze"] [member="Gray Raxis"] [member="Adora Namadi"] @Kervo Namadi [member="Silas Mantis"] [member="Karsan Calnov"] @Cassiopeia Caranthyr [member="Parja-Kal"] [member="Quoron Mantis"] [member="Tal Vizsla"] @Liset Vereen @Avia Wren [member="Connory"] [member="Caz Australis"] [member="Dorn Skirata"] [member="Amanda Kryze "][member="Jaster of Clan Awaud"] [member="Amaya Cardei"] @Skosk Fett [member="Rex Taff"] [member="Spencer Australis"] [member="Strider Garon"] [member="Keira"] Ticon [member="Rhaegar Nemesis Dib"] [member="Ginnie Dib"] @Ra’amah [member="Nita Quez"] @Johanes Quez [member="Cynthia"] Garon [member="Aedan Miles"] @Aaleus Thorn [member="Alkor Centaris"] @Bha’lir Australis [member="Gerarich Thanor "][member="Jor Kvall"] [member="Karsan Calnov"] [member="Ambrose Mantis"] [member="Rory Baccus"] [member="Nibsani"] Australis