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Approved Species Exonad/Exonadians ~ Sentient

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the bedbound bard

[SIZE=9pt]A depiction of the Exonad's harsh surroundings and rugged way of life.[/SIZE]​

[SIZE=10pt]§ [/SIZE][SIZE=9pt]Name:[/SIZE][SIZE=9pt] Exonad[/SIZE]

[SIZE=10pt]§ [/SIZE][SIZE=9pt]Designation:[/SIZE][SIZE=9pt] Sentient[/SIZE]
[SIZE=10pt]§ [/SIZE][SIZE=9pt]Homeworld: [/SIZE][SIZE=9pt]Exocron[/SIZE]
[SIZE=10pt]§ [/SIZE][SIZE=9pt]Language:[/SIZE][SIZE=9pt] Galactic Basic, Exonos[/SIZE]
[SIZE=10pt]§ [/SIZE][SIZE=9pt]Average height of adults:[/SIZE][SIZE=9pt] 5’10 (Female) 6’0 (Male)[/SIZE]
[SIZE=10pt]§ [/SIZE][SIZE=9pt]Skin color:[/SIZE][SIZE=9pt] Deathly Pale/Grey[/SIZE]
[SIZE=10pt]§ [/SIZE][SIZE=9pt]Hair color: [/SIZE][SIZE=9pt]Varies; Usually Black, White or Grey (Greyscale, typically)[/SIZE]
[SIZE=10pt]§ [/SIZE][SIZE=9pt]Breathes:[/SIZE][SIZE=9pt] Oxygenated Air (Standard)[/SIZE]

[SIZE=10pt]§ [/SIZE][SIZE=9pt]Strengths:[/SIZE][SIZE=9pt] [2 minimum][/SIZE]
[SIZE=10pt]§ [/SIZE][SIZE=9pt]Longevity:[/SIZE] [SIZE=9pt]Exonad's live for vast periods of time, numbering to several human lifespans, however they are not indestructible, invincible or unkillable.[/SIZE]
[SIZE=10pt]§ [/SIZE][SIZE=9pt]Pain Threshold:[/SIZE] [SIZE=9pt]Exonad's are slow to detect pain, meaning that to begin with they will not feel any immediate harm. This does not last forever, however, and the pain can hit them suddenly, catching them unaware.[/SIZE]
[SIZE=10pt]§ [/SIZE][SIZE=9pt]Hardy:[/SIZE][SIZE=9pt] Exonad's are born, and often die, in extreme conditions, almost endless-nights of snow, frost and ice.[/SIZE]
[SIZE=10pt]§ [/SIZE][SIZE=9pt]Natural Warriors:[/SIZE][SIZE=9pt] Exonad's, thanks to their hardy nature and increased pain threshold, are often shaped from adolescence to become warriors and hunters, the only lifestyles suited to their kind.[/SIZE]
[SIZE=10pt]§ [/SIZE][SIZE=9pt]Hypersensitive Eyesight:[/SIZE][SIZE=9pt] Exonad's eyes have adjusted overtime to the darkness they're often raised within.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=10pt]§ [/SIZE][SIZE=9pt]Weaknesses:[/SIZE][SIZE=9pt] [2 minimum][/SIZE]
[SIZE=10pt]§ [/SIZE][SIZE=9pt]Pain Threshold:[/SIZE][SIZE=9pt] Exonad's do not initially feel the pain of an attack... Which also means that they're more [/SIZE][SIZE=8pt]susceptible[/SIZE][SIZE=9pt] to falling gravely injured, through underestimation or simply a lack of acknowledgement where wounds are concerned.[/SIZE]
