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Elnev Holdings

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  • Canon Link: N/A
  • Primary Source: N/A
  • Corporation Name: Elnev Holdings
  • Headquarters: Dathomir
  • Locations: R&D on Yavin 13,
  • Operations: Invests & controls assets for Djikra Elnev Djikra Elnev
  • Parent Corporation: N/A
  • Subsidiaries: (If you so choose, your corporation can start owning other companies. If your corporation owns a company or multiple companies, this is where to list them. Subsidiaries require their own company submissions.)
Elnev Holdings does work for Great Mother Djikra Elnev out in the wider galaxy. Investing in places & companies to further enrich her family and help The Great Desert Clan along with Dathomir itself. The company is benevolent in its stewardship of places & living things. It invests into companies that further Mother Elnev's objectives & further secure the financial security of Elnev holdings. Some of the larger stakes like the 6% stock investment in Werr Drive Yards, 10% stock investment in Werr Shipping & Security, a few majority stakes of farms on Dantoonie, or minority stakes in the mines of Yavin 3, a majority stake in a small herders & pastures company on Lothal, Self created farms on Yavin 13, a couple herds of Spamels on Dathomir, and finally a majority stake in a small farming company on Kegan.

At first glance the investments don't seem to make sense. But after a moment it clicks, WS&S takes Ag products to and from ecumenopolis's and buy ships from Werr Drive Yards. The random farms & ranches supply food in a couple of governments thereby making profits more stable.

But Elnev Holdings is branching out soon to Alcohol production.

Djikra Elnev created the holdings sorely after going out into the world chasing leads of the Zeffo & rumors of an older Dathomiri kingdom. Out in the wider galaxy Djikra thought up a way to help herself & her people avoid the mistakes of the past. Using the holding company Djikra began to get investment in some companies that were essential to the running of any part of the galaxy. Along with holdings that feed into it, but partly to increase monetary yield & as the farms/pastures grow so do profits across the investment board.

Soon self made grain farms on Yavin 13 will be partly used to make alcohol, the rest shipped to where needed. And a new vineyard on Dathomir will provide wines.

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