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Approved Tech Eratē's Beauty

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  • Intent: To create a choker/necklace for Diana to deepen her connection to the force, and have a gift for a love interest.
  • Image Source: Pinterest - Choker
  • Canon Link: N/A
  • Restricted Missions: N/A
  • Primary Source: N/A
  • Manufacturer: Atheus
  • Model: Eratē's Beauty
  • Affiliation: Individual Character Name
    ​[member="Diana Veneris"],

[*]Modularity: No.
[*]Production: Unique
  • Crystal
  • Electrum Chain
  • Black Satin

  • Deeper connection to the force, and particularly Force Empathy, and subsequent related powers.
  • Reduces effects of negative emotions towards Diana.
  • Reduces emotional inducing powers.
  • Empathy Link to Atheus
Created with the purpose of furthering her connection to the force, and to Empathy and other emotionally related force powers, Atheus is a man who is known for his usage of Consume essence. A power that allows one to take the emotions of others and use it to strengthen themselves. Much like this, Diana is attuned to the Empathy of others, this choker will allow a much deeper connection to this strength.

At the same time, as this allows Diana to have greater control over her own emotions, it reduces the effects of negative emotions such as rage, anger, hate, and reduces the effectiveness of powers such as Consume Essence, or Aura of Uneasiness against her. Much like a Force bond, but instead of created through the mind, The two, Atheus and Diana, are connected in an Empathy link. Thus Atheus and Diana can share emotions, and have a limited form of contact between one another.


  • Provides better connection to the Force, and Empathic based powers.
  • Reduces power of negative emotions over Diana
  • Reduces effectiveness of Negative emotional powers such as aura of uneasiness.
  • Limited empathic communication between Atheus and Diana.
Weaknesses :
  • As imbued with the force, Nullification bubbles will remove the effects of the choker. Including the Empathy Link. However, Atheus will suddenly be without a connection to Diana, and will know that she is in such a state.
  • Its a Necklace. Provides no form of protection other than Emotional based force powers/abilities.
  • While other items prove to be stronger than their normal counterparts, as a necklace with already "flimsy" materials that it is created from, the choker band can be broken, and require Diana to have physical contact with the crystal to have the same effects listed above.
  • As a Choker instead of a necklace, chokers are much more visible than a necklace that can be stuffed under a shirt or the collar. Should someone be actively paying attention for it, its quite visible and can be spotted.
  • Satin can be stained with water, and would be "damaged" when exposed to water.
Crafted by Atheus' hand, and named after the Goddess of Women, Family and Marriage, Erate is well known for her beauty and thus, as a testament to her, The choker was aptly named after the goddess, for the personal use of Diana.

Diana is a woman of emotion. One driven by her desires to find a home, to protect her own family, and as both she and Atheus draw a connection to one another through past experiences. They have drawn together as friends, and possibly more. Atheus rarely cares for others. While he is trying to be a kind person, those that he cares, and would be willing to sacrifice himself for is limited to the number of people on a single hand.

Diana is one such person.

As a gift given to her, Atheus created this with her in mind. Allowing it to draw a deeper connection to the force and the Empathic powers that Diana has control over. It also provides resistances to negative emotions, and powers that would otherwise diminish her capability with her own empathic skills. As a small side to this artifact, is that the crystal is attuned to Atheus, and thus allows him an emotional connection with anyone who holds said crystal. As a choker, and given to Diana, it creates and Empathy Link between the two.

Should one be in danger, or have themselves emotionally compromised, The other can attend to each other in aid. It also allows them limited form of communication to one another via this link. Acting much like a, very limited form of, a force bond.

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