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Approved Tech Euk'Verd SMG

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Euk-Verd SMG

OOC Info
Image Source: Elysium, Sony Pictures, and Weta Workshop
Intent: To create a weapon for the Mandalorian Empire armory
Development Thread: NA

Weapon General Info
Manufacturer: Reclaimer Arms & Industrial
Model: Euk'Verd SMG
Affiliation: Closed Market/Mandalorian Empire
Modularity: Different sights/under barrel attachments
Production: Mass
Material: Durasteel
Classification: Blaster/Ion weapon
Size: Two handed
Length: 690MM
Weight: 3.5kg
Ammunition type: energy cells
Ammunition capacity:
60 bolts (energy cell)
200 bolts (tibana gas)
10 ion bursts (energy cell)
Effective range:
Blaster: 75 meters (point target) 125 meters (area target)
Ion launcher: 50 meters
Rate of fire: semi automatic, three round burst, full auto
Special Features:
•Side mounted screen

Weapon Description
Description: Mandalorians traditionally are all about versatile weapons that can be used in multiple situations and scenarios, and the Euk-Verd looks to fulfill that roll with its multi function platform. Standard loadouts for this weapon come with your traditional blaster up top, a medium ion blaster, and a under-barrel 40mm grenade launcher. While this does make the weapon a bit heavy for an SMG the added features are considered to be more of a benefit than a hinderance.

Strength. As far as blasters, ion guns, and grenades go this all packs very standard munitions. The blaster portion fires your standard pistol caliber bolts, the ion section provides a bit more punch coming in at about a rifle caliber bolt however it's only capable of firing ten bolts before needing a reload. The under barrel is your standard 40mm launcher and is of course breach loaded. But the most nifty portion of this weapon is the side mounted screen. This feature is optional and isn't really needed, its primary feature is to track ammo, switch between firing modes, and link to the users HUD if they want up to date weapon information streaming across their visor.

Drawbacks. In a slight sense of irony the weapon isn't EMP or ion proof despite part of it being able to fire ion rounds. A good blast of ion energy will fry the weapons circuits and disable it completely until the proper repairs can be made but if this is the case it's recommended to just buy a new one rather than dealing with the fine tuning of electrical components. It also needs to be stated that this is an SMG so it's lacking the range of a rifle caliber weapon system, so use on an open range battlefield isn't recommended. It will perform like dream for urban or ship combat though, but try not to take it outside of those scenarios. The last drawback this weapon has is for an SMG it's a bit bulky, so it's again recommended that if you are handling this weapon you are an experienced operator who can compensate for the bulkier front end of the weapon. This can make a bit unwieldy at times but an experienced shooter can make up for this.

Summary. It's an SMG with a few extra bells and whistles to make it a more versatile weapon system. It's will perform well and is a tough weapon that can take a hit and keep going.


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