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Even Through The Darkest Days, This Fire Burns Always (Pyrokinesis Training. DragonsFlame/Ike)

@[member="Matsu Ike"]

Josh sighed as he meditated in the chamber that had been set aside for him and Matsu. They had finally spoken for the first time since Josh had fought for Matsu's life at her trial, when Josh got visitation rights to see Matsu in the prison that Je'gan had been keeping her locked up in.

After some conversation, and a brief over Josh's training, Matsu had offered to give Josh a few sessions to continue what Morna had started, and finish Josh's pyrokinesis training fully. Josh had spoken to officials and had gotten Matsu a temporary release from her cell for the sake of the training.

Josh could hear footsteps... Likely the guards bringing in Ike now. Josh smiled as he waited for his former Master.
Emberlene's Daughter, The Jedi Generalist
Matsu kept her hands behind her back, the cell Je'gan had put her in wasn't too bad and she had gotten plenty of time to think to herself. She mourned the dead she had killed but she was too practical to say is wasn't something to happen. The jedi knew the sith would seek to use the prisoners against them. Anyone with a brain would know they had planned it, perhaps if someone had said "I can put them all to sleep" it would have been different but with a small flick of her eyes to the door. She looked upon her former student and stood still letting her hair stay behind her head. She had declined the robes remaining in pants and her sarashi showing the majority of tattoo's she had gotten over the years. There were plenty more as she smiled wondering if Je'gan even knew what her former padawan was doing.

"Joshua, how nice to see you. Just say when your ready to begin." The idea of showing him the secrets she had learned from the Ember of Vahl was intriguing. There was very few ouside of the cult who knew what they did. It wasn't like the shapers this was a darkside colt and she had infiltrated it long ago as part of a mission to disrupt them. Now she stood here and walked around letting the smooth floor go under her feet and send a small chill. "You do realize what I learned from the Vahla if they found out would mean your death. Correct?"
Josh studied Matsu carefully. He didn't remark on the tattoos as he nodded.

"I'm ready. And... I realize, Master Ike, although I am already very fluent in the basics" he said. "All you would be doing, if you were to explain to them, is further what I know"

To demonstrate, Josh held up a hand, closing his eyes as he focused.... A bit of flame ignited from his right palm as his fingers bended a bit.

He smiled at Matsu, before spinning the flame on his pointer finger a bit, before allowing it to disappear.

"I am ready to begin, Master Ike" he said calmly.

@[member="Matsu Ike"]

Ashin Varanin

Professional Enabler
TO: Commandant, The Pit
FROM: Master Olra'en, Jedi Council
RE: Authorization


Yes, I recently added DragonsFlame to the short list I've authorized to visit Ike. However, any request to have her removed from her Force-nullifying UEC was not cleared by me, as I would not have gone contrary to your policy regarding Force-users. Yes, I understand that your standard procedure is to grant access by deactivating the stasis field while leaving the prisoner within the active UEC. I know you feel you have no option but to accede to his request, and I apologize. Your concerns are noted.

I'll be visiting in two weeks to re-evaluate Ike's condition, and we can talk then. I've spoken at length with the Grandmaster, and he's very close to a final decision on Ike's sentencing. Some of the options he's considering may require a longer-term relationship between our offices. Thank you for working with the Council on this sensitive matter.

Emberlene's Daughter, The Jedi Generalist
Matsu looked at Joshua as he brought flame to his hand and she giggled. It was so... Funny he had to close his eyes even to concentrate. Oh he still had much to learn. "Oh Joshua you are still so young, you treat some talent like a book you can put down and pick up later." Her eyes remained on him while slowly her hand came up and holding the palm up. she snapped her fingers bringing a tiny ball of flame, what looked like instant was simply exciting the air to produce a spark she could grow and let work. "As with everything, there is much that can be chosen. Fire is dangerous, destruction, passionate and powerful. It can scorch the earth and kill but it is no less destructive as the other elements. It no more kills then water or earthquakes or tornado's. It is a part of the world and one of peoples first tool, something that can protect as much as destroy and keep the darkness at bay."

Her eyes flicked around the room more from her senses telling her what she would have to deal with. "Tell me Joshua, does Je'gan know what you have done? Bringing me out of my cell? It is not something that is done lightly if at all. Are you not worried what they will say? I am not exactly popular among most of the jedi. Though being one of the few to actually be willing to let actions have consequences and not hiding behind my own pious authority, it is quite funny watching the reactions. Regardless of whether others believe I feel remorse or compassion, at least I was willing to look my accuser in the eye. Too often things are just talked about behind closed doors until you can dog pile and force someone into a corner. Wanting them to make a mistake, sadly I am not one to pay close attention. I just sit with my grief and wait for the day I hear what has been decided. Given how much I have seen in the order... I expect it will not be freedom."
Josh took a breath and watched Matsu's movements and words carefully and attentively. It was true, he had much to learn, yet at the same time he had become very capable for someone so young. As for closing his eyes for concentration... In reality, it was a matter of personal preference. He could concentrate on the force with his eyes open, but he preferred to see the world and his target through the Force as he did so, allowing him to truly study and concentrate on everything around him quickly.

But yet, in terms of pyrokinesis, Josh still had much to learn, and hoped this would be the first of many classes with Matsu on a topic he was incredibly fascinated with... A power, an element that called to him somehow... Not in the sense of a lust for power, or a want for said force power. But when he first used it when taught by Morna... He could feel it. It was as if it fit him like a glove, like some untold prophecy had unveiled that this was meant to be..

And as he watched, the quick visual learner imitated... Breaking his habit and keeping his eyes open, DragonsFlame, as ironic as his name was, snapped his fingers. On his right pointer finger came a small candle-like flame, spouting from his finger painlessly as if it were its candle. And then just like that, it was gone like the wind. Just as she had, Josh had quickly put it out so he could answer her question.

"I put a message out with Ben and the Council, before Ben retired" he said. "I do not know if Je'gan was informed, but someone on the Council granted me permission to have you brought here, as long as you were heavily guarded" he explained, motioning to the guards who were standing at the entrance, and although they kept stone faces at the two, Josh could sense perplexed emotions on their consciences, they were awed and amazed, yet envious of the feats that Matsu and Josh had been pullling off as if they were nothing.

Turning his attention back to Matsu in an instant, he gave her a smile. "You give the entire council too little credit" he said. "Its not like everyone on the council wants you dead, after all.. Ben made it very clear that there would be no death penalty. If the new Grandmaster as of today agrees, then you will at the very least be able to cross death off that list" he reassured.

"Of course..." He said, giving a sigh. "Je'gan wanted death in the first place. The question is if he will defy Ben or not"

@[member="Matsu Ike"]