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[ Event ] A Colony Rising


M A N D O ' A D E
Our Story Continues

In ancient times, the world of Onderon clashed with the forces of Mandalore. Although their conflict was brief, the affects have lingered past the Darkness. Now, during their bleakest hour, the Mando'ade have come to wipe clean the slate. Yet peace is seldom forged overnight: the survivors of Mandalore have much work to do!

Having now settled on Dxun, the freshly-named Mando'ade have rallied enough of their people to encounter a "problem." The Blood Moon is vicious and unforgiving - hardly a place suitable for the staging of civilians. What's more, the refurbished Outpost can only accommodate so many souls. The time has come to boldly step in a new direction: Sol'yaim ("The First Colony") shall be born! The road to accomplishing this task will be undertaken in two waves:

The First Wave has made their way to Iziz, capital city of Onderon.

Objective I: A Day in Court - Having been liberated of rule by the One Sith, the Iziz nobility is in no hurry to kneel once again. A Mando'ade delegation has been formed to treat with the monarch. Will the truth of our plight be enough to move them? Will we be able to broker peace? Eons' worth of bad blood now hangs in the balance...

Objective II: Acquisitions - A Colony has needs: food, clothes, medical supplies, technology...and Iziz is in no shortage of any. Whilst the delegation attempts to broker a treaty, the remaining Mando'ade within the city have a task of their own. The Colony has needs...will you fulfill them?

Objective III: Exploration - The Walled City of Iziz has opened its doors to you. There are countless avenues before you, feel free to explore them all!

The Second Wave have landed in the Wilds of Onderon.

Objective IV: Raising Walls - Construction of the Colony is underway. Walls are being raised, Defenses are being erected, and vital structures are taking shape. Will you hoist the stones of Sol'yaim? Or will you see vital resources brought online? The choices are yours!

Objective V: Taming the Wilds - The Beast Masters of Onderon are open to peace...if we can prove ourselves. A host of Drexl have claimed the river which flows close to the Colony. By ending...or taming...them, we begin a fruitful relationship with the Beast Masters. Will you raise to the challenge?

Objective VI: Shadow of War - An ancient shrine to the Naddists has been discovered in the Wilds. It has attracted slaves of the Darkness - Sithlings, Raiders, and Monstrosities. This site and its artifacts cannot be allowed to put the Colony at risk. Will you be the cleansing fire?

Objective VII: BYOO - Onderon is as Wild as it is Vast. It is a canvas, waiting for your masterpiece. Are you ready to share your tale?


Feel free to post below with which Objective(s) you will be joining, for the sake of coordination. The thread will be going live shortly! I hope you all enjoy our first thread as a Major Faction!

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