[SIZE=10pt]§ [/SIZE][SIZE=9pt]Hypersensitive Eyesight:[/SIZE][SIZE=9pt] Exonad's' eyes have adjusted to the dark, which makes any sudden, bright light disorientate them. Many are also [/SIZE][SIZE=8pt]susceptible[/SIZE][SIZE=9pt] to photosensitive-[/SIZE][SIZE=8pt]epilepsy[/SIZE][SIZE=9pt] should they be exposed without prior conditioning. Sometimes an Exodad is born with white, lifeless eyes, making them blind, a counter-productive evolutionary gene gone-wrong.[/SIZE]
[SIZE=10pt]§ [/SIZE][SIZE=9pt]Cold and Untrusting:[/SIZE][SIZE=9pt] Exonad's are difficult to be around, they are very hostile towards others and it's almost impossible to get them to trust.[/SIZE]
[SIZE=10pt]§ [/SIZE][SIZE=9pt]Altered Digestive System:[/SIZE][SIZE=9pt] Exonad's cannot eat foods such as meat in the same way most [/SIZE][SIZE=8pt]sentient beings[/SIZE][SIZE=9pt] would, making them difficult to cater for. Cooked food can make them very ill.[/SIZE]
[SIZE=10pt]§ [/SIZE][SIZE=9pt]Adverse To Fire:[/SIZE][SIZE=9pt] Exonad's despise fire, as their bodies are naturally cold, and heat can literally cause their blood to boil.[/SIZE]
[SIZE=10pt]§ [/SIZE][SIZE=9pt]Technophobes: [/SIZE][SIZE=9pt]Exonad's do not have any technology, beyond basic medieval-tools, and thus are fearful of anything new and high-tech.[/SIZE]
[SIZE=10pt]§ [/SIZE][SIZE=9pt]Dismal Existence:[/SIZE][SIZE=9pt] Exonad's lack any real aspirations, and seek to find a 'reason' for their existence, often turning to religious deities for the answer.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=10pt]§ [/SIZE][SIZE=9pt]Distinctions:[/SIZE][SIZE=9pt] Exonad's are freezing cold to the touch, lacking any distinct circulatory system, which gives them both the presence and appearance of a corpse. They are slow ageing during their middle-years, which has led to folklore arising, which regards them as the Undead, as many who come into contact with an Exonad will rarely note them to have aged a day, even if decades have passed. Their initial resistance to pain is another notable factor, which adds to the aforementioned Undead myths surrounding the Exonad. Their eyes are usually a vivid blue, due to a lack of sunlight, and some are even born with white, empty eyes signalling blindness.[/SIZE]
[SIZE=10pt]§ [/SIZE][SIZE=9pt]Average Lifespan:[/SIZE][SIZE=9pt] 600-800 Years, Depending[/SIZE]
[SIZE=10pt]§ [/SIZE][SIZE=9pt]Child:[/SIZE] [SIZE=9pt]0-14[/SIZE]
[SIZE=9pt]§ [/SIZE][SIZE=9pt]Young Adult: 14-30[/SIZE]
[SIZE=10pt]§ [/SIZE][SIZE=9pt]Adult:[/SIZE] [SIZE=9pt]30-100[/SIZE]
[SIZE=10pt]§ [/SIZE][SIZE=9pt]Middle Aged:[/SIZE] [SIZE=9pt]100-400[/SIZE]
[SIZE=10pt]§ [/SIZE][SIZE=9pt]Old:[/SIZE] [SIZE=9pt]400-500/600[/SIZE]
[SIZE=10pt]§ [/SIZE][SIZE=9pt]Venerable:[/SIZE] [SIZE=9pt]500/600-600/800[/SIZE]

