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[EVENT] Endgame: Eclipse the Light

Zef Halo

Good Ol' Scoundrel

START DATE: 5/25/18​
[Shadow's Fall] - PVP Focused thread​
[Divided we fall] - PVE Focused thread​
The Galactic Alliance is collapsing.

Needless to say, Jedi of the Praxeum are free to join! Other than the listed main threads that will follow as stated in the linked thread, writers are free to set their own side threads up dealing with the collapse.

Possible plot hooks for those meeting a roadblock (these are all just ideas that are in no way serving as a rule set):

  • In the middle of an intense warzone on Coruscant, you witness the crash of an enemy space craft. Save the crew. Yes. Save them.
  • The Sith and Ren will be out there seeking to strike at the weakest spots - meet them head on.
  • Safeguard/Retrieve Jedi Lore ahead of the FO forces
  • There is a distress call from a civilian freighter- too close to the sith fleet's exit point and while they aren't being directly targeted yet, they are in danger. Mount a rescue mission and get those folks out of there.
  • While organizing a delivery of donations to the Praxeum, you are caught in the middle of betrayal. Someone you trusted has turned on you, on the order of those pulling the puppet strings. Survive.
  • Sleeper agents of the Sith have taken over a building and have taken hostages. You, along with several survivors, are trapped in the upper levels. Find a way to free them.

Thank you for being one of the most creative people I know and helping me with the plot hooks [member="Harper Kade"].

Everyone - feel free to use this thread as a LFG/Brainstorm Room with other Jedi of the Praxeum. Messages get lost on Discord.

Last, but not least.

Enjoy yourselves!