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Empire at War Tournament

Fractured and Fearful
Hello there everyone!

In the spirit of helping the Chaos community come together for fun times and merry-making, as well as a way to help maybe alleviate some of the stresses of 'invasion season' I thought it might be a fun idea to reach out to the community to have a gaming tournament between community members! So.... well.....yeah that's basically the plan. The game we will be playing is "Star Wars: Empire at War" specifically the "Forces of Corruption" expansion. For now the plan is just to have the tournament be 1 vs 1 skirmishes with a bracket, placings and everything but if this goes well we might even see about a team 2 vs 2 tournament in the future!

Anyways! If you are at all interested please message me on Discord and let me know. I'm known as "Aurelion" on the SJO, CIS, TSE, EE, Brynadul and Resolnare servers so I'm pretty easy to find. ^_^

I look forward to hearing from you all and I will be sure to keep anyone who shows interest updated on the tournament's development.​