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Everybody loves Kittens!


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So neither of them know it yet but [member="Ryn'Dhal"] impregnated Kitty. I'm looking for a few peeps who would be up for rping the children. It is going to be awhile before they are actually born and ready for rping as they are going to be NPCs for the childhood stage. RPing believable children is a challenge to enjoy. The only qualification is that A you have been around awhile or B know you will be around for awhile. I've had too many apprentices that quit before even reaching their 100 post mark and I'm not interested in having that happen to the IC family. My post count my not represent it too well but I have been around the site for 2 years and will not be leaving.

As this is a long term investment I'll tell you a bit about myself. My passion in rp is character development and I tend to do a lot of social rp and not much combat rp. I don't mind combat rp but prefer it to have a story purpose and not be haphazard. I'm also not a fan of large group rps. Probably why I'm not too well known as I never really invested myself in the dominions during the time of the One Sith and glory days of the Sith Assassins. I can poof from time to time but I always return and try to pick up where I left off.

A summery of Kitty the future mother. She is a Felecatian born with a unique condition that gives her more feline traits than others of her species. Ryn also has this condition so naturally Kitty's children will too. She is the only heir to the king and queen of Felacat. She didn't enjoy much time on her home world however as she was taken by slavers and forced to remain in her bestial form as a pet. She was rescued and adopted by Darth Ferus or Krest as he is known now and raised within the sith assassins. Krest sheltered her from some of the cruel aspects of the sith and she has grown to embrace every emotion as fuel not just that of anger and hate, but love and compassion as well. She adopted Krest's ideals and goals of reforming the sith from their senseless destructive teachings. Krest seemed to have abandoned those ideals following down the destruction and Kitty parted ways. She stumbled upon Ryn as Orphen was showing her around a jedi temple. Kitty and Orphen ended up splitting up and later down on Ryn rescued her from depression and the two became mates.

More current events Ryn and Krest ended up meeting obviously a jedi master lover and sith lord father and teacher not ending too well. Kitty has since been on her own wondering what to do with herself unaware of the conception within her. She joined the red devil cartels and shortly after that stumbled upon Krest and has joined the Sith Acendancy after learning of his and the sith's renewal.

It is important to note that Kitty despises the teachings of the jedi and the jedi as a group but doesn't actually hold anything against the jedi as individuals. She doesn't really have any morals and simply follows the path her heart leads her. This is not to say she is an unfeeling creature who thinks nothing of death but certainly does not hold life in as high regard as the average person, but does still value it.


тнє ναмριяє ℓσя∂

I'm intrigued. Question: The children, elaborate further. Do you want new characters (which I can do) or something else?


The Attention Seeker
Aye the idea would be you would create the template for the character and I could NPC them accordingly till they are at the right stage of life for you then you would just take them over as one would any other character being fuller yours to decide the fate of. Unless of course you think you would enjoy the child stage of life, but as an experienced rper I'd warn you against it. Not an easy thing to do and enjoy.

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