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Erica Yeager


NAME: Erica Yeager



AGE: 4 looks like she's in her 20s

RACE: Human-Clone
HEIGHT: 5ft 3"

SEXUALITY: Heterosexual

FRACTION: Imperial Remnant
RANK: Major


APPAREL: She wears a gray imperial Major's uniform that is gray

Blemishes - non
Scars - three scars on her face going from above the right eyebrow to the top I'd the right cheek
Makeup - red lipstick, eyeliner, mascara
Hair styles - shoulder length tied up

LIKES: Training, Venators, Heavy Blasters

DISLIKES: Rebel Scum, The Galactic alliance, Jedi, religion, non humans (excluding twi’lek, chiss, zebrak, Miraluka, Mirialan)

Born for war -
She may be an independent woman but she was made for war. Her training covers a vast amount of things from melee, range weapons, vehicles, starships. Her specialties however were tactical planning and heavy blaster carbines.

Implants -
Her body has many types of implants that stimulate different areas. She has two in her head one for increased intelligence and another that vastly improves reflexes. She also has several along her spine. One sends out signals to her muscles that increases her strength without looking like a buff nutt. The second affects her digestive system allowing her to go longer without food and the third is to slow her to heal faster than the average human body. These all came from the expense of the imperial remnant.

Stubborn -
On many accounts she has gone against the wishes of her peers. She knows when she is right and what orders are to be discarded as bad decisions. Once her mind is made up you won't change it unless a valid point is made for her to rethink. Erica will also never drop something. If you've done wrong to her she won't let you live it down. This has cause many instances where she had lashed out at her fellow troops.

Butcher -
Getting in the way is bad when Erica is in the battle. When she is in the zone anything alive in front of the barrel willing be mowed down. On a few occasions she had taken enjoyment by getting a family out in the open, then made the children watch as she slit the throats of their parents. This had given her the name of Bad Blood among the very few sister clones. Feats like this makes her a big target on the battlefield.


Primary: Arc Caster
Secondary: E-11
Extra: Mortar Launcher


**Clone File - S-023

Erica Yager Was made apart of a special clone project for an unaffiliated group before the imperial remnant had taken kamino. Once the project had been discovered it was close to have been shut down, but instead someone had made tweaks to the plans and made it something to belong to the remnant. Shortly after Erica or Clone S zero twenty three had finally came out of the cloning vat to begin the two years of intense training and undergo augmentation. Throughout the two years many of her sisters died under the knife or had developed defects and had been “put down”. There was no room for imperfections or weakness.

By the third year there was only six of them left out of the seventy five created. Those six then took up respective positions suited to them. Erica had started out as a stormtrooper. Through many battles she had began to get more and more blood lust to the point where she enjoyed the thrill of battle and it molded her into a perfect killing machine on the field. Over time her dedication became rewarded in the form of promotions. She didn't want credits or anything so demeaning to achievements. She took pride in reputation recognition.

In the fourth year of her existence she had made it to major. Her campaign against a rebel cell leading to it's destruction got her a recommendation for a good opportunity as a major. This let her take command of a unit. A unit she selected herself… Tbc

Jaegis Volasses

IR Captain of the 705th Company
Welcome to the Imperial Remnant, Major Yeager. Captain Jaegis Volasses of the 705th Stormtrooper Company, at your command. I look forward to seeing your capabilities on the battlefield; if you're as good as the reports say, I know you'd make an excellent edition to our ranks.

Good Hunting.

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