[SIZE=10pt]§ [/SIZE][SIZE=9pt]Races:[/SIZE][SIZE=9pt] N.A: The Exonad's live in small tribes, known as Ka'as but they all follow the same, bleak cultural aspects and customs.[/SIZE]
[SIZE=10pt]§ [/SIZE][SIZE=9pt]Diet:[/SIZE] Typically they hunt game which they eat raw or frozen. Their bodies are adverse to cooked foods. Aside from this, if they find anything which has been grown they will attempt to eat it too, from root vegetables, fruits, berries and pulses. Their digestive systems have adapted so that any berries deemed poisonous to others, within the mountains, are edible... But it is rare that they can be found, anyway.
[SIZE=10pt]§ [/SIZE][SIZE=9pt]Communication:[/SIZE][SIZE=9pt] Verbal Speech (Basic and Exonos [Similar in pronunciation to [/SIZE][SIZE=8pt]Scandinavian[/SIZE][SIZE=9pt] dialect]) and generic Paralinguistics (Actions such as waving, or more specific hunter-signals)[/SIZE]

[SIZE=10pt]§ [/SIZE][SIZE=9pt]Culture: [/SIZE][SIZE=9pt]The Exonad's revolve around a hunter-prey survival of the fittest mentality, and their culture reflects such. From the moment they are able, a child of the Exonad-species is taught to wield first a spear, then sword and finally bow. They are sent out to hunt, forage and scavenge with their tribe Elders, until such a time as they are able to fend solely for themselves. Only at this stage are both the males and females of the species considered mature and of-age. It does not matter how many years they have faced, if they are unable to fight or fend they are still children in the eyes of the others. When it comes to choosing a partner, an Exonad will mate for life, and often this is how new Ka'as are formed. The female of the species will move from her own tribe to that of the males, and when they are settled they will break away together to form a new society, but this is often only carried out after they have children who in turn have matured. While having no fixed deity or religious beliefs, an Exonad will often long for spiritual reassurance to the meaning of their existence, which is dismal and testing. With that said, the notion of organised religion is foreign to them, even within each Ka'as there is no specific religion of doctrine, each individual is free to believe what they will, so long as they do not force it on the others. It is seen as an impractical comfort, and many Exonad's realise that who they are praying to likely do not exist.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=10pt]§ [/SIZE][SIZE=9pt]Technology level: [/SIZE][SIZE=9pt]Non-Advanced. The Exonad's are stuck in what could be classed as the medieval-level of technological advancement. They do not even have access to power generators, power crystals, etc. Their weapons are primal bows/arrows, basic mineral based metalwork and their 'medicine' is little more than experimental herblore.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=10pt]§ [/SIZE][SIZE=9pt]General behavior: [/SIZE][SIZE=9pt]They are very cold and harsh individuals, who resort to violence if they feel under threat. They are often hostile, or completely dismissive, towards others, preferring their own company, or that of their tribe. They have a hunter-prey mentality, wherein only the strongest can survive. To assist their young, adults will train their children in swordsmanship, tracking and hunting from a young age. Typically, Exonads do not mourn the loss of their kin', the emphasis is on survival and they believe that stopping to grieve leaves them weak and [/SIZE]vulnerable[SIZE=9pt], less focused on day to day tasks. To falter is to die. They do not leave the mountain ranges of Exocron without an exceedingly good reason, making them a rare sight amidst the human-populous of the planet. Those that do leave are rarely seen again, and if they do return they've been known to tell strange stories of the world at large, enough to scare the rest into remaining where they are, until the memory leaves them.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=10pt]§ [/SIZE][SIZE=9pt]History:[/SIZE][SIZE=9pt] It is difficult to pinpoint the exact moment the Exonad's emerged upon Exocron, because the species themselves do not mark the passing of time, nor do they write tomes depicting their history. At most, it is spread through word of mouth, myths and legends told to children as they huddled down at night, often with hidden warnings and undertones to keep them in line, to continue the Exonad-line, and stop them from straying too far from the mountains. That being said, a single lifetime for an Exonad numbers several times that of your average human, and generations of the species are extremely numerous, stretching back to before the settlement of the human colonies. To begin with each stuck to their own tribe, known as a Ka'as and rarely met with others of their kind except if a mate was required. In such a case the female would often break away from her tribe to live with the males, until such a time as they settled into their new family-life and formed their own Ka'as. However, due to this there is very little substantive history, save for the odd battle... [/SIZE]

[SIZE=9pt]That is until recent years, with the emergence of a new Faith upon Exocron. The Moross Crusade immediately gripped the human populous who, in their over-zealous state, decided to scour the entire planet for signs of new life, anything and anyone sentient-enough to be converted to the cause. When they fell upon the Exonad's they attempted to peacefully convert, but their unwavering dismissal of the new-found Religion brought the Crusader's wrath to the tribal-people. A brief war raged, but it did not last. While the humans had technology on their side, the Exonad's knew the mountain range like the back of their hand, and used this to their advantage, luring their enemies into perilous areas that they couldn't survive for long within. However, despite their victory many of the Exonad's decided that they would still join the Crusade, these individuals left the mountains with the Humans, however they were warned that they could never return to their Ka'as, and were exiled from the community.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=10pt]§ [/SIZE][SIZE=9pt]Notable Player-Characters:[/SIZE][SIZE=9pt] [List player-characters][/SIZE]
[SIZE=10pt]§ [/SIZE][SIZE=9pt]Intent:[/SIZE][SIZE=9pt] To implement new and unique Racial-Faction ideas for the Star Wars: Chaos members to use and interact with. In addition, this will give a backstory to the planet of Exocron, which formerly had no Native Species. They can provide both a supporting and, in the case of some tribes, opposing Force to the Moross Crusade which is taking place on Exocron at present.[/SIZE]
the bedbound bard
@[member='Tegaea Alcori'] I think I'm just about done! If anything needs further fleshing-out let me know, and if you have any issues with any of it again let me know and I'll sort it ^-^

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